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Me too... now very lazy to go out... feel very tired though I got enough sleep. Feel that don't have energy to go shopping even though there is sale going on.

I've got a gynae but he only delivers in TMC. My EDD is 27 Dec.

Saw your previous posting say you hv spotting, how do you differentiate spotting and discharge?

Wat a waste hor, cannot shop shop during big sales now. But even go out, cannot buy BB stuff yet, also cannot buy our maternity clothes yet, cos dunno how big will growth eventually,...Maybe the only thing can buy is hubby's stuff..so still not too bad staying at home..
Hi Violetgem
Actually so far I haven't done any blood tests yet :p. My first visit to gynae at MA is next Wed, but the nurse said gynae will decide some blood tests. Will let you know next week ok.

Haha... I don't know, I thought I had brown spotting (looks like dried blood stains towards end of menses type) and went to A&E at KK, but gynae said it's discharge. He checked my vagina, and some dripped out (yucks) haha... Later vagina swop lab test showed I had yeast infection, so pushed in a pessary for medication. Think I got it from sex and never clean properly b4 going to sleep.

ha ha... I like the way you put it, to console ourselves for missing the sales.
By the time, we can buy our stuff and the bb stuff, the sales is over liao. sigh......

BTW, who's your gynae ?


OIC. Okie, let me know after your visit.
Me heard of blood test feel very scared. I never had a blood test before.
I thought no sex during 1st 3 mth?? That's wat my gynae said during my very first visit leh.

My gynae is Dr. Lawrence Ang from Sun Plaza.
Be careful abt the itching. Dun be like me coz I scratched til nipples bled. Gross hor. But that's why i felt that the soreness during pregnancy was worse than during breastfeeding so had no probs with sore nipples during bf. Think my nipples were already seasoned by my abuse.

Didn't take calcium pills in my 1st trimester. Only took folic acid. was prescribed calcium pills and multivits from second trimester onwards. Dunno why gynae didn't continue with folic acid. Maybe multivit already contains some amounts?? Dunno... just guessing.

I basically tried not to snack and eat unnecessarily. Also eat for 1 person not 2. My gynae was quite strict on my weight gain. Only allowed me to put on 1 kg per month. Anything more, she commanded me to only eat yong tau foo and fish soup. Guess it helped that I lost weight in first trimester so overall weight gain is lower but I know my tummy was small. The nurses in the hospital couldn't believe that I was 4 weeks away from my EDD when I went for the hospital tour. The good thing abt gaining so little weight is that it goes off really quickly. Was wearing my normal bottoms after 2 weeks of delivery but couldn't fit into the tops coz of the expanded breasts.

Didn't know we had to abstain from sex for 3 months leh? Maybe your gynae is trying to be on the safe side.
Hi Joyfulhands, Hi All Dec 2006 MTB,

Thanks! Yes, it's my first pregnancy, and my EDD has now been changed to 3 Jan instead of 6 Jan. Very likely Dec then! ;) Can't wait!

I just saw the Jan MTB thread, so I'll go join them too.

For those of you who are working, have you told your bosses yet? How to tell? When to tell? Not even sure of company's maternity benefits... Rather afraid I'll be penalised although I've been with the company for 4 years now...
The market is the one behind Pisces (Shuang Yu) Mall. Basement is the wet market and the stalls are located at ground level. If you go up one more level, you see food stalls and 3rd level onwards are carparks. oh...Smith Street. Blk 335 Market.

I have been doing some regular exercise. Golfing & swimming... my gynae forbids me to do any exercise but I felt that as all as I take extra care, it should be okay....:p

My gynae advise us not to have so much sex.... not no sex... but reduce sex life loh....:D
Hi All

I had not taken any blood test yet...u mean the first visit hv to take blood test??? I m now into my 9-10 weeks..just to chk whether anyone had alreadi started putting on weight???
Hi All
It seems that I am the only one putting on more weight than normal. I am now about 7 weeks pregnant and have already increased about 1.5kg and cann't fit into any of my current clothes although I have been feeling sick throughout the day and bloated and could not eat much at all. If so, why the weight increase ?
Hi Yuen Yuen

Think u r better than me...now i alreadi put on 3 kg liao...sigh...i also feel bloated n cant eat much but realy dunno y my weight still increase...so worried dunno whetehr is it normal...
I think your gynae is gd to advice you on weight mgmt issues. Yong tau foo and fish soup are my favourites leh. I hope I can be like you, not to gain too much unnecessary weight. Btw, how heavy was your 1st bb when born?

My gynae says it's ok to have sexual intercourse during 1st trimester. But since I've spotting, she advised me agaginst it. No choice but gotta deprive hubby for a while. kekeke.

