(2010/10) October 2010 MTB

Stella, me! The only solution I do is to keep her upright after feeding, like for 30 minutes.. At first I will always carry her upright, but then in the end I just put her slightly slanted in the nursing pillow.

Also need to burp her. If breastfeed must breastfeed in slightly upright position.

If having hiccup it's a No No to feed. Will sure vomit all..

Growth spurt I dunno, last time I keep feeding ends up with vomit until whole body wet + some spill on the floor.


Hi mummies!

Thanks for sharing! I'm fully latching and dun really wana try formula for her but lc told me that if she gets worse gotta express n feed by bottle so that thickeners can be added. Hope it doesn't come to that.

I already propped up her mattres n hv an inclined sleep positioned. After feeds I keep her upright n try to burp but she is super difficult to burp so she has alot of painful wind. I'm giving her dentinox once a day n I hear more burps n farts but she's still uncomfortable. I put the ruyi oil a few times a day. Some days she's better some days she's worse. I dunno whether my diet might hv anything to do with it.

Stella, I don't think our diet have anything to do with it.. Last time Josie still vomiting until 8-9 months old if I'm not wrong. Even with solid food she'll vomit if she eats too much.

Right now no more vomiting though. It's their system not fully developed yet when small.

Btw, how's coping with 1 toddler and 1 baby? Do you have confinement lady?

I will be with my maid only from the beginning. Now I'm starting to be afraid if Josie keeps bothering me when I breastfeed little one or asking me to carry her.. Any tips?


I don't have maid but my mil helps to look after the older one and it's chaos everyday. My boy gets jealous if grandma carries mei mei so I got no help with baby. I think most important is to set up a routine to suit both kids and stick to it especially if you dun have help. I'm trying to get baby into a routine but it's hard with her reflux and having to spend more time burping and holding her up. End up she always falls asleep with me holding her so now dun wana slp on her own. Its really tough when e age gap is so small but I'm sure things will get better as time goes by. My boy loves his sister, everyday gives her kisses but just that he doesn't wana share grandma.

Hi mummies

Long time never post here.

Can i check something with you all? Does your child know how to talk or can they call pa or ma? Mine still cant. The more i read about autism, the more i worry now.


is ur child making some other sounds or saying some other words? If it's a boy they tend to talk later.

I read up n if by 2 half years old still can't talk then can go for checks. So before that I'm nt too worried.


Does your child know to call pa or ma or any simple word? Mine still cant and he doesn't look keen to learn. He likes to spin his toys and play alone (some traits of autism). He doesnt look at me when i called his name. But when i asked him something else (where is the light, car, etc) he will point to me.

Make me worry. Mummies, can share with me abt your child speech development?



Boys tend to talk later. And I have a friend with an autistic nephew. One thing that led them to notice the issue is that autistic bb don't point at something. So the fact that your boy points means he is unlikely to have that issue.

I know a relative girl who only started talking at 3.

Don't worry. Just keep engaging your boy. If he start to make bb sounds, even if they don't make sense, repeat those sounds. For instance, he says aaaahhh..repeat after him ahhhh and smile and encourage him..probably like xin suggests, use 2.5 yrs as the cutoff to determine next step.



Yup. My boy can call papa n mama n point to the correct person wen we ask him. He can say words like car, ball, throw, drop. Not much but think he's starting to learn.

Try to talk to ur boy more n keep repeating the words. Tats wat I did. Give him more time.

Hi Babygalore and Xin

Thanks for sharing.

I will try harder and talk to him more.


if you are worried abt autism.. there is actually a checklist for autistic child and u can check against it.. IF (touchwood) there are signs.. then u can actually spend some money to see a specialist... this is what happens to my friend's child... only will a specialist carry out tests to find out if the child is in the autistic spectrum...

Don't worry too much... it's a stigma that people think autism is a big problem.. but right now.. like what my friend did... Early intervention!

Otherwise.. some babies also take longer to speak.. so don't worry too much! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

tigger, my fren's son doesnt utter a word till 2yo, and suddenly he juz went "papa" and "mama" one day!he speaks much later than his peers, after that he took like slightly more than a year to master the skill or articulating the words. do not worry too much abt it, some boys are slow in some areas, but once they are ready, they will catch up really fast.

of coz, we understand your concerns as a mummy too, we are no doctors or specialists ourselves, so we can only shared our experience or what we know from other frens' experience to support each other here.

hope all is fine and if you really want, u can set up an appt with a specialist maybe like mths later... give him some time, dun stress urself out alrite... =)

Hello Tiger,

I just went for a routine check with the PD for my boy. He is now 18mths and also isn't talking much so i asked the doctor. The doctor says he is still young..nothing to worry about now. He will pick it up slowly in the following months.

Hi shin, sormuimui and mel.

After reading all your posts, I feel more relieved. Of course I will continue to talk more & stimulate him.

Thanks for sharing.


How's everyone..the forum is really rather silent nowadays.

I was wondering, what kind of milk do you give your kids now? Is it still powder milk ? I was giving him Nan3 but its such a chore when we go out and he ask for milk.


Forum is quiet.

I still give milk powder Gain 3. I just started to replace giving milk powder with Milo, fresh hot soya bean or solid food (usually finger food) when when we go out. I have yet to give him fresh milk.

When can we start to give fresh milk? How about full-cream milk?

I'm giving Gain3 too.

Actually they are okay with anything now I guess. But the most nutritious is still formula milk (and the most expensive too!) [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

* I'm not comparing with breastmilk lah..


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I'm giving breast milk and gain iq to my boy. Usually milk inn the morning and before nap n slp at night. When go out usually my boy can do without milk, if not we will prepare a bottle and feed him on the way in the cab or bus.

Hi mommies, is there a FB group for Oct mommies? Helping to ask for my friend whose twins are born in Oct 10. Pls PM me so I can refer her FB account to. Thanks! (I myself is a June 10 mommy)

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Hi, seems a bit quiet here. new comer to this thread. guess more or less mummies are experienced in handling their kids so we have less discussion now?

anyway, my boy is oct 2010 baby. any facebook page for Oct 2010 mummies?

Jac: Personally i find it quite ok but then pigeon's bottle cleaner very expensive so i'm going to switch to other brand when i finish it otherwise very shiong leh... when i wash i use the brush to brush the pump parts and wash it under running water before i soak it in warm water for awhile. Other days i sterilise it but then i think its not good to sterilise it all the time because the shield will turn yellow.

I have tried other brand of baby bottle brush, and I like the nipple brush so much because it fit the nipple part and pump part well. I also use a silicone scrubber to clean the outside of baby bottles before rinsing. All the tools for cleaning work great!