(2010/10) October 2010 MTB


if good location with good teacher, i wouldnt mind if the fee slightly higher too! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Hi Stella, I was going to change then baby fell sick! So I really don't know what to do now. Logical thing seems to be wait and see if baby recovers. If not, will need pd's advice on changing formula.

any mummies feeding bb with Friso?

I have a BN tin of Friso Gold Stage 1; 900g for $28. Expiry is 31 March 2012.

Pls pm if interested in case I miss out ur reply in the thread. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


I was quite interested in StarLearners but they dun have IFC so it'll be troublesome if #1 an future #2 go to diff school.

Yah agree that those at bungalow are really inconvenient so hope that the teachers are OK so will be easier for me to pick Claudia up. 716 also not exactly near to my place but at least it's accessible by bus.

Sure will update you once I meet the teachers =)

Maybe Lujayne n Claudia will get to be classmates...haha

sundrops: if u r still concerned despite the PD visit, perhaps u can seek a 2nd opinion?

which area do u stay? my boy sees this PD at bishan call kids clinic


Babe, u really know how to plan early leh! I wanna laugh when u mentioned future #2! Really take my hat off!I have already booked Lujayne with her Kor kor in the same CC at My Little Campus, its just next to my block. Enrol Claudia in little campus? hehe

Mummies! Just wondering during delivery, did you gynea really wait for you to push or he/she just immediately use Vacuum/forceps without your acknowledgement?

Because my gynea immediately use Vacuum after my 3rd push!!! Without asking me or my acknowledgement.

I think I only push Josie for 5 times before she's totally out, maybe only 30 minutes from my first push!!

I only know he use Vacuum after the delivery.

Lucky Josie doesn't have any Vacuum mark on her head!

He's a chop chop type, I think he's only in the delivery room like for 15 minutes. Huhu.. Maybe he used Vacuum to deliver Josie faster because he doesn't want to wait.

Sigh, no wonder last time my in law immediately said I have no strength to push so he use Vacuum!! Because the usual is the gynea need to wait for several push and ask our consent to use vacuum if not successful for 1-2 hours right? [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]


Long time no "see"! I have the same question as Lilac, what is your location, both of my kids see PD in SBCC at Ang Mo Kio, for north there are good PD in yishun and woodlands too.

Actually I remember, I try to push the head 2-3 times with the midwife.. Then when gynea come, hubby said he immediately use vacuum with certain strength, not enough strength when I push again, so he increase the strength then Josie is out..

When he came and my push failed he said Josie's heartbeat is weaken, so I need to breathe in oxygen.. I dunno if that's the reason he used Vacuum or not. But he didn't ask me at all!!

Ian, Xavier not well??

Groovy, mid wife was the one asking me to push. Gynae wasn't even ard. Only came in see a while then left. I push two hrs until I so exhausted no energy so I surrendered n ask for forceps! Gynae came back in to do the forceps n cutting of umbilical cord n stitching.

Lilac, Irish!

I stay in sengkang, but willing to travel for a good pd! Currently baby is seeing Yy yip at gleneagles. I also go to sbcc at Ang mo kio but I find that the drs there are always different! I would prefer to stick with one good dr.

Have been missing in action partly because baby is getting so much more active but partly also because I am recuperating from my pelvis injury. Had been a rather stressful period for me, pelvis separation caused me alot of pain. Lost abt 20kg since delivery, due to combi of breastfeeding, pain and depression. Hubby relocated to USA for work in feb and I am only joining him nxt mth (finally, yeah!) and currently staying with mil.

Wanted to share more abt my pelvis injury (pubis symphysis diatasis) because drs in Singapore really know too little about this condition which is actually not uncommon and alot of women just suffer in silence ESP if their conditions are mild. For me, my condition was pretty serious so I couldn't ignore it. But I shall leave that to another post later.

Ian, what happened? why r u in KKH?


