(2008/05) May 2008

hahaha. thanks for ur dusts ho.
wah. then damien must be showing his displeasure to us too coz actually now Damien on n off will bite hb and me and he will smile at us when he sees our reaction...hehehe.

I heard frm my friend its located at level 4. A&E on level 1, endoscopy on level 2, patients wards on level n 6..all in the same building.
hear liao v worried but i will still go n see lo...
btw, if aft seeing and u dun like, are u intending to let cont where he is currently or put him in LSH @OCC?
hmm...is it coz u were in the sch team thus u dun nd to do PV / ballot? hope D can go in to Northland pri too since its so freaking close to hm. hahaha.


tat i nt sure, but i also tink tat our boys are nw at their exploring stage and are curious wif our reaction on certain things tat they do. and they tend to do things to test our limit.

like, mine recently dun noe learn from ware to lick us. and the more we eeks or wat the more he wan to do it. so nw i start to tell him firmly and scold him over it hopefully he will know such behaviour is nt acceptable.
is Kiern not Keon, lol! If Keon can go pri 1, i be happy too =)

will try but must wait 1 year later then try.

I will see how is LSH@ktph first, if not I will put Keon to Kiern's current school. Primary 1 registration will go by phases, Kiern belong to phases 2A2 which is for a child whose parent or sibling has studied in the school of choice; or whose parent is a staff member of the school of choice. I used to study there so dun need to do PV. As for ballot, I just check MOE website, after phases 1 and 2A1, northland still left 100 over vacancies so still safe from balloting =)
ya. i do agree that they like to see how we react. the more reactive we are, the more happy they will be. hahaha.

alamak. lick u all? hahaha. make sure he dun go ard licking things outside!

ok. thanks! then Damien oso belongs to 2A2 liao. hopefully for that yr when Damien n Keon are suppose to enrol, there will still be vacanies so we oso dun nd to ballot =)

BTW, LSH open hse frm 10am-1pm this sat =)
my mum don't want the play yard ler. She said occupied a lot of space.

Anyone of you need a confinement lady, please let me know, I have a good one to recommend. She can cook very nice food.
wah, good...but how is she? pro breastfeeding? can do housework? take good care of baby?

maybe i get from you her contact and keep it..next time if i need...kiasu hor me....
So far my friend they all tried and love her. She is very very good in cooking and taking care of bb. She is from Batu Pahat.

I had PM you.
Hi ting,
I have a problem with my 1st boy. Since the birth of my second boy, my #1 had been seeking attention, such as crying for milk when he used to tell us he wants milk. Lately, he will cry in his sleep, like baby "eh eh eh" type, and won't stop till we pacify him. His voice is loud in the night. Last night, he does that almost every hour, his eyes were close and seems to be doing it unconsciously. Do you have this problem with Aldan?
peace..could it be he is merely trying to attract more attention from u?

wah cham leh..if he do it hourly... maybe u buy him some toys...say from di di?
thanks! have rec'd your pm! will keep it for future reference! hee hee....
the CL that i used last time for Randall not pro breastfeeding...so likely to change if i need one in the future...

i think choc's suggestion is quite good...u wanna try and see if it works?
peace- yesh! aldan does tat too n i find it reali irritating! he wil jus keep makin cry noises n refused to open his eyes. 1st 2 mths when meimei arrived, it was qte frequent thn it got lesser n he cld slp thru again but once in a while, he stil acts up lidat. jus happened last nite. i was tryin to keep my cool cos i noe he's jus wantin attn. he saw me bfg meimei n said he wan milk too n specifically wan me to make. thn he realised i cldnt n reluctantly got his daddy to do it.
is ur boy alright in the day?
Ting and Corynn,
Wahaha, I felt relief reading your reply, because that means my boy is normal. My boy doesn't know your #1, and funny thing they could share the same "trick".

Initially, I was very puzzle why he would act up at night. I thought he had nitemare because his eyes were closed as if crying in his sleep. So I tapped his chest and tell him "It's ok, it's ok.". But that doesn't stop him from cryig, so I tried making milk and when I passed it to him, he will immediately drink it and continue sleeping. I even thought maybe he kena bullied in child care centre, but he wasn't and he was still as happy to go to child care centre in the morning.

So by the 3rd week, I really got very fed up with his behavior, when he cried loud and repeatedly at night, I get up closed the room door (so as not to disturb the CL and #2) and then scold him, telling him if he wanted milk say yes. He did. I made milk, passed to him, while he drank, I held his other hand. The following nights, he improved. Not sure if this will last.

During the non sleeping hours whether day or evening, he is ok when he sees me carry didi. He won't demand that I carry him too. At times he also do that eh eh eh cries, I will imitate and show him I don't understand what he wants. He seems amused and would laugh, but that type of irritating cries does reduce, not sure if any of the above I did help, or he simply began to accept there is a new addition, and slowly resume back to himself again.
corynn/peace- looks like it's jus a case of showin us their jealousy!

peace- my boy's alright in the day too. in fact, he luv to play w meimei n make her laugh n wil try pacifiyin her whenever she cries, sing to her or pat her n even bringin toys to her. v heart warmin to see him doin tat. recently he wan to carry her b4 slpin n holds her botl as well. hahahha
let's hope this behaviour wil get beta soon!! maybe it's jus their way of expressin displeasure tat sm one else is sharin attn w them..
Oh dear....really huh, no. 1 will come out with this type of pattern huh....faintz......like tat i think i really dun nid to koon le.....boowoowoo...

Apologies for posting in your thread.. but am..

1. Urgently in search of many tins of Enfapro A+..

If you've any to sell, pls pm me.. Budget's ard $10+- for the 400g tins..

