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Hi mummies... Wan to grumble!!

I decided to get a cl coz cl more professional in taking care of bb n mummy. But mil wan to stay overnite. Initially mil wanted to giv us an old bed so that cl has bed to sleep... I thought 1 bb need 3 person to take care??? Somemore nite time bb will sleep wif me.. Y extra 2 persons sleeping in my hse? So changed to day care nanny instead.

Mil wan to continue to stay during the 2nd mth of my maternity leave. I think she has no trust that i can take care of bb myself. She wanted to stay so she can also cook for me. But her cooking r normal dishes. I dun think she can cook dishes meant for confinement. I wanted to get tingkat svc, but i think

She might make noise. Worse still she is gg to bring her own pots n pans over!!! Gosh!! I cant imagine wat my kitchen will turn to after that. Coz i m v particular abt ppl Cooking in my kitchen. Esp when she gg to bring her barang barang over! 

Feel kinda sian.


Hi mommies,

Have u all heard of this school called "dao nan"? Is that Tao Nan?

Any idea if this is a good school? Where to find the latest ranking?

pinkangel: i suggest u to get a CL tt can stay with you 28 days. As for your MIL, let her know that you welcome her to come and visit that NB as and when, but she will not be required of here service till 28days is over. Daycare CL cannot help u or assist you to take care of bb in the night, why hire a CL? cos her job is to take care of that NB while u get the max rest during that 28days.

You can always tell MIL in a excellent way. MIL, no lahz.. let CL handle while u take a backseat. We paid her, just let her handle. Ater 28 days, you are invited to come over, and i will tingkat another 14-20days confinement food which saves up sometime from cooking mess and also the shopping for grocery.

isit better? winzk

Carole, she already gave clear hint tat even cl is here, she will want to stay over.

As for cooking, i m really considering taking tingkat svc during 2nd mth. But she sure nag no nutrients lah etc.

pinkangel, for MIL better let ur hubby to talk to her... cos sometimes for us DIL to say its quite tough...

personally for me... if my hubby dun wan to talk to her i'll tell him then i go back my mum's place for confinement like tat MIL no reason to follow liaoz.

pinkangel... how abt pretend to be nice and tell her u dun want her to work so hard? or say ur MUM is also coming over etc then at later stage just say mum change her mind?... I hate people touching my kitchen... was even concerned if CL will make a mess at my kitchen too... not to mention MIL, someone whom u can't make much noise?

I've know my baby gender... but becoz he sat crossed legged, gynae could only confirm 90% it's a boy.. so can I assume it's prince already? f so, Carole can help me update my data as follows? Thanks babe!


EDD: 9 Aug

Gynae/Hos: Dr Wong MT/ Mt.A

Gender: Prince

pink: hint cannnot, then pack and go back mum's plc. whahahahaha... you just need to state ur pt. if nt just tell her, no.. i think i have CL and you can pop over anytime. As for food, i appreciate your concern, but i would just want it that way.

the Confinement catering i getting will hv NO MSG. i had a trial and fine it suitable.. just good portion for 1. :p

sus> very exciting one...r u hoping for boy/girl? u must negotiate with baby to open legs... I was almost disappointed when baby was shy to open and thought have to wait for next round... have a happy trip!


Which tingkat you getting for confinement 2nd mth? Cos I also dun like food w MSG. Are you getting from Carrie?


Thanks for telling us. Thank god we have a healthcare professional in this forum. We are sooo diverse!!!


Very happy for you that you can see bb's gender. As this is #1, I do hope it's boy so that I wont be so pressurized when I have #2. My husband also wants a boy..I think in-laws also hoping for boy...but actually I don't mind gal cos gal closer to family.

Pipi: yes i m getting frm carrie. 20 days 2 meals a day. sat & sun opt out, as i wanna go out with hb to feast. :p

Babysee> so nice, your bb is v cooperative [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] u can start your shopping spree oredi... my detailed scan is 1st week of April'11 and doc say by then shld be able to confirm, excited ;)

Carole> regarding the confinement catering, how many days in adv need to give them if we are going to confirm the service? hope u can share with me the contact for FDW agent & confinement catering as well [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

PiPi> haven't checked the price of the pigeon items yet cos was in the rush but my friends told me KKH is much cheaper so rest assure, i intend to buy from KKH few weeks before my due date... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


Thanks. Might consider getting it too during 2nd mth.


yep I confirmed also...Pigeon Items 5 % cheaper than retail price outside. I will have $100 voucher under KKH-TPS FAST scheme so might be making use of the voucher to get stuff from KKH. Save $$$.

