(2010/10) October 2010 MTB


Seabreeze is GOOD isn't She? Lol

When she told me, I lol!!

I learned a lot form her tho ESP handling the tyrants!! Lol

Give ,one buy own cane !! Wahahahahah!! Raised ur hand b4 talking! Gosh I shared thins with hb , my hb oso lol


Sorry mummies .. a quick qn..

Any of u feed probiotics (bio gaia is the brand i hv)

n gripe water?

Can give together or must wait certain time interval? Thanks

I think my bby has constipation after yest i give oat+millet. Huhu

The poopoo king havent poo from yest. Im so worried.

I called my friend alrdy she said can give together. She asked the clinic b4. Why dont i call the clinic?? Wahaha.

Yes i give simple rice cereal today.. the one hes ok with.

Ah hopefully he poop soon. Hv been shouting then fart. Huhu. Sorry baby.

Thx princess


Did u have the guide forwarded fr Jac? It's v useful, guiding mummies which type of foods n fruits to introduce by month.

Meanwhile to get him to poo, give BM, papaya n water.


Test it out lah. But stand by a oxygen gas tank for yourself when clearing his poo poo. Kekeke

Hi all

Durian season...droolzzzzz but feeling alitty heaty. In fact thot the side of my mouth felt alittle painful.

Sweet potato

Just baked one today for Lucas. He seems to like the taste but nit the texture. Guess it's a little too dense for his liking cos I only mashed it. No liquid. Maybe I will try steaming tmrw.

Lilac, ah.. so Jaeden also the same. Really headache. What i'm afraid is that she dun like milk be it FM or BM.. Hopfully this terrible phrase will past by veri fast. Tht notti little girl can 'dong' for 6hrs wthout milk and still doesn't make noise for it! Brrr.. Faintz lor!

Hope Jaeden is ok, no bump on the head. Quckly apply Zambak for him on the area lor. Athena also fall on her head before.. her Daddy la, doze off while taking care of her while I suppose to take a break. In the end, now I don't really feel safe to leave her to his care esp when he sleep late the night before, cos he sure to doze off while taking care of his precious!

Princess, Jade has a nose for durains! Cute!! Bet her eyes shine like blink blink the moments she smell durains.. keke..

And to the mummies, thanks for your concerns on Athena's butt, she is alright now. So much better ever since asking MIL to stop applying calamine lotion. But wah biangz! I nearly heart attack again this morning when she said can still apply hor. FAINTZ.. quickly corrected her say NO NO calamine for butt, for body ok. Desitin cream for her precious granddaugther's butt!!


Haha. My husband will also say "your son" or "your daughter" to me. My son cannot stand but has learnt to get off the bed the correct way already. There was once, he flipping around and I purposely let him kinda fall off but I catch him and tell him "see like that you will fall off and hit your head". Then I put him back on, he flip until his legs go down first. Since then, he will try now and then to get off the bed, legs first. But since he cannot stand yet, it wont work lah.


Yah just relax, get more sleep and drink more water. Spurt is sudden increase and then will come back down. The other one - increase dun come down - is increase based on needs and not call growth spurt.

hi mummies & ian

teeong & lilac

Nat will scream sometimes when having her milk. Feel very stress with each feed lo. cos dunno how much she will drink. i will usually make ard 150ml but she can left 50 - 60 ml.. then gonna coax her to drink. my mum is more patient. she will try her best to feed the 150ml but does agree that it is getting more challenging now. Teeong, Athena is already using 3 holes??? i am also using Avent but still using 2 holes. Tried cutting the one hole teat bigger before to 'test' but the milk was flowing out. so gonna stick to 2-holes for now.

Hi Bblibran, ya Athena is using 3holes now. But at times when she drink too fast, the milk will flow out also. I have to agree that the old folks have more patience to feed baby.. Jus like Nat, Athena also left 50-60mls or even more at times which in fact is fustrating trying to coax her to drink more. As we mummies always scare that they never drink enough and will get hungry...

teeong, when she has leftover so much milk, i feel very sian & will yak at her. of cos she won't understand la :D when hubb sees me so stress up, he will take over. but there were few occasions tht he managed to feed his princess full 150ml. honestly was very impressed la. nowadays feeding her is no longer a 10mins 'work', it requires coaxing, singing & mild yao-ing.. can take up 30mins or more. i hope our babies will get over this stage soon.

Btw, how much are you feeding Athena on per feed?


I really don't know why u feel u are targeted. And who's calling u boasting on FB? I don't think it's any of us here. We all post our little one's pics to share their milestones and 'achievments'.

