(2011/08) Aug 2011

Pipi, carole, tks for sharing.

During my 1st tri, i even have to carry heavy stuff myself during work. Think back, i felt so silly. Bb should by main priority.

I was thinking of revealing only next mth coz its peak period tis mth, i paisey to bother my boss with tis issue. But bcoz its peak, the more i should tell them else they load me wif more stuff. I hope by telling them, they can treat me wif more care n concern.

Pipi, i really dare not work part time nor take no pay leave. I cannot survive without earning my own pocket money! Haha!

Some of the bosses i m supporting not v gd... But i hav to bear wif it. Sian loh but wat to do.. Earn money still got to c their face.

Joan (wishy) > John Little sales ended already. Other day i saw Isetan have 20% off NUK (untill 5th Mar only), then i just grab some small bottles which i didn't managed to get from JL earlier.

Metro will be having private sales on 16th March at one of the particular outlets, i forgot which one, but i think i never see they carry NUK products?

hihi... i have the following to let go...

WTS Natal Care Plus (400mg): Each box of 30 capsules at $14.00 (U.P. $16.05)



Natal Care Triplus (625mg) : Each box of 30 capsules at $28.00 (U.P. $32.10)




All boxes with Expiry 2013.

Bought too many from Dr Adrian.


An Australian specially balanced formulation that helps fulfill DHA requirement for fetal / baby brain development, and optimizes the brain development of the fetus and infant.

The core element in NATAL CARE PLUS - Natural Fish Oil - contains DHA and EPA, which is particularly needed during pregnancy and lactation. Apart from that, NATAL CARE PLUS also contains Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant that helps to alleviate the negative impact of free radical formation, and increase normal cell function.


Cash on pick-up/delivery @ Jurong East or Raffles Place.

Kindly PM or leave SMS at 9 876 1872.

Carole + all, back from gynae, expecting a gal... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Pls update for me when you got time. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Thanks.

Recently, my left hand is like strained. I asked doctor and seen orthopaedic, is due to water retention ler... sigh... all the weird weird symptoms... also, blocked nasal / nose from ard 8pm onwards, end up can't sleep air con room again.

Selling my Medela Pump In Style Advanced Backpack

Bought a few months ago and I've only used for 3 months. It's almost like new in perfect condition. Selling it now as I've just stop breastfeeding. It's a US set and I'll throw in the voltage converter FOC.

Price: $220

It comes in the complete set in the original box which includes:

- Instruction manual

- Pump motor

- Battery Pak

- AC adapter

- Removable cooler bag with cooling element

- 4 BPA free bottles with lids

- Double pumping kits with Personal Fit breast shields

- 1 pair of valves and membranes

- 1 pair of tubings

Self collection at my place (if you wish to try the pump motor) or at Toa Payoh MRT/ Queenstown MRT.

Please PM me if interested. Thanks!

Hi all Mummies,

went for my check yesterday... Gynae scans & sees a birdie!! I'm having a Prince, which is what me & HB wanted!

Din manage to get bb's full length & weight though.. but doc says all's okie..

Carole> Please update the details for me when u are not so bz..thx a lot!

EDD: 16 Aug 2011 (as per scan)

Expecting #1: Prince!

Gynae: Dr Adrian Woodworth/TMC

Hi I've a set of brand new Philips Avent Digital Sterilizer (keeps contents sterile for 24hrs) going at $150 (UP $199). Bought wrongly cannot fit the bottles that I have. Interested please PM me.


Pls update for me ... I am expecting a prince ... Again.

Now I have 3 muskerteers .... They say so easy to get girls n boy is difficult but I am 3 times lucky isn't? Hahah.

And thank God my CVS results came back all cleared. Baby is ok, no problem at all n even the last check on heart problem was also cleared.

Had been so busy so no time to post ... Still busy ..*thought I am more free during this period but alot of work last min added on ... Still can cope but the deadline is always so last minute ... Stress .

