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Bakaholic> their strollers are very clean when I was there. My boy enjoyed sitting on it. We put a piece of changing mat for him to lie on cos it is quite hard. I try to post a photo of it in my Facebook tml



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Wonder any baby like mY girl . She got a weird habit . When she is sucking her pacifier , she will want to pull my hair n suck together . I scold her then she will want to pull her hair in her mouth !!



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White lady

My boy like to rest his leg on something like my thighs when he lie down with last feed of the day.

Guess every1 is different



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Hi all, so quiet!!!!

Let me start. Last weekend, I added everything that I can find into the stock, pork bone, ikan bilies, dried scallops, mushrooms and even egg. I used the stock to cook mee sua, my boy like it very much and finished everything. Yeah! So I wil hav to be more hard working in cooking stock for my boy's porridge. Maybe can even share the stock with my neighbour cos I always cook a lot. I also use it for me and hubby's noodle. He eat till whole stomach full of water. Hehee..



jascmy, what stock is it?

anyway , think most of our kids now are in stage 3 already?

but in case, anyone still giving Nan pro stage 2, can take from me. got a sample tin , still unopened given by nan but din use.



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xpink, its call, "everything I can find stock". Hehee... If I jus use pork bone stock, my boy don like leh. After adding so many things, he finally accepted my porridge. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



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hi all ... any one let ur baby eat the food outside ? at home , all the porridge i only cook with fish , pork , vege . i dont add any spices or sauce ... is that ok ?

also food outside , i only let her eat abit , n i will wash with hot water , wash off all the sauce ...



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White Lady, my hubby let my boy eat everything he eats loh, and my boy also always request for our food to eat. If we don give, he will shout and cry out loud. So embarrassed when we r outside, so no choice but to give a bit. He also very clever, when we eat together, he will refused to eat his porridge and wan our food. Until we finished then he hav no choice but to eat his porridge. I also nvr add any saurce or salt but I add dried scallop and ikan bilies now. Natural salt in them, better then I add salt.

U r very hard working leh, still wash with hot water before feeding.



Hi mommies! I have made a booking with Peek-A-Boo playground at Kallang Leisure Mall for a kids party on 17th Dec, Saturday, 10am

to 12pm. However, due to unforseen circumstances, we may not be able to hold the party anymore. I was wondering if anyone may like to take

over our reservation should we not be able to hold the party? We have made a $250 deposit for this date. This is the Saturday before Christmas so it'll be a great day and time to have a kids christmas party! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]




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Wow.. This forum really very quiet.. Being busy at work n tired with my 2 gals hence not active here..

Jascmy, ikan bilis n dried scallop are seasoned food.. Salt is added during the process. Hence, good to rinse or soak wif water for our kids..



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I saw the below CCC close due to high incidents of HFMD. Is it the one your boy went to?


I heard from my IFC, a nearby CCC also closed. Duno is it Cherie Hearts or the one at Spottiwood.



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My boy goes to Little skool house. so far only got stomach flu cases in the N1/N2 class.

Yah, HFMD seems to be in season now. Poor kids and parents...



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hi all,

HFMD? i'm scared! both my kids kana that twice and it's damn tiring....my boy brought it back from sch n spread it to Livia so she v poor thing cry n cry n goes without milk n food for few days



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Hi mummies,

Seems like not much updates here nowadays. Anyone has fed prune juice to our little ones?

My boy has difficulty passing motion for more than a week already. Papaya, barley water and baby apple/ prune juice not helping. Now even reduce one scoop of fm powder to his feed. Wonder shd I bring him to PD.



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Thanks. Maybe i will try pears. PD on holiday till next week.

I am so thankful that I never rely on my mil to look after my boy. She just told my maid "Let him watch TV until he tired and he will fall asleep soon." And I saw her forcing my son to sit in front of the TV even though he wants to run around. No wonder my hubby and his brother both wearing specs since very young. In fact my fil and mil both short-sighted.

I need to find a program to control my TV remotely via network!



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yesterday i fed him a little prune juice. Will see if today will ease his pain. He pass motion everyday. Sometimes more than once a day. It's just that the stool is very hard and he bled a little. There's one day, he poop 3 times, each time one small lump. I guess its probably too painful and he tried not to poop all at one shot. Poor boy. Each time he poop, cried a lot due to the pain.



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that time mine also poo poo hard so i blended steamed xiao bai cai and added with the porridge. then at nite i feed prune puree. it seemed to help a bit...



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Ya. Rachel, i feed my boy canned puree and normally a few hours will pooed, if not will be next day.

Hope bb B is better now



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just went to one small ntuc, they only sell the juice [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] have to try others.