All of us here have been thru taking care of baby alone. I took care of Jadelyn till she was nearly 5mths old. Others like shin and Ann are still taking care of their babies alone. So we all understand how it's like and how tiring it can be. All equal here, no one going thru harder or better times than u. I think the only difference is in the mindset. U can only be as happy as u want to be. If it is really so tough And stressful taking care of baby alone, get ur mil to look after him a few hours while u catch a breather? Sometimes one just needs to take a timeout and have a bit of space to think and breathe to feel better.

Princess d,

It'd be great if u were there at the event! A lot of freebies were given out. I saw towels, dog bowls, leashes etc. All quite premium stuff, not those cheapo made in china ones.

Anyway that man now is super yaya!! BTH him. He told me that little imp was very naughty! Had 1 hr nap and only wanted to play, tiring him out plus pooped on his 'shift'. And I think he kancheong bathing her, just grabbed any romper he could find and let her wear made her look like a ragamuffin. The pic he sent me really made me laughed. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Did u ask jade if she has tummy ache today? Wahahah! Think she will be damn scared no food to eat tonight and u can be sure no 2nd episode. :p


I think our babies now at this stage is really very fun and responsive! So cute ur boy, learned to cry when ppl walk away from him and smile when u call him. Have u started playing simple games with him?


When I started sishen brown rice, aedN also 3 days never poo then slightly constipated. So I give more wTer and reduce the number of times I give the brown rice. He's ok now! Maybe u hang in there N observe? One day never poo shld still be ok...

Good afternoon!

So many posts over the weekend, read but have difficulty posting on iphone. My work laptop didn’t bookmark the page so can’t get in. Thanks to mummies for those encouraging words. Cae is better now, still cough and have phlegm but he will be well soon.

Teoong, bblibran

Hope this is the pasting phase. Cae also doesn’t finish his milk. Used to drink 180ml every 3 hrs. now range from 90 to 160ml so unpredictable. I suspect that he likes cereal more. I tried using balance milk to mix cereal, he will eat.

I’m also trying to track his intake for the day but I also latch so very difficult. Thus I try not to be too stressed about it. I’m worried that he dehydrate cos he doesn’t like to drink water also. Recently start giving water hourly after starting cereal. I think entire day didn’t even drink 20ml.

Teoong, how about trying to mix more milk with cereal?

Jac, can pm me the intro food guide? Thanks! You had a tiring day yesterday, rest well today! Your hubby did well yesterday.

Ann, hope yr bb poo poo soon. I was worried cos Cae didn’t poo in the morning as usual and fart damn smelly. Yesterday first day giving him avocado…. Was happy that he poo in the evening

Princess, good to hear that Jade is well. So funny tummy pain cos too much food. At least it is not due to other reason  . PD also comment that Cae might have sensitive airway. Other than avoiding carpet, no soft toy, having air purifier, anything special or things to take note off? Btw, how often you turn on purifier, will they get too used to it? Hope the haze don’t come back again, so worried that it will affect cae’s recover 

Lilac, he is so cute and know how to get attention and ask to be carried. Sounds like he likes interaction. Since he is still per normal, should be ok. Cae also flip and flip sometime out of the small small world playmat. Once he flip out of the mat and head knock on the floor when my mum was looking after him.

Nycmum, the IFC teacher so patience, you gal is in good hands.

Vivian, does your boy still cough or have phlegm easily?

Claudia, how’s your boi boi. Hope he is better now.

Tigger, me also don’t like the idea of giving medicine daily but now I will give cos don’t want the cough to be back


Anyone here have a pregnancy rash problem during pregnancy? My colleague has it since her 28th week of pregnancy.. I really pity her.

She said it's very itchy until she can't sleep etc. She also go to the national skin center finally but still it's not that helpful. The rashes is all over her body, except her face (luckily)..

Poor her..

She's now even thinking to take unpaid leave from 1st april..

I actually told her maybe she can ask for hospitalization leave from gynea, but she didn't really do that. Actually I'm thinking her condition is pretty serious, until her palm also got rashes, so it's difficult to type (we are programmer). So I guess she really deserves the hospitalization leave..

Hospitalization leave doesn't mean need to admit to hospital right? But do you need to submit some kind of proof to the company usually?

Groovy: I had rash on my leg suddenly before wen I was pregnant. Ended up being monitored at kkh delivery suite for an hr in e end only got cream to apply. Hospitalization leave dun need to stay in hospital and usually dun need to show proof to company unless requested.