Hi Mommies .... I'm back after like 2 wks + ...other than my amino test, resting n burying myself with work ...it's nuar-ing all de way ...

Sorry i didnt reply on the 2nd gathering as i was kind of tied up at that time...

Shint > just went for my check-up yest. n gynae also told me my amino test cleared ...phewwww 2 wks of waiting is horrible eh ... lucky hosp sent de fax result to gynae ...if not dun kw how long more i have to wait le....

Carole > i'm expecting a prince ... managed to see birdie during amino test n confirmed during check-up yest too.. =)

Shint: Congrats for the all clear! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] good that baby is healthy.. tat's most important. i'm still waiting for my detailed scan in 2 weeks time to know my baby gender and that all's doing well.. :p


congrats that u cleared ur amnio test, did they call u to tel u the result?

i understand how it feel coz my turn will be tomolo, quite nervous now..

Shint/demongal: congrats on clearing the amnio test =)

Shint: Wow 3 musketeers.. u so li hai.. 3 boys.. glad for you.. take care!

cutie > Thanks & Jiayou too ya ...bearable pain ...just make sure u rest well for that day ...i kept myself occupied if not will go crazy keep thinking of the result de ... dun worried ..you'll clear ur test too ...

Hosp sent the results to gynae's clinic, even though only fax result but lucky only 2 wks wait ..and not 3 wks or more like de nurse say ...

sus > Thanks !!

Hi Mummies,

I'm new to the thread too! Would like to join the group. Its my 1st child, still got lots of things to learn! My EDD is 29th Aug. Now at 16th week.. Dunno if it's a prince or princess yet.. Hospital: TMC , Gynae : Judy Wong

Hie Carole!

Please add me to the FB group: [email protected]

Thanks!! :)


I secretly hoping I not so li hai ok ... I had wanted a girl right from #1 but keep getting boys leh. Fated.

My boys are very lovely n tells me the sweetest things n I live them very very much.

Plus hubby, they all want my attention but I am limited so i thought a girl will help to divert hubby's attention , hahha.

Another boy to come "mama mama", faint.

Shint: even girl will also come "mama mama" mah.. hahaha.. girl shld be more dependent... but i do agree most daddy will dote daughter more..most of the time.. so hubby will divert attention more to his cute daughter le.. haha

I'm gg to be in my 16weeks. Haiz why am I still having tummy pains, gastric & vomiting still? So sad leh! Very very scare stretch till 9mths.... I dun want to happen!!!

Hi mommies... I'm new here!!! Nice to know u all. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Stephanie: don worry slowly u will get used to it lah.. n it will jus fade away... i'm 19 weeks today still on n off nausea too... especially if i eat oily stuff or stuff that baby doesn like...

hi all,

I have been a slient reader for quite sometime.

decided to join in.

I am expecting my #2. EDD will be 29 Aug. Gynae is CH Koh and delivery will be Mt A. same as #1. Gender of bb still unknown. hoping for a boy this time round to form a HAO. hehee..

Hi carol, pls add me into the chart and facebook account. [email protected]

Hi changni...yes.. Me too. Whenever eat something bb doesn't like sure throw up. Still not used to it. Everytime I Hv all these symptoms.. Can't help but just shed tears. Becos I'm praying so hard everything will goes off soon. Ppl say become preg is a happy thing, to me, so happy. Haiz.. Hope everything goes off b4 I resume to work. Changni, u take care too. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

stefy > think it takes time.. when i was in my 16 weeks, i also have nausea.. even until now occasionally i feel nausea.. just never puke out liao.. now in my 18 week... it will fade off very slowly.. lesser and lesser nausea... so just be patient [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Hi cac... Thanks. Yes... Still waiting for it to goes off slowly. Everyday I hope for the better [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] so I try to eat bit by bit & mostly follow Wat bb wants to eat. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

= Rice Wine =

Hi, I have 10 bottles of rice wine left from my confinement and willing to let go at $10 per bottle (negotiable if buy all 10 bottles). Taste sweet and yellow colour.

