(2011/08) Aug 2011

sus: ya... tat's what i'm going to say.. :p

babysee: i find that my tummy got some "cramp" like feeling ever since started babyplus.. dunno issit cos of babyplus or something else.. but baby movement has become more obvious after using babyplus too... can really feel diff from bubbles..

May I know what the amino test is for? I'm in my 19th week and my detailed scan is this Friday. I already did my OSCAR.

I feel twitching in my tummy sometimes but not sure if its movement... =( I can't tell.

Last week I had cramping and got a hormone jab cos the 24hr clinic doctor suspected it might be uterine contractions. Worried about having those kinds of symptoms especially so early into the pregnancy! 19 weeks and contractions?? =( =( =(

Going crazy... then I had to see the news on that HK singer, Kelly Chen's unfortunate miscarriage of her IVF twin girls at 5 months. I need to poke my eyes out.

sus... oh yah... then I should start making frens with MTB for 2005-2010? heee...

cac.. me too... but I try not to assume things too fast yet... wait my gynae laugh at me? hee... I was thinking whetehr can bring along babyplus in my next scan, then play while gynae do the scan? so i know what's gg on inside?

babysee: U like ur son to date older gers? hehe.. I know 2010 is a pinkie year.. if u dun mind ur son date 1 year older =p

Babyplus at next visit? LOL good idea!

soulvacation: You are also carrying twins? Dun worry too much yah? Amnio test is for down syndrome testing. Has higher % accuracy than Oscar. Usually dun pass Oscar, doc will ask u to go for Amnio. do you know the gender of your baby yet?

How's everyone ?? Have been v v busy at work , recently quite stress most of my colleagues took leave as it's march holiday most of them went traveling n need to helpout their work :0 oh my god , looking forward for the weekends

sus: ya twins... that's why Dr Loh says higher incidence of high blood pressure. Already on medication for it. I feel so guilty drowning my system with chemicals. Sigh...

I dunno my babies' genders yet. This Friday. Can't wait! I actually had the chance to ask during my last visit to the 24hr clinic cos of my cramps but I was SO PISSED with the NOOB doc there that I couldn't be bothered.

I visited KK 24hr clinic 4 times after I was tested positive and out of the 4 times, I had very bad experience twice. I'm on the verge of writing a complaint to the hospital...

The latest one, the noob doc, did NOT know how to use the scanning machine!!! She did not know what the hell she was looking at and did not know what she was scanning for!! Until a more senior doc stepped in to 'teach' her! I was made a 'demo piece'...................... Utterly disgusted.

How can we entrust our lives and the lives of our little precious ones to people like that???!!!!!!

My friend suggested I visit TMC 24hr clinic instead, though my gynae is at KK. =(

I hope no one has to suffer in the hands of noobs like I did...

Hi mummies, I am from Dec 2010 thread and have a new playpen (with mattress) to sell @$100 and Annum Materna sample milk to give away together. Bought the set at $120.

We bought 2 sets of playpen previously as we wanted to put one in my mom's place but bb is no longer going to her place.

BABYEQUIP Piccolo 2N1 Travel Playpen


Giving away 4 sample packs of Annum Materna together with the playpen.

PM me if keen and I can send you the photo if interested

Hi all,

I've a brand new Quinny Buzz 3 stroller, willing to let go at $800. Was given to me as a baby shower gift. Interested pls pm me. Thanx.

Color of stroller: Roller Pink.

Hi Mummies,

I've got a BRAND NEW Philips AVENT Digital Steam Sterilizer for SALE.


Normal Retail Price: $199

Interested, please PM me.

For more information: http://www.philips.com.sg/c/avent-baby-preparing-for-feeding/220-240v-scf276_41/prd/

Advanced technology for 24 hour sterilisation

The Philips AVENT Digital Steam Steriliser works quickly and continuously, keeping contents sterile until you need them, giving you more time to get on with your day.

Ready when you are

• Keeps contents sterile day and night

Keeps you informed

• Advanced digital display and sound alerts

Effective sterilisation

• Extra protection through natural steam sterilisation


• Contents are sterile and ready to use in approx. 6 min.

Easy to use

• Just add water, load and select the mode


•320 (H), 235 (W), 235 (L) mm

What is included

•Tongs: 1 pcs

•Measuring jug: 1 pcs


soulvacation: oh dear.. the kk 24 hrs really sounds bad.. how can they send such doctors to take care of pregnant emergency cases! all the best for your check up on Fri! So exciting! =)

~adv_sport &demongal,

Thank u..