Why not check with your HR dept regarding maternity benefits?
I'm working & I've told my bosses already. Was planning to break the news after 1st trimester after pregnancy has stabilised but boss wanted me to travel quite frequently from one office to another (within S'pore), so I told them I'm preggie.
weoseek & moonbell,

My gynae gave me the Ok to continue my usual exercise. I used to take part in triathlons, but have stopped all together once I found out I am pregnant. I now walk (instead of run), cycle & swim four times a week, and do pilates twice a week. It all depends on how your gynae sees it and how active you were before pregnancy and how your body cope with the pregnancy.

yond tau foo is also my favourite food! Yum yum! Its great that you had kept your weight at 9kg, hopefully I can be like you
I heard wong li lin kept hers at 6.5kg throughout her pegnancy.

Routine blood test is to check for HIV, Rubella etc. I heard it is a must now to check for HIV.I did not do any blood test during my 1st visit but did it at wk 9.
Hi joyfulhands
My 1st born was 3kg at birth. Average weight.

Told my bosses already coz think they need time to plan manpower as one of my colleague will be away on maternity leave from Nov and I'll be gone in Dec so dept short of 2 headcount. It's also peak period at my work now so thot good to let them know so they dun stress me like crazy. Anyway my big boss can be quite pro-family in the sense that she likes her staff to get married and have kids. Think she very gian to have her own grandchild but both her sons not married yet.
Hi absolut
WOW. you only put on 9kg for first pregnancy, how did you do that, what did you eat, only youd tau foo and fish soup ? I used to love those two before I am pregnant but taste bud changed and I can't stand them now.

Hi Poohnie
Glad to find someone with the same concern. I am already wear maternity clothes and my mother was like "that is too early, you should wear them till you are more than 3 months". but I can't fit into any of my normal clothes. I think I look like I am in the second trimester already.
Hi Yuenyuen

Just eat normally and dun gouge more than what you need lor. If you are slim, then can afford to put on more weight. I was on the slightly bigger side coz was on thyroid medication which made me gain loads of weight before I was preggie so dun need to put on so much weight already.

Dun worry abt your size lah. Some pple just develop their tummies earlier than others. I'm one of those whom you won't know I'm preggie til 6 months. That's what happened for my first pregnancy. Even at 7 months, pple were wondering if I had put on weight or if I was pregnant. My tummy grew sideways as well so it didn't protrude out in front as much. I think my tummy may show earlier for my 2nd pregnancy though.
Hi Muah
Yes, you should check with your HR dept. I told my boss when I am about 6 weeks as I work in the finance dept and will miss alot of work like year-end closing, audit etc. so I wanted to ensure that they can reschedule some of the stuff etc. but prepare for negotiation as my boss have ask if I can defer the third month maternity leave.

Since you have been with them for 4 years already, I think it should not be a problem.
Hi absolut
how old is your first bb, this is also my second pregnancy. For my first pregnancy, I gain about 16kg and didn't managed to lose all of them which explain why I am abit worry this time.
Just wondering if you gals something felt like having "fever"..but actually body temperature is not that high to consider fever for MC yet?

I quite often hv this feel, but never manage to get MC before leh..is it normal?
HI Yuen Yuen

I still can put on my normal clothes...i also think a bit too early to wear maternity clothes now when i told my sister i alreadi put on 3 kg ... they r veri shocked..i think is too fast lor...

Hi Weoseek
i also hv the same problem as u...i always tell my hb i m running a fever but infact i m not....

Hi Muah
i also hv not told my boss yet...dunno wat he will comment cos my boss is one that dislike staff to take leave/ mc...sigh...me also worry how to break the news to him...
HI Yuen Yuen

My bb is just turning one year this sat. How old is yours? So how much weight did you put on after pregnancy? I guess I didn't put on that much so I lost more than I put on but it doesn't mean i'm slim coz I really put on alot while on heavy thyroid medication.
Hi absolut
My girl is already 4yrs+. After the pregnancy, I gain 3kg as compared to my pre-pregnancy weight. Hope to be able to lose all the weight gain this time.
I was wondering if I put on less weight means my bb is smaller & vice versa. It seems not so. You put on 9 kg & bb makes up 3kg, ie you only have 6 kg to lose. Wow, you're my role model...

About fever...
I think preggie's body temperature is generally higher. At one point my temp was 37.3C, but doc didn't say I've fever & I felt alright too.
Hi, gals! Me also a Dec MTB!!!! But my pregnancy is not stable yet... 3 weeks ago gynae said foetus development too slow, last week sudden bleeding, had to stay in bed for a week! Sigh!

Btw, if you are keen to buy maternity dress, 9 mois is having a sales on the 27th. Please check out their shops located at Paragon and Plaza Singapura.
Hi everyone, I have problem going to food-courts.... Whenever I pass by that place, is always smell stink... I don't know whether is it only me... Need advise...
I think preggie moms tend to get sensitive to certian smells, so that's normal, dun worry!
I also hate the smell too, if I stayed in the foodcourt too long, I think that's cos of the poor ventilation...
What I find more repelling these days are the smell of perspiration, especially those school boys after their soccer/basketball games or those construction workers etc; they surely turn my stomach upside down, inside out... Yucks!!!
I also had the same feeling on food courts..and company cafeteria..But the funny thing is that, I can still complete all the food leh. Actually now between meal times I will feel no appetite, but eventually still can finish the food. *sigh*..Going to grow fat fat liao..heheh..
I also think expectant mummies have heightened sense of smell.
For me, I simply flee away from perfume. Used to be able to tolerate, but once preggie, I find the perfume smell too strong. Hated the smell of cigarette smoke too.

