(2011/08) Aug 2011

Hi Carole, pls update for me. It shld be a PRINCESS!!! so happy cos #1 is a boy. But still need to wait for detail scan end mar to confirm. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Reen, you can join us on FB. Just ask Carole to add you, you need to add her first - [email protected] and ask her to add you to secret society Aug pg in FB. Only permissioned users can see each others' msg.

Welcome to the club

Carole: I am going to give Queens a pass cos it's far for me. If you are doing it at your pl, I will turn up cos it's nearer for me.

But will Christian mummies who goes to church be able to make it on Sun 3pm?

Hi Carole, Update me too. Edd 11 Aug 2011. And i'm having a Prince! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] My gynae is Dr Henry Cheng. Gg to deliver in Mt A. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

All of you finding out your babies genders is making me very excited and impatient!!! I've to wait 2 more weeks before I can start shopping for them! I need the clock to run fasterrrrrr!

Welcome Reen.. welcome to join us.. nothing much u need to do =) But u could update your EDD, prince/princess, gynae so we know more about u?

Carole is our da jie jie here who does the compilation.

Im fine for both Queens or Carole's place. But Sun 3 pm is out for me too =(

Lehcar and Jastine: Congrats!!

good morning mtbs [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

so many mtbs oledi know baby's gender -- time to start shopping!

re: fish oil and multi-vitamins

i changed to eating them at nite -- haiz still feeling nauseous and puking... so it's my MS acting...

re: insomia

dunno what happen, unable to nap in the afternoon when i was tired from yoga class yesterday... then at night, woke up at 3am and cannot fall back to sleep... any mtbs having insomia?

re: hip pain

maybe insomia is due my hip pain (from my previous sports injury or release of relaxin during pregnancy)... my pelvis will be mis-aligned and need to see an osteopath to re-align every couple of months... maybe need to revisit him again -- the nagging pain on my right hip is so uncomfy...

any mtbs having hip pain, too?

Carole... u are so amazing! Thanks for sharing on the maid selections and tingkat services...

Mind if I also ask u abt the Medela breastpump? For Pump-In-Style Advanced, is it using 8 AA rechargeable batteries while freestyle uses built in batteries? Posted in FB but I think it's moving too fast that it's hidden already.

Feel like taking MC on Fri to join u all... but my boss on leave so have to cover some work...


PIS(A) - http://www.medela.com/IW/en/breastfeeding/products/pumping/pump-in-style-advance.html

The Battery Pak uses 10 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Each set of batteries will provide

approximately 2 hours of pumping time. It is recommended that batteries be replaced or

recharged between the 10th and 12th pumping session.

Freestyle - http://www.medela.com/IW/en/breastfeeding/products/pumping/freestyle.html

Battery operation

The battery will charge every time the pump is plugged in and when it is not in-use.

When the pump is switched on, the battery indicator on the display will show how much battery

power is left. If the battery symbol starts to flash showing just one bar, there is only power left

for approx. 20 minutes pumping time.

Pumping time (full battery) = approx. 3 hours

Charging time (empty battery) = approx. 4 hours*

* When charging the first time or after every removal of the battery, the display shows "BATT".

This operation last for up to 24 hours.

Avoid removing battery. Removing the battery will reset the battery indicator (the battery symbol

starts to flash showing just one bar) and requires a recharging time of up to 24 hours to readjust

the battery indicator.


The battery used in this device may present a risk of fire or chemical burn if mistreated. Do not

disassemble, heat above 60º C or incinerate. Replace battery with Medela part number

200.1512 only. Use of another battery may present a risk of fire or explosion.

When storing the battery for a limited length of time, store within the following temperature

range: -4° to 140° F (-20° to 60° C). When storing the units for an extended time, store within

the following temperature range: 32° to 77° F (0° to 25° C).

Dispose of used battery promptly. Keep away from children. Do not disassemble and do not dispose

of in fire.