2. Haenim Play Yard 6 panels (usu'd have 2 activity panels, 1 door, 3 plains with connectors) and ok with 4 panels too..

Budget's ard $100+- for the 6 panels

3. Steriliser
Looking for Pigeon Rapid Steam Steriliser

Budget's ard $20 to $30.. hopefully no rust..

4. Safety Gate needed to fit doorway of at least 118 cm..

Budget's $30++

5. Twin Stroller, just need one tt works, so on v tight budget constraint..

Pls pm me if you've any of the above tt ya letting go..

Thanks v much in advance! =)
Hi Mummies,

Apologies but am searching for a Babysafe Mattress for baby.. Do pm me if you've any to let go, with the condition, dimensions, pictures etc.

Appreciate it lots and thanks! =)
Hi Mummies,

Bot wrong size, will let go at $20.

Gymboree Dino One-Piece
Item# 140067169
Size: 18~24 mos


Pls pm if you interested. Thank you.

hi ladies,

so fast, i am nw 32 weeks pregnant le....another 8 weeks or less to go. how are you all doing?


you are in T2 le rite.....

hope more ladies will join us for no. 2 soon!

so fast u back to work le....

btw, juz asking hor...did your no. 2 born much earlier than your no. 1? coz i been hearing from people that if my no. 1 is born earlier than EDD than likely no. 2 is gng to be born even earlier....

the thing is i wan to know how much earlier, coz Daryl was born 8 days earlier than my EDD...so it make me wonder how much earlier no. 2 will be lor...coz i be 36 wks pregnant by end of Oct and i really hope she stay till Nov as my close gf wedding is on end of Oct lor....
My #1 arrive 5 days earlier than EDD. #2, if I didn't take care, he would have been borned prematured at 32 weeks. I think I was too tired and stressed physically. After resting at home for 5 weeks, I delivered #2 at full term 37 weeks exactly.

Most cases I heard #2 arrive sooner, but it depends on individual mommy.

I also missed my best gf's wedding as my boy arrived 3 days before her wedding. Such a pity.

How is Daryl reacting with your growing tummy?


Daryl huh...hahaha...we did told him tat his mei mei Sheryl is in my tummy. so at times he will touch my tummy and say sayang Sheryl and at times plant a kiss on my tummy. But sometime, he touch his own tummy and say sayang Sheryl too or other people tummy like my hb or my parents tummy lor....muahahaa....so nt sure if he really know or not.

then if he is jealous or angry he will beat my tummy and say beat mei mei lor....muahahaa....but overall, i tink so far he is still ok lah...

then recently, he like to act like a baby and lie on our lap, where he will fake cry and wan us to touch his chin and ah gu him lor....
hi mummies.. sorry to disturb

i have 2 tin of 1.8kg Gain IQ to let go at $52 (NTUC selling $62) and 1 tin of 900g Gain IQ to let go at $28 (NTUC selling at $32.95). All expiry is Oct 2011

letting go as my boy has changed to pediasure

collection will be at buangkok mrt.. pls pm me if u r interested.
It has been sooooo long since I came to this topic. Am happy to hear that everyone is great and well. Can see alot of great pictures uploaded on fb. =)

Ilyse has grown quite abit. She has her mood swings (the terrible two period). She now goes to the same childcare as the kor kor..which is at my office!!! The first 1-1.5mths was terrible. Last week, 2-3 days she didn't cry saying she didn't want to go to sch. This morning too. Hopefully she keeps it up.

I am happy to hear that so many of you are already having no. 2. Congrates to those who have given birth and congrates to those who are pregnant! =)
hello icebaby,
haven't been to this thread in ages too...decided to take a peek and saw your post...haha, happy!
My boy too has grown..he is no longer a baby but a toddler..and with it the temptrums , demands etc
can't even get him to wear a new pair of shoes nowadays cause he wants the old pair...
But you should be much more experience, cause you are the slim mother of three!! *bow head*

I am happy that my boy is growing nevertheless, temptrums, demands are all... =)
I have 2 x 900g Karrihome goat milk 3-7 yrs old.
Letting go at $35 each, own collection or meet at Somerset.
Expiry 2012 Oct.
Interested PM me
Hi Sorry to disturb your thread.
Would like to check if there are any mummies staying at Tampines st 44 or nearby? I'm a march 2009 sahm mummy and I'm looking for playdates for my boy. Pls email me at [email protected]

I hv 4 tins of 900g Pediasure for sale as my boy change brand.

Letting go at $32 per tin but if u take all 4 tins then can sell at $30 per tin. Collection at buangkok mrt.

Vanilla favor expire Jan 2012 x3
Strawberry favor expire Sep 2011 x1

Serious buyer and no neg pls!!

Contact me via pm.. Thanks
Hi Peace,

Me fine. Both Daryl and Sheryl are growing well and doing fine too. Thks.

My ML is ending soon and I will be back to work nx Tuesday 22nd March.

Ya this thread is inactive le...
Hi to All Mummies,

Am looking for Enfagrow 1.8kg etc (Netherlands) bought from local stores, do let me know if you've any excess that you would like to clear off, would be keen to take all if the price's ok. =)

Pls PM me if you've any.
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Hi May Mummies

I have prepared 2 pinatas for my children's birthday party but we forgot to hit them.

The pinatas are shaped in numerals '1' and '3', and they have been stuffed with goodies. Suitable for children who celebrating their 1st or 3rd birthday.

I will like to let go at $30 each.

Kindly PM me if you are interested.

Hi Buttercup, Kelcqi, muzigal & all the May 2008 mummies,

How are you all doing now? My elder son Yao Yao took part in his school's graduation concert today. I felt so great to see him performing on stage. I am already a mother of 3 and my younger baby is 10 months old. Times flies....