My c-sect took Dr Ang just half an hour for the entire process, my tummy was cut without acknowledgment too and the next thing was baby crying! closed up stitch less than 5min...what do u think hahahaha. Tell yor inlaw medical is advance now with experience doctor, not like before ancient waiting time. perhaps dr ang could predict that its would be the same situation even afetr pushing for 1-2 hrs, and vacuum to help u and baby since u have already fully dillated. he is quite accurate in prediction that many of my friends commented that.


No leh. im always seeing the same PD Dr Goh shiok Ying, only when she went on maternity leave then i see Dr Goh Han Meng, i find both also not bad. If u have particular doctor in mind u can request to see him or her for your following visit. I have been seeing Dr Goh for almost 2years and we even became friends! Previously she was from kidslink in sembawang, when she moved to SBCC and i decided to follow her.


My fren's wife had Dr Ang as gynae and he also use vacuum w/o their acknowledgement. End up their son's head was elongated for 1mth plus.


Little Campus is not within walkin distance from my Blk. Wented to enrol in My First Skool but forever on waiting list -_-"

There's an IFC and CC next to my blk but I dun like.

Lilac> Really?? Then it's the same case as mine!! Midwife is the one asking me to push the head! Huhu.. But push 3 times, then gynea came and he immediately use vacuum without my consent. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

I also heard my friend's baby is delivered by the midwife in KK and said usually gynea is useless during natural delivery. Huhu.. Is it the case for all gynea in Singapore?

I know my mom said last time when she deliver my sister/brother, the gynea in Indonesia particularly wait with her almost the whole day starting from her first contraction. Generally encouraging her to bear with the contraction pain.. And definitely he's the one asking to push!! Not the midwife..

Only when she deliver me, I'm very easy to come out she said, only 2 hours since her water bag burst and the gynea came just in time when she's pushing me out.

Iris> Ya lor he's pretty accurate.. But I just want more care. hehe. He's actually right now seems to be avoiding Mt Alvernia hospital for delivery. Last time he said to me midwifes in Mt A hospital are not very good for natural delivery, which I found it's not the case, not all are bad..

Then to my colleague which is going to deliver around end of May, he said that Mt A is undergoing renovation until 2013! So it's difficult to find parking lot there. So he said if he can't find any parking lot when my colleague is going to deliver the baby, he won't be able to come in time but he will still charge her professional fee. Strange lor, different reason. But I can't find any mention in Mt A website that they are currently renovating now!!

I think he only wants to deliver in Thomson nowadays. Dunno why..

I might want to have another baby in 2013, but if he still doesn't want to deliver in Mt A, I might consider to change gynea. Thomson is not bad, but I just like Mt A because it has chapel there. And my stay there is very pleasant..

sundrops/Irish, my baby sees Dr Goh Han Meng at SBCC amk too. I like him. At least he takes the time to assess and explain. will ask for the other Dr Goh in future if he is not ard. We saw Dr Tang a couple of times cos no other choice. Dont find him as good...he's too chopchop


spoonfed is possible only for water on tat little ger, so far i tried cereal and avocado they cant last more than 1 tbsp. Banana is worst ! Using sipping cup is my solution for milk when im going wean ..


Thanks, hopefullly she will take on porridge like yor bb. Can i check hz u prepare yor porridge ? Do u grind the rice to powder form yourself b4 putting to slow cooker ? Or just directly put the uncook rice in the cooker overnight.


I found somethi at ntuc jus nz, hmm mayb some of u may find it not fresh.. i found ready made 100% avocado puree (no preservatives and addictives) I find it so much convenient to blend wif milk to feed nichel. Previously bought those smooth green avocados thou is a little soft but when i cut out, still is too hard to mesh.. Mommies any opinion on my lazy method?

U can view the product here:


Jaime ,Ann

My bb also has rashes (and red patches ) too at the neck area under the folds... for a period i also doubted on the cereals but i think most likely is the residue after feeds each time that drips inside, so we mus clean aft feeds each time. Thou the rashes still remains but maybe not much [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


Think better play safe n seek 2nd opinion since 2 weeks Liao. Where do u stay?