PiPi> thank u... exact sentiments leh...it's my #1 and I was hoping for boy so that I have no stress. But all my symptons showed it's a girl. plus my BIL was very confident it's a girl by looking at my palm etc. Although In-Laws didnt say anything, I can tell they prefer a boy too. Husband always say "if son... I will.. if son... I will bring him swimming etc" so I assume he wana a boy to play with him.

JoyJoy> baby not exactly cooperative wor... he sat cross leg hence gynae have to scan from his buttocks... hee.. and conclusion based on the shape we see... cannot see anything sticking out. must wait till ur detailed scan then can see gender?

Now that u all talking abt 2nd mth confinement... reminds me that I should cater for one also coz living alone.

Joy: i think u hv to let her know earlier so that she can arrange her routes. :p not sure hw many is getting from her.

FDW - i m getting from United Home Maids, call FRederic 9244 7528 (just say that you are friend of Mrs Carole Leong of 2A Lentor Loop).

Confinement food - Carrie Pang http://happymumsandbabies.wordpress.com/

9090 4485

pipi: i getting only 2nd mth frm Carrie, cos i hired CL in 1st Mth. and hb insisted tt i should carry on some better food.

Carrie's food has no MSG and doesnt taste like got salt. so it totally its original taste. I love food that has taste by its own. to some it might be bland.. cos no MSG.. but i love it!

Carrie also go Dinner tingkat.. that can fit for hubby's meal too :p


ur baby like mine, when gynae scan, bb point his butt at gynae. my gynae shake my tummy so many times, but he still point butt out. I got 4 print outs...see his full body, half bod, his head, his thighs.


thanks for your maid contacts too. BTW, does your agency specializes in Filipinos? Cos I am getting one.


My plan is to do confinement at my own hse for 1 mth. Then move bb to my mum's pl for the rest of the 2-3 mths till I start work. Reason: I don't want the bb to be too familiar with our hse then when bb moves to new pl, bb will cry and make noise.

(my cousin's bb every day at mum's pl, nite at my cousin's pl - recently dunno why bb dun sleep from 1am - 5am. If mine also like that, I will go mad)

So from 2nd mth onwards, will order confinement tingkat to my mum's pl if BF is successful. HB will eat dinner at mum's pl before retreating back to our own hse.

The FDW whom I plan to employ will be registered under my mum's addy too cos she will be at my mum's pl most of the time so only practical that she do the hsework at my mum's pl. Will negotiate for her to go back to my pl on weekends to help clean up my pl (with extra $$$) Got to put everything in black and white...

Hi all, tks for giving suggestions. My parents are no longer ard in this world. sob sob...

anyway, I spoke to hubby. told him i will order tingkat svc for the 2nd mth so mil dun have to cook at my home. sometimes i think i really worry too much of how others will think... then become i m doing things to please them... i should be doing things which are beneficial for myself n bb.

any good tingkat service to recommend? thinking of getting natalessential... saw they have a trial at $30...

babysee, your bb crossed legs like big boss leh. hehe. gynae can still tell even though legs not open?

i hope i can know the gender next week. excited.. counting down!!

pink: do what you feel its good for u. sometimes u just need to let others know and get that message across. Who has never been a 1st time mummy before... i was once thrown all alone with my #1 after CL left. no one helped me. i can managed, so can you.. there is nothing one cant do without determination.

I ordered mine from Carrie. she given me a trial for $28. no MSG. compare ard.. since we hv so much time in hand.


Confinement Tingkat - take the one Carole suggest cos no MSG and they buy their ingredients fresh daily. (very impt)

Regarding massage - we are trying to negotiate for better $$ under Origins JAMU (postnatal). You can join FB to see all the latest updates from all the mummies...on everything! Serious....got food, got breast pump, compare bump, ranting...etc..quite fun.


I'm interested to join u all for Origins Jamu Massage. I used them for in my 1st confinement, not bad.


can add me in the FB? [email protected]

TIA! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Babysee> Dr Loh did the scan that day and try to find something but cannot see bcos bbs maybe shy... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]according to scan my EDD bring forward to 1 week so now i am 16th week, 1 month later - 20 week+ sure can see so gotta wait patiently [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Carole> Thanks for the contacts, yeah same as PiPi intend to get Filipino maid too so if they are specialize then that will be great ;) confinement catering - am thinking of getting 1 meal/day for 20 days.