If the pump has been running for 30 minutes without any manipulations (e.g. adjustment of the

vacuum), the Freestyle will automatically switch off.

adv_sports, till now, I still have hip pain. Mine is at the left side. I didn't have previous injury, it's just start to have pain since my wk 6 pregnancy. I checked with my gynae, she said is normal as the pervic bone is moving to make space for bb. I didn't have pain for wk 11 to 12, thought that's it, then i told my hubby that i have no more pain, such a relief, then wk 13, the pain is back. The starting is very sharp pain whenever i want to put the 1st step out to walk, or if i stand in train or in kitchen do my cooking, every 1st step to move a bit, it will cause me pain till tear drop sometime. Very unbearable. So, nothing can be done according to gynae coz no xray whatever. I do notice my pelvic become larger by size, so hope the pain will go away soon lo. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Carole, can i have your balloon website, plan to order some for my nephew's and niece's birthday in April. Thanks. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Carole... thanks a lot!! I find 10 AA batteries to cumbersome to bring to work but not sure if I read wrongly from the website.. have u considered operating a Confinement company next time? I bet u would be a success story... hee...

Hi mummies,

if you are looking for malay massage, I'd like to recommend Nurin, HP: 96173994, to help with post-natal massage. She's friendly and does very good relaxing massages.

wow looks like aug mostly princes... haha

bbsee: mee too i hate ppl using my kitchen... cos diff ppl diff habits then i get worked up when things are not in place cos i'm v particular abt keeping it clean, keeping the pests out etc... :D

but luckily for me my mil keeps things even cleaner than me, so i'm not worried hehe

adv_sports & babydreamyqueen

hi-5! I also have that and mine is same with babydreamy's, at left side & will feel sharp pulling every 1st step or sometimes sudden pain when in certain position. Haiz! I thought it must be related to my slipped disc problem which I had 5mth after gave birth to my #1. Already scheduled to see my chiropractor next Tue but wondering if it's ok to do any "adjustment" now? She told me she does that for pregnant ladies too. At first, I'm so worried I couldn't have a normal birth & must c-sect this time. Glad that it's normal problem...

bbsee: dont sabo! whahahahaa... i already hv too much at hand now... soon 3 kids and my 2 biz running. i get to breathe on weekdays.. while weekends are crazy.

lol u do lahz... lol

BBQ and linsu, mine is not sharp pain -- juz nagging pain... my osteopath recommends to use tennis ball to roll and release the pain -- but i couldn't find my tennis ball last nite... i used my foam roller (for releasing musle tension) and stretching but it didn't help...

linsu, my ostepath can do minimal for me when i saw him while pregnant with #1 -- he is also working with pre and post natal care... i will try the tennis ball tonite -- if no improvement, will book an appointment to see him... hope ur chiropractor can help to ease the pain...

Hi mummies,

I'm new to the thread too. Would like to join the group. Its my 2nd child. My EDD 27th Aug. Now almost 16th week.. Expecting a boy again! Hospital: SGH , Gynae : will change to Dr Devandra at a later stage! :)

Hi Carole,

Please add me to the FB group: [email protected]


Yufeng, thanx! U hoping for princess/prince? ;p

Oredie started shopping, but boys less things to buy, the Ts & bottoms oh-so-boring compared to gers', can save $ lol

sus, this is my 2nd, 1st is a princess so very happy! =D Delivered Mt A for my 1st, loved it there, will be delivering there again thou gynae says nowadays mothers normally choose Thomson...

Carole, thanx for the update! For the 1st May gathering @ ur place, r hubby & toddler welcomed?

Carol: of cos both welcome!!! m plc has a pool.. can all do swimming together! wow.. imagine the pool flooded with all kids! whahahahaha

Yufeng: passing you BLUE Dust! whahahahaha.. i want pinkie, but kena Mr Blue!

Went for scan, bb facing dwnwards. Anyone bb also facing dwnwards? Always c other ppl's scan the bb face up.

Becoz of its position cant really tell the gender. Mayb its gal coz no thing protrude. Hav to wait another mth to c the gender! Long wait!

Carole, i m patricia (pinkangel). Changed my nick, can help me update hospital to mount A? Tks!

Hi ladies...

