(2008/05) May 2008

wow. so fast got May thread already...
haahaa me come here n ka jiao lor.. eng eng in hm mah =PP

adeline, u also hor.. haahaa everywhr can se eur nick also heehee =PP

uhmm hopefully can see some khakis in ttcing2008 thread report here heehee... =))
ya, i saw both eniale and adeline everywhere!!

Hi jaspire,

congrats! you the first baby in May..hehee
Tks Heinz Beanz, hee... me found out preggie very early, b4 4wks. But now in my 5th wk. So hoping got other MTBs here to share their experiences... will wait for them... kekeke...
yoz yoz... we got 2 May babies.. hehe great..

Heinz darling, quick quick.. all the best dearie.. mus see u in this thread soon... =)) loving u girldy!! *hughughughughug* *babydust to u as well*

jaspire, CONGRATS to you!!! hehe... I am from march thread and also from ttc2008babies thread... =)) yr #1??.. hehe hopfully a gal or boy??...
Hi Hi eniale,

I am from 2WW thread, heehee. Yes, this is my #1 baby. Hmm, seriously haven start thinking if i wan a gal or boy. Probably now most impt is for me to hear his/her heartbeat first and then when I am assured then I can start dreaming of their gender. LOL!

Who is the other May MTB? I am still waiting for the rest to report leh so that we can share share...
ya loh, i tot only jaspire ? who is the other one?

jaspire and adeline,

i also want to be fast leh..but still no news leh..
u see those dun believe to this thread one still come in kpo sure got alot things to share one hahahahahaha
anything u dunno just shoot!

i throw some baby dust to you also!

come in here, bo jio.

I also hope to hv a may bb, then I will b a may mummy with 2 may bb-ies.

My elder boy is 15mth nw

His bday 28/05/06, mine 30/05, hope next 1 will b 29/05/08.

*grab grab grab* thanks! i really need them!

need to park here ..maybe park liao got chance strike +ve leh..haha....but we need more babydust ..
hope there're more ppl in here to spread babydust, then we catch all of them.

i need u to give me ur babydust also, cos u will grad earlier than me.
wow bb and heinz....u both so fast ah...nebber wait for me....i oso hope i can join this thread soon leh....leave some bb dust for me!!!

cos scare all e babydust taken liao mah, so muz act fast.

dun worry, i will share share will u, dun share with heinz, who ask her always hammer me in msn.

u muz remember to give ur babydust to me hor, after testing this weekend.

he he he.
so now we have 4 persons snatching the babydust.. Sparks, Starmoon, bbpotato and Heinz.
Heinz will have 50% share, the rest you all divide hor..kekeke
EEh i thot Rui start this thread.. she also hit liao?.. haahaa u all din see who open this thread one har??.... hahahahahaha...=P

bb, heinz & starmoon, kok u all leh... mai ho ho di ttc2008 bdbdbdbdbddb cm here n ka jiao ppl... haha.... kok kok kok... cm here mus inform the others also mah.. all migrate into here.. hahahaha but poor jaspire...very bo eng sprinkling babydust.... ahhahaa...

Adeline we help jaspire abit la.. sprinkle some to them as well.. =PP...

catch har!! ******BABYDUST BABYDUST BABYDUST BABYDUST****** not sur emine powerful bo leh.. haahaa....
Hi jaspire

Can know you are preggie even before the 4th week?
How huh?

Im here to grab the star dust too...heehee
hi bb
okie okie...we both share equally....quickly put all the babydust in a bag and sealed it and hide away b4 tri steals from us. hhehehhe...u really get the msg across to tri leh...posted 3 times ah...ahhahahah

hi eniale
u kok us ah...think we all shld kok u leh....u r the first to come here and kajiao leh....we ka gia so we follow u here and ka jiao lor....hahhaha.....starmoon grab all the babydust from eniale and sealed and hide away from the rest. hahahhaha.....dun kok me....i need it badly leh...think no chance to join May thread liao....got spotting liao so think AF should be reporting 2moro or Fri liao.
hi celeste, ya... I tested positive 1 day b4 my menses due. My menses cycle ard 26days oni. So baby is less than 4wks loh. kekeke...


starmoon, maybe its implantation spotting? Wish you luck wor! Jia you!
Thank u jaspire, do u know any pregnancy taboo? I was told not to 'annouce' my pregnancy to anyone yet including colleagues... how? :<

Btw, i've only cfm thru pregnancy kit, yet to vist a doc yet. B'cos afraid that might be a false alarm again...
I did heard that r not suppose to annouce after 3 mths.. ehhe.. but depends individually lor.. if u not those very pandang type then shld be alright.. me annouce to everyone on my #1 & #2 once i tested BFP... hehe.. =)) If u used clearblue to test, tink most likely will be accurate lor... but of cos its best to ahve it tested by gynae.. hehe.. but theres ppl who waited like 6 weeks ler then go see gyane cos can see the bb sac as well mad.. ned not go double time... =)) all the best to u n wish u a smooth delivery/pregnancy..

starmoon... hehe grab grab grab!!! u hor sick liao mai tiam tiam ka jiao ppl... go n rest!!!! kok u again... hehe hope u recover frm ur sick soon!!!.. ya mayb its implantation spottings leh.. all the best!!!.. =))

Its not really a taboo lah, pple dun wan to announce cos baby at 1st trimester not stable mah, hence most are more comfortable to announce after 1st tri loh. So if you are brave enough, go ahead and share the joy! It is very gd and joyous news indeed! And congratulations to being the second May MTB!!! BTW, tested +ve thru preggie kit is zhun liao... so do go see a gynae soon. Woo hoo!
Congratulations Sparks,

so happy to hear ur news, got one more person here to spread e babydust.


Starmoon, thanks for helping to collect e babydust, quick quick, hide them all inside our tummy so heinz can't c. He he he he.

Eniale, we no ka jiao here, we come here to collect all e first hand babydust mah.


Jaspire, Sparks.. thanks for the bb dust...

I dont know how to count my cycle...for the previous months, my M will come on the 11th, but last month it came on the 6th...So now confused..hahahah

But now I got the cramp feeling...think M coming liao..haizzz

Jaspire, Sparks...thanks for the bb dust...

I dont know how to count my cycle...for the previous months, my M will come on the 11th, but last month it came on the 6th...So now confused..hahahah

But now I got the cramp feeling...think M coming liao..haizzz
Hi celeste,
when i count yrs seems from 11th to 6th is a 27day cycle wor. So maybe you can test on the 6th loh. Hee, b4 i knew I was preggie i was having cramp as well and thinking AF is coming soon lidat. But last time normally i dun have cramps b4 AF due. Cramps oni start when AF reports. So maybe you are preggie liao? Heehee... Wish you lotsa luck ya!
Hi Jaspire...

I wish lor...for the past few months I also got cramp a week before the M..then I tot..wow..strike lottery liao ar... in the end, false alarm!!! heehee......

Thank u bbpotato...eniale. Now, The baby dust is still not enough to go round le... There are still plenty of room for more additional members!!! Hope to hear good news fr all 'grabbers'...