Collect between redhill mrt to clementi mrt. If you are interested pls pm me or e-mail me at [email protected].

Ermm.. looking at the rice wine post above.. just wondering if mummies here knows if breastfeeding can eat/drink all the rice wine, dom, or food with alcohol that is suppose to "pu"?

yo mommies,

juz came back from KK, done my amino so now hv to wait patiently for the result

thank god, everything goes smooth..

cac> My mum also know how to make the rice wine, but i'm just not a fan. Normally we use the rice wine in cooking, pork/chicken with sliced ginger.

Alcohol after cooking is fine and suitable for lactating mothers.

Re: Nausea or morning sickness

I'm at Week 20 now, usually only retching in morning but nothing came out. But today, I puke out my breakfast. Weird, I thought should have gone away by now.

Hi cac, i was told by the confinement agency which i engaged tat it is ok to put small qty of wine into food when cooking even though breastfeeding. Same for ginger, if breastfeeding, cannot put tok much ginger.

thanks Pauline & pinkangel


okies.. now i feel safe.. cos my mil wanna make my confinement food and she said making some food w wine... now i know that's safe =D

Can we use DOM or XO instead of rice wine? Or must we die die use rice wine for confinement cooking cos I saw alot of ppl selling rice wine worr.

Hi mummies,

i am from the March thread...

would like to let go some brand new bravado bras that i have bought extra. All bras letting go at $38.

collection at yishun/sembawang


1)The original nursing bra (blush - size L : 38-42 C-D)

2)The body silk seamless nursing bra (pink ice - size L)

3)The body silk seamless nursing bra (ivory - size XL)

4)The lifestyle mircofiber nursing bra (hot Pink - size 38D)

pm me if u are interested....

pipi> My MIL uses Hennsey lor.. What she want give me eat during confinement i also LL..

For my last confinement, she acutally bought me chicken rice from coffeeshop cos she lazy to cook. She say got ginger, got chicken, got sesame oil, same what !!


Hi carole..

Was just looking at the list.. Realise that u dun have my gynae info.. Its dr lawrence ang. Pls do update! Thank u So much!


i have some nursing tops/bottoms for sale. From Mothersenvogue.


Organic Classical Top

size M - bust up to 38.5"

Retail Price: SGD 59.00

i have 1pc in pink and 1pc in black.

Selling at $40 each (wore ONCE only)

more info, check the link



Comfy Sateen Shorts (beige)

size M - hips up to 40.5"

Retail Price: SGD 45.90

Brandnew! washed but not worn.

Selling at $35


Free Postage

pls PM me if interested. Thanks

good morning mtbs [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

shint n demongal27, congrats! now you can enjoy the rest of ur pregnancy [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

cutie, have a good rest and wait for good news!

sakura, changni, stefy, cac, hi5! m still puking almost every meal [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] strangely though, i m seeing some weight gain -- 1.5kg for the past 2 weeks... my #1 is keeping me happy with her non-stop yakking [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Wow! Looking at the list, it's practically 2 boys to 1 girl ... my boy's going to hv trouble getting gf when he grows up ... LOL!

Anyone managed to let hubby felt baby movements in your tummy yet?

Now I'm on Week 20. Last night, around midnight, my baby is having a gym workout until woke me up. So I woke up hubby, put his hand on my tummy. Baby cooperate and obviously kick on my hubby's hand. Last time for my #1, I remembered that I only felt this obvious movements a bit later on in pregnancy.

hmm.. better warn our sons to find gf early..

We all must keep in touch with each other 20yrs later, then we help them matchmake with the limited princess here? haa...


sakura, I duno whether mine is baby's movements... I felt the pulling inside esp when I strip on my baby plus... Not sure whether it's just gas or water? Sometimes will have strange feeling inside also. I'm at wk 19 and first time mum. They say usually first time mum won't feel it so early, maybe becoz we cannot differentiate the kicks or digestive system?