Went for my check up yesterday, was so excited to find out gender but baby's position wasn't favourable, so cannot see [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] Now I must countdown all over again for 4th Apr for the detailed scan...

Carole, my EDD has changed to 18th Aug. Thanks!

hi pinkangel, my bb also face downwards sometimes... my gynae call it "doggy position" >_<"' what a description! When scanning for gender, his head was down and cross legged. so gynae scan from the bottom and predict gender based on the shape...

Tks for updating the list, carole!

Pink diasy, i understand how u feel, coz i hav to wait for another mth to confirm again too.

Babysee, wat a description indeed! Happy tat bb is growing well though cant confirm gender yet.

I think John Tee from KKH pretty good cos he managed to see all the bb gender for those of you under him. (he's an old ginger)

I gotto wait till the end of this month to determine ah boy or ah gal. I will love my bb no matter which gender but my dh and in laws are want boy for first child!! *cheh*

Who's going to Taka Fair tomr morning/noon? Can help" tong pang" to find out price for 2 items? Kind souls to help...

1) PIGEON - MULTI FUNCTION STERILISER (got warmer, steriliser, and something else. 3 in 1 set)


Dear Mummies-to-be

I have the following items to sell as my baby gal is coming 9 months and will not need these anymore. These items are all in tip top condition. Please PM me if you are keen, self collect in Bishan. Thanks.

1. Sensible Lines Milk Tray – a breast milk freezing system

Bought at $39.00, letting go at $30

2. Moms R us Baby Sling (Pink colour)

Bought at $46.00, letting go at $34

3. Bumbo Babysitter and Play Tray (Lilac colour)

Bought at $79.90, letting go at $60

4. Skiphop Funky Funyard Activity Gym

Bought at $111.92, letting go at $70

5. Babysafe Newborn Pillow (0-9months) with dimple to secure baby’s head

Bought at $17.50, letting go at $11 with the casing FOC

6. Babysafe Bambeanie (a beanie for baby to hug for comfort)

Bought at $35.00, letting go at $22.00 with the casing FOC

7. Spring Maternity Head Support (for supporting baby’s head in infant car seat)

Bought at $20.90, letting go at $14

8. Pigeon Tongs

Bought at $13.90, letting go at $9

9. Pigeon Diaper Liner

Bought at $8, letting go at $5

10. Pigeon Breast Milk Storage Bottles 3pcs/set

Bought at $15.50, letting go at $10

carole me expecting another prince [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

please update thanks

hihi pipi...me fr July 2011 MTB...come in cc...yes me too with John Tee....remember during my 14wk visit...ask him to check bb gender...he say bb not in a gd position...but he took time...slowly scan..then haha we saw our boy's birdie...n DR John say most likely is a boy ...think dr r like tht de they won't say 100% confirmed...agreed he is an "old ginger"

Hi mummies,

I'm new in this thread. I'm having my 1st child. thanks for sharing all the useful tips.

EDD 29th Aug. Gender still unknown. My Gynae is Dr. AL Lim from TMC

Hi Carole,

Please add me to the FB group. [email protected]


Hi ladies, haven't been logging in. Work is making me feel very tired every day. Very lethargic, can only laze around when I reach home every night. On MC today due to my bloatedness and it feels great to be resting at home.

How's every one coping with the MS? Think it should have diminished for most of you.

By the way, I'm a first time mother. Am wondering what are the courses or workshops that I should attend to prepare myself for motherhood. Any advice?

Carol ng: thanks [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] pass more blue dusts to me [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Any mummies using nuk bottles ?? My hubby is going taka fair these few days n I an thinking if writing out the list if items I need .. But a bit headache n don know how go choose any advise ??

I need to buy bottles. Bathing soap . Etc

Dandelion: I think both TMC and Mt Alvernia have antenatal classes. Include basic nutrition during pregnancy, babycare, breastfeeding basics, and even some exercises helping to ease labour and backaches. Quite useful and good to get daddy involved =)


Josephine: Guess AL Lim will be quite busy around your EDD period.. coz seems like a few other mummies seeing him also having the same EDD as you [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]