I had pregnancy rash problem during 1st tri. It was very very bad with Jadelyn. Was so bad that it was all over face and I had fever few days after the rashes came. Then it became wrist area and ankle area also have. Itch till will wake and scratch type. But by 2nd tri all vanished!! My gynae didn't believe it was pregnancy related and just gave me a very mild steroid cream. Ur colleague's case sounds very bad. Poor thing! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] I read online articles before and it's like the body is allergic to the pregnancy hormones or something like that. Have to wait till give birth then will go away.


I don't think we are specifically targeting at you. But maybe u need to see the entire picture here. Mummies and princess and cyn have been very nice in this forum and we seldom see them flare up. But to think they actually did.... Something must hVe triggered and tested their patience. I totally agree with jac. Some of us also taking care of baby alone and I understand how tough it cam get. I'm not having any easier nor harder time than u but I don't always complain. Sometimes for 5 days a week, I'm practically alone with aedan from 9-9pm. I can go crazy and sometimes really taxing so I find ways myself so I can take a breather or get my life back. Yes... It's a mindset. I've also struggled unt recently, aedan easier to care for. I've also asked a lotta questions but when it didn't work for aedan, I don't come and ask the same things again N again and expect a different answer from mummies here. If u can see, most mummies here are working + taking care of babies.. Sometimes even with 3 kids. Maybe others are sahm but also juggling 2-3 kids... So they are also having hard times right???


U PM me can? I will email u the guide. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


The ward is quite nice! But I found the hospital lobby very grey and gloomy. Only the maternity ward side at level 4 is nice. I still find TMC and Mt A's overall environment nicer though. But it's definitely a lot of plus points for being in orchard. So convenient!!

Diveera / bblibran,

Athena is drinking about 180-200ml at 4hrly interval, tht girl can drag her feeding more than the usual 4hrly which is worrying me la.. cos not consistent feeding time. Yes, smetimes she drink 100-160ml also. I tried to add to cereal, but the moment she smell milk, totally reject!

Diveera, hope the Cae is well now & really this phase will past very fast. In fact I am looking forward everyday to the day that she ask for milk and signs out milk milk or mum mum to me. HAA.. I would be damn happy lor!

Groovy, me me me! I have pregnancy rashed back then, quite serious that it can smetimes look like ezcema la. I tell my gynae that the rash really affects my mood also & get him to take a look. He said quite serious and issue me medications to apply which is suitable for pregger. You might wana ask your frd to check with her gynae.

Princess Dia ...

No choice if not cant keep my #1 in control without these tricks ... had a similar conversation (the one you had with jade) last night. He was playing beyblade on the bed with his brother and the blade hit my leg.

Me: Ouch,very pain ler

YC: Sorry

Me: Ok (busy surfing net on my phone)

YC: I said sorry already

Me: I said Ok

YC: You should say - I forgive you

Me: Ok fine, I forgive you.

After 30sec of silence

YC: Are you still angry with me?

Me: Abit cos its still very painful

YC: You cannot be angry bcos I already said sorry

Me: Ok ok ok ok ....

See lar!! My boy gives me so much nonsense *faintz*

Jac ...

Good ... keep his ego burning hahaha then he will be so glad to do more shift n you can have some me-time!!

Can email me the guide too? Heehee I roughly know what to give but no harm having another reference to serve as a reminder.

[email protected]

Groovy ...

Ask your friend to bath with just water, no body foam or soap and stuff. My gynea told me to do that when I had some rashes and indeed the rashes went off.


Ask her to stop using stretch mark creams (esp those with cocoa butter or any form of butter). Check shower foams for butter of any sort too. Can use calendula cream to soothe the rash.

As long as gynae write hospitalisation leave can le. Some gynae need you to admit half a day/1 day to write HL. More senior gynaes usually can write immediately.


Wah your son very cute. :p

when mummies offer their suggestions, maybe it's the way u put it across.. It sounded like u are criticizing the suggestion. Still, some mummies try again and again to offer u more advices. It's either u take it and modify or take it with a pinch of salt.

Let me give u a lame scenario.

A: whines to everyone abt how hungry she is

Others: offers lotsa advices and places where A can buy nice food to eat

A: keeps saying how she envies others that they got nice food to eat and keep saying how come she don't have.

Others: continues to offer solutions.

A: tries out some food and comes asking again... How come my food not as nice as yours???

After awhile... I don't think anyone would sympathize nor empathize with A cos she decides what food she wants and if others had already given her choices... It's whether she wanna accept it right? What's the point of comparing like "how come ur food nicer??"....