Still resting at home, only 2 days mc given..

~soul vocation,

Oh dear, normally the24hrs clinic in kk the doctor all prof one.. Lodge a complaint so they can look into it

pipi > i have both leh... gas + baby movement... i feel "cramp" "cramp" then after that fart... then feel better.. that only happens when i put on babyplus.. i wonder issit baby move too much.. squeeze my internal air out.. hahaha

Good morning mummies

Been some time since I last logged in to the thread. Hope mummies all doing well.


Could you kindly update my gynae details: Dr Heng / Parkway East.

Btw i sent u a PM, pls check...And yes I would like to add to the secret FB group..

Re: Baby movements..

I have been feeling baby movements for the past 1 month.. heh, maybe its my third one liao so am more sensitive to them.. This one also another active one. Move non stop. Sometimes I feel like he is kicking in my lower pelvic, makes me want to pee..

Any mummies burping more often now? For me its extremely bad... *Burp*

soul vocation,

I only had a bad experience with one female doc from 24 hrs clinic...She is not empathetic at all. I was bleeding at Wk 5 and after she scanned me, she say this is normal. (that's it!) I asked her to give me MC, she say 1 day ok?!?! I ask her back, what do you think? In this condition, would you advice me to work? She say up to you!!!! Since she dunno how to make decision, I made it for her. I say give me 1 week. Then I made appt to see my own gynae.

By the time I see my gynae, I was v week already (week 6). Was lying down while waiting for my own gynae...and given a hormone jab. After that, I complaint to my own KKH-TPS gynae about the unprofessional doc. Then my gynae told me she is actually v nice...but I told him the female gynae should be sent for empathy for patients class. Her service is not very impressive. (I dun really care, I just complain & I am the type that will write feedback while waiting for my gynae cos nothing to do) I wrote to KKH to change their scanning machines used in KKH-TPS cos we are paying private rates, why are we subjected to lower resolution machines. Priate clinics would be able to see gender by wk 16 but majority under KKH has to wait till wk 20.

I think it's only thru our feedback that KKH can improve to a better quality hospital. I think it has improved over time, but there is always room for more improvement...

sus> oh yah... I do my maths wrongly... should be make frens with 2012-2015? hee..

soulvacation> oh dear.. sorry to hear that... Actually that's mainly the reason why I avoided kkh. Hear too many stories le... Think u should write in and complaint! But sometimes, I wonder if they take our words seriously? Their management like got problem...

Just to share my part of the story too...

5yrs ago, I wasn't preg that time. But I had a huge growth just above my private part and was so painful that tears flow... I went to many gynae but timing wasn't right and nobody bothers to see me. So I went into KKH clinic at AMK. The doc there says it's an infection. prscribed me medication. When collecting med, the nurse tell me they ran out of stock. Ask me go pharmacy and find... In pain, I went to almost ALL pharmacies in Spore for the next 2 days to find but couldn't. Everyone just say "sorry we dun have". Finally, one lady from Guardian bother to find out more details for me, and tell me this medication is ban in Spore!!! How can the doc not know this?? Can u imagine my anger that time? I called the KKH clinic and they says the doc is overseas. No other doc can attend to me. So I called KKH hotline and demand a doc to prescribe me with alternate med. The hotline nurse insist I go to KKH hospital itself, wait at the normal Q just to see another doc. Meaning I have to start my consultation all over again...

I was so mad... that I cried on the phone with the hotline nurse... Coz I was already in such pain, and they made me go round and round... So finally she asked another doc to speak to me, then I went pharmacy to get it... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Come to think of it, I was quite silly, I could have seen a normal GP... I thought anything related to that part should see gynae [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

adv_sports > Thanks ...ya after 4 mths ...i can finally enjoy ...

cutie > i was given 1 day only lo ...and "chased" out of hosp after 1 hr of rest... but lucky i have the wkends to rest...

Hi mommies

I have not been active here as I have been visiting the facebook group for Aug mommies with my hp rather often.

Medusa15 (medusa15), PiPi (pipilili): I can feel movements too.. but very mild ones.. as if the heart is throbbing.. hee.. comes suddenly and stops suddenly too. Btw, I am 18 weeks now.

Does any mommies here know the disadvantages of having a white cot? IS it that impractical to get one than those natural wood cot?


Yeah, you are like me...I started to feel the movement stronger this week (wk 19. Next Week, I will go for detailed scan.


My sister would like to sell away her LV neverfull bag details as below.

