(2014/07) July 2014


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Hi! Bleeding stop le.. My clinic said is an early sign. Still have to wait...
Then good.. last lap le. Jiayou! Anw, if u want join the fb group I think will be better that u add lena on fb then let her know u want to join the group. Easier this way.. :)


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I sometimes get kicks that jerk each part of my ab. Its damn pain cos I am wk 36 now... due to space constraint, such jerks are not fun.
Maybe not 100x but I thinknits definitely more than 30x per day.
Cos when bb kick, its repetitive.
But I am happy when he kicks, it means all is well.


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Hi mummies, first time mum here. Currently in Melbourne waiting to pop. Will be back in Sg end of the year, would love meet other mummies and share experiences. Mummy groups are very popular here in Melbourne, was wondering if its widely practiced in Sg too? Love to hear your feedback. :)


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I'm in my 10th day confinement now~ abit hard to go thru this 10 days especially the breastfeeding part. Ask u mummies.. can i drink HL milk during my confinement and breast feeding period?? Thanks!


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Hello July Mommies

good day. I'm a June'2014 Mommy of two. We just celebrated our son's full month two Sundays ago and I've shared some useful contacts on my parenting blog. There's also a giveaway of vouchers (valid till 31 July 2015) for you to order the Full Month Gift Packs for colleagues, relatives and friends. Do pop by to take a look and participate in the giveaway - http://www.ourprincessdana.com/2014/08/celebrating-babys-full-month.html Have a wonderful NDP weekend coming up! :)


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How do mommies with #1 manage both #1 & 2. My #1 sleeps with me and is super sticky to me. I oso need to care for #2 (esp at night) after cl leaves.
Now caring for #1, I already feel so tired. I dunno hw to mge 2 after cl leaves. Worst, I dunno hw to survive when I return to wk.
My hubby probably cannot help much cos he needs rest for work. And I am the sort who needs 8 hr of undisturbed rest.
I am v worried now... and am v afraid I will go into depression.


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Done, look into ur inbox see if there's any link to it anot. Look for spam inbox if u can't find