(2017/06/03) Words.in.Frames - Hand-Made Frame-Based Gifts for All Occasions

Running out of idea what to buy for your friends’ birthdays, graduations, engagements, ROMs, weddings, anniversaries, housewarming, new born and full month celebrations, etc? Cracking your brain on what to get for your loved ones on their birthdays, Valentine’s Day or Christmas? Looking for unique and meaningful home decorations for your house for special festive seasons like Chinese New Year, Christmas or even National Day? Searching for something to appreciate someone like your parents, neighbors, teachers, doctors, gynecologists, etc?

Words.in.Frames might be the place you want to start your search. Besides the wide range of designs offered on Words.in.Frames’ website, you can also customize and personalize the GIFT for that someone special of yours. YES! Everything is customizable, right from the size, type and color of frame to the character(s) ( and color ), the wordings ( quotes ), etc. It will not be just another ordinary GIFT, but something that is uniquely yours!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so visit our website at


to see the wide range of designs and products we have created and you can surely find something for that someone special.

You can always contact us at 63655696 or e-mail us at [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to work with you to create something special for you.

If you’re on Facebook, you can also become a fan of Words.in.Frames so that you get updates notifications whenever new designs are launched.

Thanks for your interest! Here's what you need to do. 1st, go to wordsinframes.blogspot.com and pick your preferences of colours and designs. 2nd, send me an e-mail at [email protected] with his / her name ( English & Chinese ), birth date, height, weight, and any other info that you would like to put into the frame. That's it. Once the design is confirmed, frame will be made and delivered within 48 hours.
Hi hi, nice to see you here in SMH
Thanks for the frame that you customized for my gal, it's very sweet. And wow..you have alot more designs in your online catalogue now!
interested to get the heidi layout but can i chk w u,for the the "handprint" is it standard size or will it follow my gal palm size?

pls advise

thanks =)
Hi Jennifer,

The palm print you saw on Heidi's frame is not her real palm print due to the frame size ( 18 cm x 13 cm ). If you want to use your gal's actual palm size, we can always use a bigger frame ( 24 cm x 18 cm ). Thanks.
Hi Peppersalt,

I will send you the colour palette in JPEG and you can take a closer look at all the 15 colours we have and pick the font codes for your frame.
Hi Babymakes3,

I am glad you like the frame we have made for your gal. We all receive all kinds of gifts from friends but such personalized ones, you will tend to display or use it rather than adding it to the list of gifts kept in the store room.
hi, i am interested.
For the "Samples of Personalized & Customized Gifts", I am interested in samples #1, 4,5 and 6.

May I know how big is the size of the frame for each sample?

For the 'Heidi' design seen above, can use my kids' real footprints/handprints? My kids are already 5yrs and 3yrs old. How big is the frame?

Can photos be added?
Hi Garfield,

Sample #1 is a frame-based catalogue I used during car boot sale & flea market to show what we can customize, frame size is 24 cm ( width ) x 18 cm ( height ).

Sample #4 and #6 are 23 cm x 50 cm while Sample #5 is 30 cm ( width ) x 40 cm ( height ).

Of course you can use your kids' real palm and foot prints, we just need to find the frame of the right size to fit in the palm / foot print and the design. In the case of Heidi, the frame is only 18 cm ( width ) x 13 cm ( height ), the palm prints are not the actual palm prints.

Yes, we can add photos too.

Discounts will be given for any purchase made via SingaporeMotherhood.com and discounts are quantity-based too, i.e. the more you buy, the more discount you get.
Hi Peppersalt,

A few ways to do that. 1st, draw / trace the outline of her palm on a piece of paper. 2nd, use a photocopier to photocopy her palm or lastly, use a scanner ( if you have one at home ) and scan a copy of her palm print.

Then you can either scan and send the image to me via e-mail or I can pick it up from you.
Hi Words.in.Frames, u don't accept PM.

So the frames are fully customised. I am interested in Sample #5 under "Samples of Personalized & Customized Gifts".

Can you help me to design it in such a way that the frame contains the following: names (in chinese characters) of my family members, the surname (eg: 陈家)and words '家','Home'and the description in chinese and english of home.

How big will the fame and how much does it cost? Does it comes with a hook for me to hook on the wall?

For the Heidi, if i want handprints/footprints, photo added into the frame, how much does it cost?
Hey Garfield,

Still very new in SingaporeMotherhood.com, so need to figure out how to accept PM. :p

Yes, our frames are 100% customizable and they can both be hanged on the wall or stand on table top. Just to confirm, you want something like this:


I think you have left out the Chinese names of your family members in your posting, so please let me know.

So to confirm, this is what you want. The frame should have all your family members' Chinese names in Chinese, the Surname in Chinese, and the word "Home" in Chinese, and some nice quotes on the word "Home" in English and Chinese.

Sample #5 is 40 cm (H) x 30 cm (W), so yours will be around the same size of slightly bigger and the cost will be around S$55 to S$65, depending on the complexity of the final design.

As for the frame like the one I did for Heidi, if you want the actual size of your kids' palm / foot prints, you would need a 24 cm x 18 cm frame, which will cost between S$28.90 to S$35.00.
Hi Scatterbrain,

No, we have not incorporate pictures in our frames yet but we are in the midst of coming out with that possibility. We want to create the 3D effect with the 2D pictures, so it is going to be a challenge.
i am interested in the Lucas frame with my son's foot prints. do u have samples where u use actual foot prints.
also, can you customise something based on ecclesiastes 4:9-12? that was the passage used at my wedding, and i thought it'd be a good anniversary gift/reminder.
Hi Printz n Such,

At this moment, we don't have samples of frames where actual foot prints of babies are used. But as you can see, there are a lot of enquires and interest on this from this Forum, so I believe very soon you will see one with the actual foot print

Since the actual foot print is much bigger than what you saw in Lucas's frame, we will need to use a slightly bigger frame ( 18 x 24 ) instead of the ( 13 x 18 ) you saw.

OK, let me look at Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 and see what I can do. New designs are usually posted on weekends, so you can either add yourself as a fan to Words.in.Frames in Facebook or check out at the New Releasses section of our blog.
Hi Baby_Jo, we do have a couple of designs for Father's Day, you can take a look at our blog wordsinframes.blogspot.com

Alternatively, if you already have something in mind, do let us know and we can do the frame based on your inputs. If we can confirm the design by tomorrow, we should be able to deliver the frame to you before Father's Day this Sunday.