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(2015) God's Plan for Pregnancy Support Group

Discussion in 'Year 2015 Mums' started by twinklelight, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. jastan

    jastan Well-Known Member

    Emily... always put your trust in God. He knows what is the best for you. My bb #2 which is in my womb now... was after many years of trying and it was at the point of my giving up hope that it came. The emotion journey which I went through cycle after cycle of failed attempt all these years are not easy but with God, he gave me the strength to pull it through. In my own thoughts and eyes of the world, #2 is coming so late at my age, but I know in eyes of God, it is never too late.

    Just as it could be God's plan for singlehood for some, it could be God's place for couples without child.
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  2. Emily_Emily

    Emily_Emily Active Member

    hi jas

    congrats! hope u have a smooth delivery, healthy child healthy family , comfort and happy!

    I agree with u except for e last sentence which I cannot accept till now. "God's place for couples without a child" I really cannot accept that.

    I have put behind all my bbt. I have accepted that new cycle means new hope. I hope I can have a more relax mind and I hope I can succeed soon.
  3. Emily_Emily

    Emily_Emily Active Member

    thanks skydreamie for recommending opentrolley.com.sg. I have purchased some books and God's Plan For Pregnancy. ;) Hope to receive them soon. hope that these books can inspire me
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  4. mommymich

    mommymich Active Member

    Went for my detailed scan yesterday and am expecting a little boy :)

    I don't know why I wasn't feeling really excited. Maybe too much on my mind. But I guess one step at a time, God surely have a better plan for me
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  5. jastan

    jastan Well-Known Member

    Emily, thanks.
    No issue, we agree to disagree. God is the one that we should look up to. He has his plan for each and everyone of us.
  6. jastan

    jastan Well-Known Member

    Congrats! Yes indeed, take a step at a time with God as your focal point. God will lead you through each step along the way.
  7. Emily_Emily

    Emily_Emily Active Member

    jia you mommymich... all e best to u and ur baby to be :)
  8. skydreamie

    skydreamie New Member

    U r welcome! It isn't God's idea for His children to be barren... Or rather, as His children we are fruitful :)
    Like what Nerida walker and Jerry Mize shared in their books, believe in His goodness and yes, God will restore to U ok! At His right timing.

    In the bible whenever the women asked for a child, their wish is granted :) but of cos, according to His greater plan definitely.
    So yup, continue to keep Ur eyes upon JESUS and we will be awaiting for Ur great news soon Emily!
    Remember, be at rest... Restful spirit is so impt... When we work, God rest.
    When we rest, God works! AMEN!
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  9. Evasin

    Evasin New Member

    I downloaded the Holy Bible App and it comes with plans of different topics. I read the 60-day plan "A Seed of Hope During Infertility" while waiting for my period to come, as I was on lupron therapy after my surgery for endometriosis. 10 months of no period and I started to wonder if I am permanently infertile or menopause kicked in early. I finished the plan somewhere mid January.

    Last Monday, I prayed that I will learn to put the Lord first and not let myself get obsess with pregnancy. On Tuesday morning, I had a vivid dream I took the test and a faint positive appeared. Then in the afternoon, a student put a toy stethoscope on my tummy and said there was something inside. That night I checked with the Watson test and it has a faint positive. I was pretty sure the test is faulty or I imagined the line. On Friday morning, I took the Clearblue test and it says "Pregnant"!

    To be honest, I still have doubts and my husband told me to have faith in the Lord and in our prayers, and that everything is in His PERFECT plan. My husband just became a believer few weeks ago and I am so happy with the relationship he has developed with our Daddy God.

    I haven't seen a doctor yet, I made an appointment this Wednesday. Whatever the outcome, God is good. I am learning to rest as I look upon Christ, to not be burdened by worries and doubts.

    I want to say to those trying out there, do pray... God is listening. One day, your experience and miracle will be a fantastic testimony!
  10. kaxin

    kaxin Active Member

    So happy for you! May the lords will be done in your life!
  11. whimsicar

    whimsicar Member

    Hello dear sisters in Christ! It's so heartening to find a Christian mummies / mtb thread.. Thanks for the deep sharings n the support for one another here. I believe it is through sharing that we connect and grow with people.