Ian n mummies:

Hope all the babies who are not well recover very very soon!

good morning mommies n Ian


How is Xavier? Wats the caused for his vomiting ? Hope hr recover soon!![IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


Yeah, like wat mommies suggested, seeking second opinion would be good [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

My girl been on neublizer on off on off for like almost 4 weeks now! Yesterday was okay but each morning she woke up having waterfall ( runny nose) non stop ![IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] n kept sneezing the whole day! My girls don't sleep in n air con room as suggested by pd ..

I'm bringing Meghan to c pd for a review later..hopefully she is okay!!


I just saw your post that yr bb pd is yy yip..

My girls pd is dr Gong from kinderclinic GEH ! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Dr yip is n old pd ... He is popular n famous cos I think he is one of few surgeons that can operate n newborn brain .. Other than that he is very busy n fast consultation ..that's wat I heard ..[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] but he is a good doc..[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


I suggest bringing your child to a PD. They can assess to see if its food rash or something else.


Consider intro open cup. Drinking from an open rim cup uses a lapping mouth action which is similar to drinking from breast. Hence, easier for baby to accomodate. Of coz it is messier for now lah. De Baby Shoppe has some customers who had this problem so they tried the Doidy cup. Of coz some were successful and some were not lah.


Yah. Nowadays they are so much smarter le compared to us last time I feel. Either that or we just didn't show our hidden talents last time. Grinz*


I see the PD at KK's Private Children's Clinic.


How's your son?


I think it varies from gynae to gynae, package to package and choice of ward class. For me, my gynae is waiting outside for my room, monitorig my CTG. For #1, coz I took premier package, she admitted me, check on me now and then and was in the room with me from the time I start pushing. For #2, I was admitted from an appointment with her so she set my plug before they wheelchair me up to the delivery suite. Then after she finish her clinic session, she was waiting outside my room, monitoring my CTG. Once my CTG show signs that its time, she came in together with the nurse manager to check on me, prepare me for pushing and all the way until the end.

Good morning!

Nice weather today.. but not going to hv morning walk coz i promised myself to treat myself something today! (Haha) So will b going out for lunch. Hopefully bby has no problemo today


Hope ur boy is fine!!!


Thats me. Thanks iris.

Added few more mummies here too. Sorry if miss anyonE.


Act my friend told me to intro straw if he cant drink from sippy cup.

Maybe u can try straw fel?

I hv pigeon mag2 but yet to intro. Lazy to wash! Got so many parts! Ahaha.

I saw the doidy cup from bp too looks kind of interesting!


Mine use with acknoeledgement. Tho i wanna try push more i think during that time i was too excited/tired/nauseaus (due to epi) i only want it to b done soon. So yes yes yes is my ans


Why suddenly u bring this topic? Nostalgic since josie turn 6 mnth? Hehehe..

I rem last time nikolas look like alien. He is 52 cm but i think his "hat" is abt 1.5-2 cm.



maybe your friend has this?

"Up to 1 percent of pregnant women develop a condition characterized by itchy, red bumps and larger patches of a hive-like rash on their bellies. This is called pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP) or polymorphic eruption of pregnancy.

PUPPP usually begins in the third trimester and is more common among women carrying twins and those having their first baby. The eruptions usually show up first on the abdomen around or in stretch marks (if you have any) and may spread to your thighs, buttocks, and arms. PUPPP is harmless for you and your baby, but it can itch like crazy!

How can I get relief from the itching?

Avoid hot showers and baths, which can dry out your skin and make the itching worse. Use mild soap and be sure to rinse it off well and towel off lightly. Then slather on an unscented moisturizer — some scents can cause irritation.

Try an occasional warm oatmeal bath. (You can buy oatmeal bath preparations in drugstores.) Wear loose cotton clothing and avoid going out in the heat of the day, since heat can intensify the itching." (unquote)



Who is ur gynae? Sounds will make good nutritionist for my hubby! Hahah..

