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Advice - anyone know if korea hotel will provide condom

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by bboy, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. bboy

    bboy Member

    Advice - anyone know if korea hotel will provide condom. i ask because my hubby said so. i a bit puzzle. how could that possible?

  2. llkkelly

    llkkelly New Member

    aiyo.. u can bring along own condom, so that less worries & case closed then! [​IMG]
  3. bboy

    bboy Member

    aiyo.. not that i want to go. but he back from korea n brought back an open condom n said korea hotel provide free. im curious, is that true?
  4. Donno about Korea but Japan hotel provided open condom at the front desk counter.
  5. oily

    oily Member

    i went to huahin before and the resort do provide condom in room but chargeable. [​IMG]
  6. skyloppy

    skyloppy New Member

    no lei, not sure which hotel yr hubby stay. I went to korea trip last yr but didn't see any free condom.......
  7. bboy

    bboy Member

    he wont take if free from front desk counter. cos he v thick face type.

    he said free. quite a number of loose pcs.

    when we dating time, he ever held loose pcs also n said it was from army, cos it use to protect the gun from wet. is that true also?
  8. jeng

    jeng New Member

    I have been to Korea twice and stayed at several hotels but none provided free condom. HTH.
  9. yschua

    yschua Member

    last trip to taiwan for free and easy with my hb stay at taipei hotel, they also provide free condom, but we no use, keke , scare later no safe.
  10. weishy

    weishy New Member

    ya usually its chargeable or condom machine in korea
  11. ariajo

    ariajo Active Member

    i really want to laugh out loud when your hubby actually told you that the condom is to protect the gun from getting wet and you believe him??

    of course this is NOT TRUE. you mean they cannot use other things to wrap the gun, need condom to wrap?? army so rich?? if the gun is big, can a small piece of condom cover it??

    anyway, long ago hubby told me all army guys are given condom in case they visit prostitude when they're overseas training, etc..very common..
  12. oily

    oily Member

    i heard from hb before that army did give him condom when he went taiwan for training, is to protect themselves rather than gun!
  13. bboy

    bboy Member

    woh woh woh.. this is really something new to me. all army guys r given condom to protect themselves in case they visit prostitute!! i really naive loh, how can that small piece of thing to protect gun! he obviously visit prostitute or having sex with gers when overseas. such disgusting.
  14. ariajo

    ariajo Active Member

    well, may be not leh...may be he doesn't want you to be angry or something..some man just take the condom without using it..

    but when your hubby tell that again, just told him off that its to protect your own "gun" right! Don't try to lie again.
  15. bboy

    bboy Member

    oh yah. thats another type of gun.
  16. hidora

    hidora Active Member

    The condom is used to protect the barrel of the gun to prevent it from rusting. Not the whole gun. If you do a search on the net, you can actually find that it's an inexpensive yet effective way to protect the barrel.

    It can also be used to protect the barrels from sandy environment.

    Some sites for reading...


    "In WWII , the Vietnam War , the Gulf War , and most recently in Iraq the U.S. military instructed its soldiers to place a non–lubricated condom around the muzzle of the rifle barrel in order to prevent moisture, sand, rain, etc. from fouling the weapon without hindering a bullet in case of firing."


    "Condoms excel as multipurpose containers because they are waterproof, elastic, durable, and will not arouse suspicion if found. Ongoing military utilization begun during World War II includes:

    * Tying a non-lubricated condom over the muzzle of the rifle barrel in order to prevent barrel fouling by keeping out detritus."
  17. sinkor

    sinkor Member

    i am wondering ur hubby is staying at korea hotel or motel?? Motels are everywhere in korea.... so if given free condom then is fine....
  18. willowy

    willowy Member

    since your hubby volunteer this info to you, you don't need to think too much (if this is what you are worried about)! [​IMG]
  19. ariajo

    ariajo Active Member

    mmm..is this true? my hubby told me only army guys with overseas training with R&R (rest and relax)is given the condom.

    mmm...may be i should double confirm with my guy collegues and who knows JC's hubby is saying the truth..
  20. ariajo

    ariajo Active Member

    i confirmed with my guy collegues liao.. it's to protect their own private "gun"...
  21. sinkor

    sinkor Member

    haha... so is their own gun! ;P
    anyway, like wat willows' mentioned, dun need to think so much since ur hubby auto provide you info...
    and hor...i doubt your hubby will go for prostitution in Korea bah...bcos their girls are really not cheap hor!!!
  22. bboy

    bboy Member

    oh dear, he was staying hotel definitely. man will not stingy when paying for fun. 9 out of 10 r willing to pay for it. what to say.. haiq.
  23. sinkor

    sinkor Member

    hmm...my hubby is a korean...he brought me to their so-call "geylang" in korea.... super chio leh!!! but but but....trust ur hubby lah bcos all 100% speak korean one... i doubt singapore guy will look for them bcos really communication breakdown....ask how much also got problem bah...
  24. bboy

    bboy Member

    sinkor, do your husband know this place "I Like Modern Bar" www.modernbarho dot co dot kr?
  25. araire

    araire New Member

    i've stayed in hotels in china that provide condoms, but it's chargeable
  26. second_time_worries

    second_time_worries New Member

    if tis ultra tiny and not like standard size condom my hubby sau likely that army give but its not like real condom cause its special ruberize thingy that is given to protect the gun during outfield.I went to Korea last year but got no condom lay
  27. khijoanne

    khijoanne Member

    i stayed in those motels in korea wth my then bf (who is korean) and yes some do hav condoms in the rooms. but not sure if its free or not as we din use it...
  28. janey09

    janey09 Member

    most hotel in china and korea supply condoms in the room but u need to pay for it.
  29. mummm

    mummm New Member

    phuket hotel give free.
  30. mummm

    mummm New Member

    in the room
  31. noobparent

    noobparent New Member

    You can use the condom to protect the tip of rifle to help prevent water from seeping into the barrel. If water seeps into the barrel, the inside will rust easily.
  32. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    Just came back frm Korea. Stay 2 different hotels. First hotel: they dun give you have to pay. 2nd hotel like motel.. They dun have even if they do I dun think they understand.
  33. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Erm SG hotel also got provide leh, FOC
  34. ai_sakura

    ai_sakura Member

    Heh just went to Korea. Not in the room but I'm not sure if hotel reception has.. but there are many convenience stores around the hotel so no worries anyway :p

    Ai @ http://www.sakuraharuka.com

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