    Anyway, I'm currently about 4-5weeks preg and it's my second pregnancy. My first ended up a miscarriage and it happened just last dec, few days before christmas. It was the worst i ever felt. And honestly I was even angry with God at some point of time. I dint understand why he had to let that happen.. But overtime I guess I healed spiritually, n I decided to just lift my life to him. After all our lives are His. But I did not really expect Him to bless us with a child again so soon.. This time the emotions are so different.. It's a mix of joy, surprise, fears and uncertainty. I'm really afraid it would happen again.. But I've to keep reminding myself to relax n let His will be done. Whatever it is I shall accept. Now I really understand what the verse "fearfully n wonderfully made" means... I guess every mummy worries for her child constantly. I only really appreciated my mum after the mc incident. Oh well. So ya I'm now living day by day.. Looking out for signs just in case. Praying to be able to hold this child smoothly till delivery..

    Prayers for all mummies to be n those who are ttc too! God knows the perfect timing for us. Let's be strong n be brave k!

    <3 to all.
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  12. franch

    franch Active Member

    hi, i'm in my 8th week of pregnancy now. i had been ttc for the past year n was getting anxious as i just turned 35. Due to our age, my husband and I went for tests to rule out everything n eventually the docs at KKH called it unexplained fertility cos everything seemed normal.

    Towards the end of 2014, i felt like maybe i might never be a mother. Yes, just after 1 yr, because everyone around me kept getting pregnant so easily. At my last doc's appt at KKH, i met Dr Tan Heng Hao. He said we needed to decide if i wanted to try IVF or continue trying. I told him I wasn't ready for IVF n that I wanted to just take a step back from ttc for the next few months cos i was stressed. Dr Tan is a Christian and asked if we are. We said yes. He then said, "just pray." I felt assured from speaking to him n decided to not do anything till our next appt in March 2015. At that pt, i surrendered to God n just continued praying.

    In early Feb, I started feeling a bit sick (headaches, cramps, etc). Just thought menses was coming. A friend of mine asked if my menses was late cos sounded like preg symptoms n i realised that it late. Did a preg test n was positive! I couldn't believe it n did a second preg test just to confirm. It was the best feeling ever!

    At 5+ weeks, i made an appt with a nearby gynae just to confirm my pregnancy as I needed a confirmation to make an appt with my endocrine doc for thyroid medicine adjustment. my regular gynae was away during the long CNY period n could only see me in my 7+ week.

    This gynae whom i saw, only detected a sac n kept saying it looks smaller than what it should be n he kept asking repeatedly if i was bleeding. He then told me that i should refrain from doing many things to see him back in 2 weeks. if no heartbeat or embryo, then it's an unhealthy pregnancy. i really felt like breaking down in the room. I felt like my dream was ending n a miscarriage was impending. The next few days, I was very paranoid n kept checking for bleeding. my sis said i should go to another gynae for second opinion just to ease my mind. But in the end, i decided to again surrender to God, to just trust in HIM n just wait for my regular gynae to return.

    When we visited my regular gynae last week, i relayed the earlier gynae's appt experience to her. She said at 5+ weeks, it is normal to only detect the sac n that there should be an embryo now. The scan she did proved it. We saw the bb n heard the strong heartbeat. Everything was normal! :) I am so relieved.

    I believe when we surrender to God, we let go n let God work his miracles. He knows when things should happen for us. He already has a plan for all of us. Every day I am so thankful for this little life growing inside of me. Every night I say a prayer for the little one. Hope this pregnancy will be a smooth n exciting journey for our little growing family. :)
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  13. wantababy

    wantababy Active Member

    Hug! I tried since 2012 and after a long wait, have finally been blessed with twins due Sept 2015. It's been such a difficult journey and I questioned God so many times but know that He is victorious in our lives and when it's in His time, He will provide. Take heart!
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  14. mommymich

    mommymich Active Member

    Wow. So touching to hear all of ur stories. To all the mummies who just conceived, please please have rest. Rest and stress free is all u need.

    Am currently in my week 32 day 6 and admitted in hospital for a week due to preterm contractions.
    Feeling kinda stressed n i can feel baby movement lessening too
    Felt so guilty and decided not to think.
    Our LOs can feel us so just be happy mummies :)
  15. gwladysts

    gwladysts New Member

    Yep no stress, but i know for one is easier said then done. Guess God made us v different in terms of personality types.. Now that my lil Yodress (female Yoda) is out, I sometimes wonder if my anxiety and tears during pregnancy had affected her in anyways..she's 3 weeks now and used to make frowning faces. But there's always a way to right the wrong, so think positive don't fret mommymich. Pray God be with u, and He makes all things good in His time.
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  16. ilimqy79

    ilimqy79 New Member

    Trust HIM and he will provide at HIS Time
  17. Mom to be Anu

    Mom to be Anu New Member

    Hi. Is this group still active? It's my first child and morning sickness is horrible and was looking around when I found this group. So wondering if it's still active.
  18. Evasin