My gynae say things but she is very nice n tell in soft way. I think thatd why i balloooned up way too much! :p


Pretty interesting..! ! Now that i remember bodyshop have something like oat soap like that.. maybe thats the reason why??

Hopefully the tummy ache n rashes r geting better each day ya..

florida> yes, that's the one she's having now...

ann> Yesterday I talk with my colleague and she told me her birth story. huehehe.. Then suddenly I realize she said her doctor ask her first whether to use forceps or not.. Unlike mine..

Fifi> woww. She's a very good gynea. In which hospital is it?

Ian hoPe Xavier is better now!

Groovy b4 I gave birth I oredi heard fr frds that during labour midwives will b ard. Doc only come in cut umbilical cord for those natural n unassisted. Plus the day I delivered my gynae had another 2 to deliver! So not possible he can b w me the whole day. Not sure if all gynaes r like that thou. Anyway he not ard oso good I can't push he sure scold will make me even more stress. After delivery he even say 'see ur baby isn't that big. I told u if u r tensed u hv prob pushing' -.-"

Ann: he is dr chan kon hon fr glenE. V old doc lol

Fifi, Ann

Thanku mommies fr nice suggestions!! oops i first time heard of doidy cup, went goggle it a while ago ,v int ..but is there any place i can purchase it oth than online. Meanwhile perhaps i can try straw too [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


For my #1, I did not intro sippy at all. I went straight to Doidy since I am related to De Baby Shoppe. Starting abit messy coz my #1 was over-excited. But I control for her and she can drink from it quite well. #2, I abit lazy haven start. Haha.


Dr K T Tan from KKH. Basically she is a gynae that is very professional but sometimes come across as aloof coz she is not the sayang kind.


Online from www.debabyshoppe.com (distributor in SG) or cash and carry at any OG departmental store. :p

Fifi: I think its the food we eat now as compared to b4. So indirectly the nutrients in breastmilk or milk powder has better contents now. So babies are smarter. keke

Morning mummies & Ian!!

Been a while since I came in. Hope every1 doing great with their babies!! ^^

just another 2 more mths I'll be Sahm liao!!

Yeah!! Cnt wait to be maid to Lucas!! Hahaha!!

good morning mummies & Ian,

Ian, hope Xavier is recovering now. What did the doc say about his condition?

I am so dead beat tdy lo. Nat kept trying to flip last night. so hubb and me were busy watching out for her & 'unflipping' her.

Morning mummies & Ian!

Ian, how is Xavier? Hope he is feeling much better now & speedy recovery to him!

Hello Sundrops, long time no see you in forum. I’m seeing PD at SK too leh - The Kids Clinic @ Rivervale mall, but its super long wait unless you have appointmt? What i usually do for weekday walk-in, I go to the clinic early morning to get number & inform them to will call you to go dwn to the clinic when it’s near your bb’s turn. Otherwise you could you be waiting there for 3hrs! There are 2 PD there.

Groovy, didn't know that your gynae is so fast to use vaccum. My gynae was waiting outside for me to consent if I wana assisted help from him after pushing for 1/2hr. The mid-wife tells me that even wth assisted help from gynae still have to reserve some strength for pushing, tht’s why in the end my hubby decides to call for gynae’s assisted help to vaccum Athena out.

Momotan, congrats to be SAHM, able to watch baby Lucas hitting his every milestones in 2mths time.

Princess, hope Meghan is better now. I see her clip yesterday with Jade, very cute and responsive to Jade’s playing with her.

Hi Bbliran,

I gv up flipping my boy during the nite alr.

I was adv it's ok as long as bb noes how to shift his head for air.

It's quite nerve wrecking to even think abt it but I decided to just let him be.

I monitor him slping in his tummy for a few nites.

So far so gd. He loves to slp on his tummy & manage to adjust himself for air.

Nat noes how to adjust to find air mah??

good morning!


nat just learnt to flip or only while sleeping lately? i am also tired out! my girl woke up at 2.30am to flip here and there, rolling ard, kicking blanket, pulled off her socks, 'sing song', blew raspberries all at freaking 2.30am! i couldn't stand it and went to her after 30mins. then realized her diaper overflowed. maybe her butt is freezing in the aircon room so woke her up. -_-!!


how is xavier? hope nothing serious!


