(2017/06/03) Words.in.Frames - Hand-Made Frame-Based Gifts for All Occasions

hi words in frames,

May I check if u include the soccer ball?

Wan Xia, thanks for sharing yr artwork cos my hb oso luv soccer ball
Hi Pinky, that soccer ball is my personal collectible during the last World Cup, so sorry, I regret to say no.
By the way, I am coming out with another design with the "soccer" concept. If you are interested, I will send you the new design when it is done.
Hi Rosnyus, we do non-Chinese characters too. We have Japanese and Korean customers who requested us to do frames with Japanese and Korean characters too, you can see them on our blog. So if you want, we can add, e.g. the arabic characters of your name into the frame and the meaning of your name too.


Hi SN, we have responded to your queries. It takes months to find a customer...seconds to lose one. So it is an honour for us to be given the opportunity do something for your sibling on her special day. Waiting for your details to start working on it.
Hi April, thanks a lot of giving us the opportunity to make something special for your boys and we are glad that you like our products! Thanks.
Thanks for squeezing in my order for my sis' bday. She is so touched to receive it. She said veri nice.

Sori, I black out the pte message that I put in for my sis. :)
Thanks for your free personal delivery. Impressed with your good service and efficiency. Thanks for being so accommodating and i think the product is lovely.
Hi Sally, I am glad your sister likes the frame and make her birthday more meaningful this year. Thanks for your support and order too!
Hi Jane27, no worries at all, I love to meet my customers and see the joy on their faces when they see the frames. Your son was surprised that I know his name when he greeted me at the door. I know my customers and their family members by names.
Thanks for your order and support!
Hi I am keen to get the below 2 design. Not sure if u have other ideas/designs to advise (prefer a unqiue one which belongs to me only LOLs)...Pls kindly advise the pricing as well..

I would like to put both on e wall.., we have 2 daugs..wht other info do u need? can email me at [email protected]


HI Eniale, not too sure if you have visited our blog at wordsinframes.blogspot.com, there are many more other designs for family too. I will send you an e-mail to tell you what I need from you to start working on your frames.
Hi, will look at it now..
Will be getting the family series and not the ten commandments at the moment.. have not recd yr email..
Hi Eniale, thanks for your interest and I have just sent an email to you responding to your queries. My apology for the slight delay.
Hi Cassann, we have not done a frame with just the phrase 家和万事兴, but we can if customers want it. But we did used the phrase in one of the frames we did. See below.
Hi Cassan, for a frame like this which is 50 cm x 23 cm, the cost will be S$49.50 ( 10% discount on the normal price of S$55.00 ). Do you mean you want do 家和万事兴 in white wordings with black background?
I am interested in the JIA series, the $55 before discount that set
Can i check if the wordings below the word JIA can be customised?

Hi Teenie, all our frames are 100% customizable, so just let us know what you want to put in the frame and we can definitely design something for you. Thanks.
Hi Cassann, artwork will be in the form of a PDF file. Once you are OK with the artwork, e.g. layout and color scheme, we will then start the making. As for payment, you only pay when you receive the frame and is happy with it ( which all our customers are ).