    Evasin New Member

    Hi Anu, someone added me to FB group. I am not the admin so cannot invite you. Hope you are feeling better!
  19. Cynthiachongrs

    Cynthiachongrs New Member

    Hi Dear mummys to be, i am scheduled for a c sect due to low lying placenta. Doc did mentioned it was very minor and low percentage of risk
    But i just feel so worried and fearful.....tearful and not at peace. C sect was definitely not in my plans. My 1st was a smooth natural birth. This pregnancy is almost a roller coaster ride for me...from bleed in early pregnancy, to breech baby. After weeks of praying an talking to baby, he turned but
    lastly diagnosed with low placenta, and doc feel safer to c sect.

    Hubby a newly baptised reminded me of our faith in God, but me as a catholic whole life accused him of not worrying enough for me...
    Sorry God for losing faith in you...for not surrending all to you, for not trusting you wholeheartedly....Please work your miracles on me and dun let any more complications happen to me
  20. twinklelight

    twinklelight Active Member

    hi @Mom to be Anu, the fb group is still active. Sorry for not able to check the postings here recently as my web browser or the SMH website is giving me problems. Hope u r feeling better.

  21. Blue Yellow & Green

    Blue Yellow & Green New Member

    Hi, it's really inspiring to read all the sharing and testimonies here. I'm expecting my first one in Sept and would love to be part of this Christian network of mums. Could someone add me to the FB group, please? My email add is cellslovekopi@yahoo.com

  22. ent29

    ent29 Member

    Helloo All...Seems like this thread is not active anymore...Any chance of reviving this thread? :p This journey of TTC is really not an easy one and would appreciate the Christian support...
  23. Mom to be Anu

    Mom to be Anu New Member

    Hi Dear. how r you feeling now? Don't worry about anything. GOD is there holding you.
  24. xmsjoeyx

    xmsjoeyx New Member

    Hi mummies, I chanced upon this thread and would like to join the fb group. Is it still active?
  25. twinkllez

    twinkllez New Member

    hi @xmsjoeyx , @ent29 and all, sorry for the late reply as I've logon difficulty with my previous smh account. We've a closed Fb group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/SupernaturalPregnancySupportSG. We can add the ladies in the Fb group here. Please PM your church name and location area (East / West/ North/ South / Central) to the Fb admins if you would like us to approve your join request. My email address is chngsere@gmail.com. Thanks!
  26. tingluvsbutt

    tingluvsbutt Active Member

    Dear fellow sisters in Christ, I'm so happy and glad to find this thread and even join the FB group! Praise the Lord! I've read Nerida Walker's God Plan for Pregnancy and I love it! It really gave me revelation and closer to God and His Word much more. It build up my faith and resists the devil even more! I had 2 mc before within 8 months and was very devastated and both me and hubby even turn away from God at that darkness point of our time. I was 39 and I even went for numerous detailed scan and test together with my hubby and the result comes with a very slight borderline in my antibodies dat is in my blood. All other results is good. Doc put me on steroids and aspirin medication before ttc but as I had very bad drug allergy, both hubby and myself decided to stand steadfast in our faith in God and reject the medications. Instead we go thru natural way by tcm and prayers and start our ttc journey 2 months back. This is the 3rd month, though at times I will start to lose a bit focus on God and will be a bit obsessed with the pregnancy result, but still I always pray to God and even meditate His Words to calm myself down. I live in faith and I walk by faith in Him, and not by signs and symptoms. I share my short story here and hope will inspire your faith and hope in our dear Father and Lord Jesus. Never ever abandon Him for he never once abandon us before. Will keep all fellow sisters in Christ in my prayers for the perfect pregnancy plan by God and hope sisters to keep me in prayers too.
    Shalom... Karen
  27. tingluvsbutt

    tingluvsbutt Active Member

    Pls add me into the fb group as I just realised the one I joined is closed? Email is gdfit.ting@gmail.com thanks!
  28. Rebeccazoe

    Rebeccazoe Member

    Hi all, notice that this forum is a few years old now. does anyone know of an active forum or chatgroup for Christian sisters to chat and share prayers?

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