PM-ed you already. my nails are still looking fab after a week. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

suddenly you ladies are talking about delivery again? reminds me that i am very tempted to try vbac. and speaking of which, i dreamt last night that i gave birth via csect again but weirdly, the wound did not hurt AT ALL. plus, i had flat tummy like a super model's. hahha!! so bizarre...


2 months will just fly by! so nice that you can be sahm. then you can meet up with some of the mummies here like princess d, ann and shin for high tea. haha!

Syndrops / ivy,

I oso see pd at rivervale mall.

Next time u all no need to go down for queue no.

Just call them can alr. They will call back & adv when yr turn is coming. ^^


Yes! So excited to be Sahm.

Felt quite bad tt Lucas was sorta neglected when I return to work!!

Princess d,

Meghan is sick? Hopes she gets well soon!


How u doing?? Ur dream so funny!! Lol

Learning of ur preggy news tempted me so much. Wahah

Had this long convo with hb last nite. He dun seem keen in #2 lor.

Hi tea:

When we mtg up?

I hv not seen all ur cutie babies.

Lucas wants to meet them b4 he becomes a migrant. ^^


feeling okay, ms seems to be waning and appetite is coming back! hee hee! the dream very weird lah. think because i went hosp visit my friend and her baby so at night also dreamt about giving birth. ha! why ur hubby not keen in #2? maybe lucas still very young. once he reaches 2-3yo, ur hubby may be tempted to have another baby! are u all going to migrate somewhere??

shall we do a high tea?? i can take half a day off and meet you ladies during weekday.

re: west gathering

is this still on? suddenly no more news. :p


Excited for u!! ^^ 2nd tri soon ri??

Hb gog to aust for work. Me cnt wait to throw ltr at my boss! Lol

Hb says he's ok with another one but he prefer 1 only.

More exclusive & baobei & can gv Lucas the best.

I understand where he's coming from but 1 like a bit lonely hor.

I oso v dilemma. Hahha


ard 3 more weeks to 2nd tri. really looking forward to it! how long will u be in aussie for? so exciting!

having just 1 does sound a bit lonely for lucas esp when he grows older. no sibling to squabble or play with. haha! but true lah, can give the very best to him. don't need to think so fast lah. wait till he is a bit older then consider also good. anyway you all going aussie soon. i'm sure lucas will be occupying your entire time there too.

Ur are so fast, now i really cannot catch up, can only scan thru post, training for speed reading.

Jac, paisei to trouble you, guess u been sending alot of times, can Send me the email too?

Cherry, thanks for the info, couldn't find it at jp ntuc extra that time.

Ian, hope ur boi boi recover soon.

Liliac white, Hebe is doing great except her weight and poo. She been eating v little and even force feeding seem difficult.

Ann, erm, tell u something, not pooing for 2 weeks has been the norm for hebe since end dec. Last week seen pd she refer us to see another pd in gleneagle. Will see the pd this sat. Glad that nic pooed.

Seabreeze, ur kids so cute, hope, hebe will be as cute.

Nycmum, wish u all the best in #2. Din noe u r vex over infant care too. Hmm if I am in ur situation, I wld chose the more caring teacher, although out of the way but caring teacher hard to find. For me, the infant care as i shared cost abt 1k aft subsidy, the money paid I think is not worth so I might as well maybe take cab or wat for the out of the way inf care. Haiz so ma fan.


Good morning mummies & Ian,

Ian, how is little Xavier?

Starry, so fast approach 2nd tri? Can the doc able to see the gender? So excited for you.

Princess D,

Is meghan sick? or are you bringing her for vacinnation?

My elder boy is down with flu and cough. His flu is so bad till it turned to middle ear infection and mucus flowing out from his ears. Am very worry and i hope it wont affect his brain development.