- 100% authentic

- Only for sincere buyers

- No test market buyers

- Pls pm me or post here if you're keen

- Fast deal cos need to clear space

- Condition 8/10

- Selling at S$550

- Self-collect at: Lavender


Size (LxHxD): 32cm x 29cm x 17cm

-Large interior zipped pocket which can fit a long wallet

-A D-ring to attach a small zipped clutch for valuables

-Large opening for easy access to contents

-Natural cowhide leather trimmings

Pls email me for photos.

[email protected]

Hi Carole

I just added you on facebook. Pipi recommended me to this forum.

My EDD is 30 August 2011. Gynae is Dr Poon King Fu. This is my #1.

Hi mummies,

I'm from Dec thread.

I still hv sample pkt of anmum materna, similac mum, friso mum, enfamama. In total abt 14 pkts.. Gotta self collect cos to bulky to send by post. Anyone interested, pm me?


i am selling


Belly Belt Combo kit


2 bellybelt button-up

2 bellybelt slide

3 coloured panels

With bellybelt, you can wear ur regular clothes when you're pregnant.

more info here:


Retails at $29.90. I am selling at $15. Free postage.

i only used 1 button-up belt 3x. the rest are brandnew.

pls PM me if interested. thanks.

soulvacation> Before i find out i was preg last dec'10, i had v bad diarrohoea and stomach bloating so this male doc attend to me and take a look @ my tummy then press press - his review is maybe stomach flu so prescribe me with some med then ask me go off, if not ok come back tmr we will monitor again [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] The doctor @ KKH 24hrs women clinic are not professional cos can tell from their look and they dun bother much abt patient actualli...

***Do update us on the gender of your bbs soon.

PiPi> u too do update us on the gender after your DS nxt week [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Re: BB movement

i dunno how to feel whether is bbs movement leh cos whenever i have gastric reflux in the evening, i can feel something moving or "crampy" feel at times thru out the day...


I gave birth to my baby in Jan'11.

I have this Latido baby bath tub which comes with a stand to let go as I don't need it anymore.


Bought it with the intention for grandparents to bathe baby standing up but end up I only used the tub to bathe baby myself.

Used the tub for only 1 mth but did not use the stand at all. It also comes with a tube to release water from the tub.

Condition: Almost brand new

Purchased it at S$79, would like to let go at $45.

Interested, please pm me.

Mummies, wat can we expect during detailed scan? Heard from the nurse tat cant eat after midnite and 1 hr before scan, they will let us drink those kind of sweet fluid... Dunno wat is tat.

pinkangel: thats the Gestational Diabetes test!!!! why are you gng through that??? unless they suspect u get it.

Detail scan doesnt need to fast at all

My urine results are ok so far. Dunno y they need me to fast n drink tat stuff during my next detailed scan. Everytime i go for checkup, i saw other mummies drinking tat too...

I highlighted my symptoms to my gynae and he said he'll perform the GD when I am in my 28 wks. He said too early to test for one.

Hi Carole, is my eyes seeing things or sth? My name is not in the list anymore....

Anyway, can u kindly update me in the list as well :

BB Gender: Prince - #1

EDD : 07 Aug 2011

Gynae/Hosp : Dr Fong Yang/Mt A

Thank you [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Calling MTBs, mummies who are expecting princess, thinking to start shopping for bb clothes to stock up before my tummy gets bigger. Also, my hubby still can't walk properly, as still on crutches and last nite, his feet is swollen again ... I think when he recovers fully, my gal gal is out liaw. So, can't think too far, must shop when i still got energy.

Anyone want to join my shopping spree for sleepsuit? So far, I bought the following:

1) Baby sleeping cot

2) 2 Avent pacifier (BPA free)

3) 2 x Pigeon milk bottle with teat attached (non BPA free)

4) 2x BPA free less colic Avent milk bottle 125ml with wide teats attached

5) 4 x Avent breast milk storage bottles

6) 1 box Avent breast milk storage bag (has 40 pcs inside)

7) Nipple shield size S (realized got size when i come back... ) not sure too small or not

8) Asked MIL to make 3 "bean sprout" pillows

9) Avent sterilizer

10) Mamy Poko size S diapers x 2 packs - Got it so early coz got offer... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] cheapo mummy me.

Now, is time to shop for clothes esp sleepsuit to keep her warm. Found this website in BP, and contacted the seller. Anyone interested to join force for better bargain power? I ordered 2 at $14, found the quality of CK sleepsuit quite good. So, intended to get more pcs as stock is running low, according to her. I checked price in OG/ Taka/Tangs, 1 is at least $10.90 for those on sales and quality not so good ... or anyone got better lobang? Each is $7. Anyone interested? If we can get 10 pcs together, we can bargain for $6.50 or even lesser? Anyone? Take a look and let me know if you keen. Thanks. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Else, by Tues, I will order 3 more pcs for my princess.