PiPi> i just got the cert for FDW-EOP too, nv expect within 1hr+ to finish [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

tat's what i think also getting those stuffs from KKH since price is cheaper & convenient too, no need to run around...

babysee: Thanks.. I also hope baby will cooperate later.. I dunno prefer boy or girl leh.. my #1 is a boy.. I quite like boys cos they're really cheeky.. but then if girl can also close shop so am quite divided =)

PiPi> I totally agree with u. My fren was sharing with me, that his baby refused any intake after the mother starts working. coz not used to granny... cham, I also need to think of alternative.

pinkangel> sorry to hear that... anyway, just treat your MIL's helpfulness as positive that she wana help u? better than totally bo chap and u might think she dosen't care for u at all... well, at least dun let her mess the kitchen can already. I am also quite particular how people use my things... worst come to worse, close two eyes and focus attn on baby k? no stress out...

referring to your comments abt u care how people look at u, I am also exactly same with u...

Although deep in my heart I would prefer a daughter, I am so concerned with people's comments that I was hoping for a boy to shut their mouth/glare! very unhealthy that I ended up stressing myself up on my way to gynae. My hb managed to convince me that boy/girl not impt, more impt is we managed to conceive as we TTC for a while... why bother with people's comments? As if they are the ones taking care? hmm... I need to change my mindset too.

haa... hb says I like to sit leg crossed even I'm preggy now, so baby follows me. Maybe it's meditating. haa... Gynae says for girl, can see a circle with one line in btw. For boy, can see one longish oval shape thing in btw two balls.

I feel so lost in FB coz it's moving so fast!! ended up posting here instead.


^5... i also find that FB moves too fast... can only use hp to check FB so didnt do it so often otherwise boss will b wondering why i'm on the phone whole day... so only at nite i will comment abit here and there

babysee: yupyup agree we are blessed to be with baby already.. gender not important =) I was waiting for you to update ur gender on FB leh.. instead found ur post here =p

joyjoy: thanks babe! u know ur baby's gender yet?

sus> my detailed scan has been scheduled on 1st week of April'11...[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] i am fine with either girl or boy, as long as bbs healthy mummy is relief.

pinkangel> Confinement food - Carrie Pang http://happymumsandbabies.wordpress.com/

9090 4485

***detail furnish by carole [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

That's a really good idea to continue with tingkat after confinement period! I never thought of that. Will go browse carrie's site. I used to order from Mom's Kitchen. The quality is good and no MSG as well. But not sure if they have confinement food.

I can't wait to find out babies' genders in 2 weeks' time! So far I haven't felt them move yet. 17 weeks now.


for dinner tingkat i m using Jessie Catering : 62464644 9am-5pm (Mon-Fri)

For Confinement tingkat I m using Carrie Pang http://happymumsandbabies.wordpress.com/

9090 4485

Maids: call Frederic... but let me say this.. getting a MAID is seriously about luck. Get those who exSIN and must work at least 4 yrs in one hsehold. Usually those who work in 1 hsehold is better. Filipina helper will need at least 1 day off. maybe trade for 10am go out and back by 5pm.

i had so many maids.. i got this experience one with kids and stay in 1 hsehold long. so she is good so far..

mummies who are getting maids...

1) get those with experience, best with 1 employer and for at least 4yrs. - the reason being that she has loyalty and she has already gotten used to the environment and also the cooking style.

2) Filipina - one off day is a must, some maybe even more.

3) Handphone - its very individual, i let my helper power up her HP, but none of the times it rings. But i told her must call home every week to check on her kids and i told her to make sure she power it up in case they need to find her urgently. By giving this allowance, her heart will know that we arent that bad, and praying that she wont give you too much of pattern.

4) Nvr advance any salary in FULL as possible. Advance max 100$, and make sure they sign for it.

5) State the Off Day timing like 9am to 5pm / 10am to 5pm.

6) always give her routine or schedule for work.

7) always make a point to explain first. Cos maids are maids.. if they are smart, we wil be their maids and not other way ard.

1st May, Sunday 3pm - Gathering)

mummies, the responses for 16 April gathering doesnt look too good... Shall we Adjourn it to 1st May, Sunday @ 3pm with Basic High Tea from Jessie Catering which is abt $6-$8/head? maybe at my house at Chuan Hoe (close to Serangoon Chomp chomp)??