I Know this scenario is damn lame but I hope u understand why some mummies actually said u were boasting or started to ignore u.

When some mummies offer u solutions.. U try out once or twice Nd comes back saying the same thing "how come doesn't work fo kayden? Why is kayden so different from ur babies? How come kayden wAkes up 2-3 hrly? I'm so tired... How come kayden afraid of strangers? How come kayden dowAn drink from bottle? How come ur babies can sleep thru? It's a vicsious cycle babe. U need to get out of the mindset and be positive and know that our methods will never work for kayden unless you dictate what u want for kayden. We don't hate u but maybe sometimes it comes to a point where we not sure what advices we should give u so that it works for kayden. And when mummies doesn't know how to reply... It's not really nice to keep saying "errr xxxxxx can answer me or not? How come nobody wAnna answer me?"

I don't think any mummies here sit in front of the comp or iPhone to watch the forum so that they can instantly reply queries. As much as we really really wish to help u... U have to help yourself too!!! Ok? Don't be upset and do rally more help from ur family instead. Those are the people who can offer u immediate help!

Some things I said might have sounded harsh but since u brought up this topic, we are here to try to help u see the situation. It's tough bringing up a baby alone and I know it! But instead of comparing and complaining, pick urself up to do something more constructive and maybe... Go out more often with friends or get ur parents or MIL to help. To be able to take care of baby.. U need to lead a healthy life too! Happy mummy = happy baby and vice versa.

Fifi ...

My #1 talks ALOT until teachers who arent teaching him can come and tell me ... YC v chatty *faint*

He started talking only when he was 2.5yr old so I keep telling people, dun worry if child is not talking cos they will 'pay back' one

fifi, added u in fb, my initial is vh.

Cherry, thanks for sharing abt the healthy times in clementi. Been searching it at bt timah ntuc finest cannot find.

Ian, my pe give me a guide and says that durian is a no no now for babies. I cannot tahan Lu lian smell and yes it is in season now cos Hb yesterday go buy 3 packs and finished by himself. Hmph.

Liliac white, we put hebe at the centre of the bed and put pillows as barricack. Last week twice when I put her on the floor mattress she also like a gymnastic flip in the 30sec when I run to take something she knock to the sofa beside it. Dun worry, Kai Kai will be alright.

She said she has tried everything.. Gynea gives her steroid cream but it doesn't help at all.. Poor her..

It's all over her body now. Doctor gives her steroid tablet but she didn't take because there's a risk of pre-mature delivery if she took that..

Just now even in the meeting I saw her keep moving her ankle onto the carpet to scratch between ankle. huhuhu.. it has gone so bad until her ankle also got rashes..

hello mommies .. wah thread is moving super fast.. those working muzt be eating snakes hahha i need time to read those above, cant tahan my baby taking too long a nap in noon ,she wakes up so late like 10+ am now napping from 12pm + till now that i been pulling her awake till i have to bring her out to a stroll haha

And at night she awakes like playing time [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] so terrible


ask her to dab with cold water????nvr shower with hot water..it will worsen!!


hahaahah..but at least he tried n its not tat bad afterall!they(dad)need to learn too!childcare is no longer a women job!lol

we can meet for dinner w/o babies..muahahaha!!!


wahahaha!another joke!bayblade on your wedding red tray!mujahahah...yes,once start they cant stop now!headache!![IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


thanks..tat girl loves to eat..n can nvr see her full[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]scary..lol

she is okay now...

erm..i dont turn on the purrifier all day..only when they are sick then the whole nite in leave it on..but normal days i will turn on for 5 mins prior to bed time[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

just gotta be very clean at home!we cant avoid dust n mites unfortunately[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Jade will often wakes up with clear mucus flowing down from nose...but it will disappear by noon!

I also stocked up Zyrtec a home...[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Starry/ Shin:

Really don't wish to dwell on it anymore. Feeling really drained n tired thinking about these issues on top of taking care of Kayden.


thanks for that long post n analyzing the situation for me. I know what u are trying to bring across. Will try my best to change the approach.

Hopefully someday I'll be forgiven.

Anyway, glad tat Aeden is easier to take care now. I'm also slowly getting the hang of taking care of Kayden.

Have stuck to a routine I'm comfortable with for about 2 weeks already. So far so good.

He's also starting to slowly accept drinking from bottle though amount I think still not a lot. But I'm happy for now on the improvements.

Princess D

Im like u bf bb ,just will like to check wif u hz u go out w/o bb? Isz to go out after feed and back within 3 hrs ? Coz sumtimes i wish to meet my colleagues but wif me bf ,its tough ..