You can refer to her past BP.


I will be getting the following also, and the price she quoted is at really low I think, or I too naive ah??? help help... advice pls as 1st time mum here.. THANKS in advance!

1) Princess pyjamas - size 12M - $4.50


2) 6 pc set for rabbit gal gal - size 3/6M - $17.00 - 1 pc is not even $3.00 ler... worth buying or not? Practical?


3) CK 3 pc set - with hat and botties - thinking for her full month or going out - size 3/6M - $6.00


4) 3 pc set - 1st Impression - size 0/3M - may be for full month also - I like the bib --> I LOVE MY DADDY... hihi.. too bad, no I love my mummy... not fair!!! - $6.50


BabyDreamy Queen,

You bought all the abv online? I intend to get only stuff which I need esp when bb is 0-6 mths. The rest can slowly buy. Maybe I can join in this spree..I will take a look and let you know.

So far, I only bought 2 single beds from Ikea Sales (1 for CL and 1 for maid). Haven't bought anything for bb yet. Waiting to find out gender then start to collect free clothes, cot, etc from kind souls.

Have you done up the nursery yet? Mine will be small corner nursery for NB cos already got 2 single beds in the room. Once CL leaves, will join the beds together...Once I done up the pl, will take a pic to show you.

I'm finding those foldable mattress (so that I can keep in cupboard) and within reasonable price range. I only know of seahorse brand.

Just checking if there are others?

Hi to all mummies,

Congrats to your new bundle/s of joy! Would like to join this forum to share info. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Hi Carole,

Edd: 14 aug

Gynae: Dr Kee WH at TMC

Will add u to facebook so pls add me. Thanks!

I think Carrefour, Giant, NTUC (big type) should sell such foldable mattress. I got the bed cos in case need to diaper change, maid/CL can sit on bed and chg. hee hee.

I just saw Toyogo 4 tier going at SGD38+ @ NTUC, dunno if I should get from Toyogo directly or buy from NTUC.


Pipi, all the items listed i got it from OG on Wed, took half day to go there for the private sales, got 20% off the normal price. I dare not go to BP online for those, coz not sure authentic or not, so since it's touching bb's mouth de, i try to get it from established store lo.

I don't have extra room for my bb gal, i wished i can prepare the room for my gal. I stay in 5 room flat, but 1 room is SIL's and 1 room is PIL's. So, my bb will squeeze w me and hb in the master bedroom. So, since no place to stay, no CL is hired also.

Oh... Pipi... toyogo is the next thing i look for... where did you see Toyoga at $38? Which NTUC? Hougang extra have or not? if have, then i will chiong there this weekend to buy... coz i saw Giant is $89 ler... 4 drawer type. How many drawer for the one u see in NTUC? With wheel or not?

I also got 1 foldable mattress from Seahorse, I think is $20 during offer. Quite good, solid and support good posture. Can also fold and sit on it, to fold clothes sometime. Save space.

By the way, pipi, did you enrol for the aqua aerobic class in KKH ar? I went last Sat and didn't see you. It's fun and very nice with the heated pool. Whole body's muscle feel so relax. The class at 1pm only has 5 preggy mummy. Too bad that it's very short, only 45 mins. Looking fwd to tomoro's session again. I sleep so well after come back. It's taught by an angmo male physiotherapist. I strongly recommend coz i float and exercise like a baby... imagine you run in the pool with a big bump... kekeke...

Oh... i got 1 thermal flusk (Tiger brand) - $19.90 to cater for confinement use - to put the red dates and longan tea, so that it's warm all the time. Coz heard from my colleagues, we can only drink longan/red dates tea, so instead of kip going to kitchen, make 1 early morning and drink till nite, and refill w hot water only. Since i have no CL, i have to get prepared all the thigns that can ease my days with taking bb and myself only.

If anyone here has any tips for me, will be very welcomed lor... i feel like lack of time to prepare everythign liaw ler... so stressed... esp i still need to read up some books on breastfeeding and taking care of bbs.... my hb said i too stress liaw, i told him coz he too relax, make me so kan chiong, and MIL oredi said can't help, coz old liaw, carry bb also will fall kind.... so i have to "pao kao liaw"... bitter life! But i sure i see my bb, i will be contented! That's for sure... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]