Xin2 .. not bad wor u managed to get bb drank frm bottle ,gd job wor !! Mind still refuses so perhaps i train her with sipping cup

Hi all

weekends forum is so active - yet to finish reading them

Jac, can email me the guide too? my email: [email protected]. Please also add me to your facebook so i can view the pics of jadelynn. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] thus far can only view those that other mummies/dad comments. The truth is I wanted girls but got a boy so now no choice but view other baby girls as consolation lor ... ha ha :p

Xin2, cheer up and positive. I also 1st time mom. try to go out during weekends with family or hubby - window shopping, walk in a park anything to lessen the stress. at least it helps me to take the stress for the coming week when I need to face and deal with baby myself [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Food - Now besides porridge, I gave mash potato to baby and he loves it. I skip the butter.

relative giving food - my sis is the 1. She gave my son Ah Kun toast, BBQ chicken wing whatever she feels like giving ... Lucky my BIL disapprove my sis actions and warn her indirectly (to avoid argument - sis is very bad temper). Ha ha if it comes from me sure end up argue

fel ...

You just answered your own question. If you do not want to bring the bb out then be home by the next feed. Otherwise you express your BM out for the caretaker to feed while you are out =)

anyone have the same problem as me - recently baby always cry or fuss in car on way home (after 8 plus) once home he smile smile! my mom said he "认家" at night want to be home! oh no?!

Thanks Princess for sharing. Zyrtec, yes, PD did prescribe that.

Metta, maybe bb start to recognise so when tired want to be back home.

Life is so much simpler when the majesty has poo!

Can tk a break !

Thanks mummies for the info.


I hv, but oatmeal is uder 6 mnth plus so i tried. Hahaha maybe will not try so soon then. he is ok with millet alone.

The one i was trying is bby porridge from belamy


Ouch [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] hope kaeden is ok n nothing serious happen to him

He is sooo cute. I think at this stage all of our babies really getting smarter n smarter.. !!


My boy when given avocado also cant poo well.. huhu i think his stomach is not ready.


after reading what shin has posted, i realised that you have been comparing!!!! In life dont compare, It is better to learn to accept and adapt!!! It dont get you any better by comparing, in fact it get u sad when you cant achieve! I see that you have been harassing by negative thoughts thats makes you think that you are rejected, Loosen up n stay positive! It is ur laughter that makes u and e ppl around you happy. BE HAPPY, HUGS!!!

Metta, mine too. Cranky monkey when we're outside and its late or pass her bedtime. BUt the moment she reaches home, so happy! I tink she's relieved to be back home! Yr sis feed yr baby chicken wings and toast!? yr baby ate them?

Wah so much tension in this forum, come mommies & ian, lets destress.. hehe. Me & my fren just set up an online shop selling baby clothes and shoes.


'LIKE' us pls! :D


yes, my bb also the same... we have to be home before 8:30pm... if not bb will blast off the car when on the way home.lol

I suppose that they are over stimulated and tired.. as their sleeps becomes haywire whenever they are out. So i will makes sure i be home before 8:30pm to shower/feed/tuck her to bed!!so far so good.


omg!!! i like e pokka dots shoes!!!!! will browse tonite n hopefully can sent u my order!!! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Hi mummies,

Sorry to interrupt. I would like to let go of my brand new Beco Limited Edition Melody Carrier at $230. If you're interested, pls PM me! Thanks [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


I just remember something... CALAMINE LOTION!!! And just pure aloe Vera fresh from market. Will not make rashes go away but shld help ease the itch temporarily bah. And avoid seafood I guess?

Princess d,

Good idea, dinner without the babies! Can leave her at home with her dad.

Seabreeze, metta,

Can both of u drop me a PM as reminder?? I scared I forget. But I check email daily so easier for me. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


Added u! Ur 宝贝 is very cute!


Liked ur page already! The shoes are really nice!! Think I also wanna buy. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



I dun really know what happened but do relax. Motherhood is a journey that will be full of ups and downs. No one is born a mother and we all have to learn along the way. Sometimes when we get stressed, we will scramble around for answers (sometimes even harassing others for answers) but at the end of the day, we have to accept that there is actually no answer that we can get from anywhere coz each child is unique. What works for others may not work for your child. How other children behave may not be how your child behaves. We just have to try to see what works for our child and sometimes, let our child guide us along by reacting to their cues. Enjoy the journey.


Yes my son is like that too. Once home and change to PJs, he is happy.