Just had my NT scan today. Risk ratio of Down Syndrome is 1:7950. *phew* Very relieved & happy to see bb is doing well, and showing me the little fingers
I felt like such a contented mom already. kekeke
Hi Ladies
I went for my 1st gynae visit today. About 11.6wks now and EDD changed to 11 Dec. Did a Nuchal?? Fold scan for $70! So ex... To measure the thickness of ??fold?? an early screening for Down Syn. Results is low risk. Baby's not cooperative, sleeping sideways back facing us, so Dr tapped my tummy several times to make baby change position, so funny...

The blood tests for screening iron deficiency, blood disorders etc, a package screening cost about $150, which I'll do on the 14th wk, nurse said just need two tubes of blood.
Wow, you very active leh... I only exercise once a week, and stopped since past month cuz always feel so tired. Where you do your pilates?
Wow, moonbell ..you really can tahan..11 + weeks ..first time see gynae? I'm only 9 weeks..going to see my gynae third time this friday..Me must be super kam cheong mummy..heheh
wait til u hear how much I pay for my blood test + NT scan today... $300! All I get is the risk ratio & 3 u/s printouts of bb. I was joking with hubby that each printout costs $100

But I must oso say that the u/s scan is very detailed. Took about 45 mins I think. Doctor explained how the ratio is being derived from a combination of 3 factors - mummy's age, neck fold & blood test. He also checked for bb's head, body, limbs, & took measurements of nose bone & neck fold (twice to confirm). And also scanned from various angles eg the top, side & bottom view for me to see.

At one point of time, doctor wants to measure the nose bone but bb was blocking with both hands, so doctor wittingly talks to bb... "I've seen enough of your 10 fingers, now show me your nose".
No lah... I actually seen gynae at KK twice already since my 6th wk before I switch over to MA.

So good, you can see bb's fingers! And all the tests and scan done together, so convenient.
I wonder if the Nuchal?? Fold scan I did is the same as NT scan? But it wasn't as detailed as yours. Only measure bb's head, full body and neck fold...
Yvonne, Jeslyn & anyone under Dr Ho at MA

Have you done the blood tests and NT scan? I'm scheduled to do blood tests on my 14th wk. The nurse mentioned that after the blood tests results, Dr Ho will determine whether need further screening. I wonder if the Nuchal?? Fold scan is part of NT scan. Anyone have any idea?
Just found out that the Nuchal scan is the NT scan (NT=Nuchal translucency). My Dr just said bb's measurements are fine and low risk, but I should have asked what is my risk ratio, me so blur, haiz...

Since your NT scan is next wk, remember to ask Dr Ho what is your risk ratio.
HI Moonbell,

My EDD is the same day as yours! 11 Dec

I am doing my pilates with Pilates Bodyworks. They will be starting prenatal pilates class for preggie moms in July. I was with them before I got pregnant.

BTW, did you sign any package with your gynae @ MA?
Hi straycats
Ya same
. But then EDD may change again after checkups and esp when near due term. Anyway should be around the date.

Thanks. I'm currently sourcing for yoga or pilate classes.

My gynae @MA package only starts fr 16wks, and I'll sign up during next appointment. I'm not very fussy and I find him friendly, he was recommended by my colleague. You want to know more about his package?

Dear all Mum-to-bes
I'm having my driving test tomorrow. Please help me to pray hard that I'll pass!
Hi Moonbell,

Thanks, but I will be with Mt E cos' my gynae is there. I am just curious about the packages at diff hospitals.

Good luck for your driving test tomorrow. Not only us will be cheering for you but your little one in you as well
Yes, you're right about NT=Nuchal translucency.

Been to the gynae 3 times so far & everytime I get a different EDD!

Btw gd luck for your driving test!
Can I ask you something on driving... how long must one take the practical test after passing the basic theory? Because I was thinking of taking the practical during maternity leave next year...
basic theory is for life. the moment clear means clear. but u must pass ur practical within 2 yrs of passing advanced theory.

relax during driving test! mai gan cheong. and remember to do your safety checks like checking blind spots etc.
anyone started on a pills 'NeuroGain'. My gynea gave me some samples to try when I'm around 12 weeks. She said it's good for bb brain growth.
Hello all MTB,

I'm also going to be a Dec mummy. EDD is X'mas Day, but dunno whether would revise or not. I haven't done the NT scan yet, neither is the blood test. Going to do the NT scan in about 2 weeks time when I'm in my 11th week. So far, bb has been good, and thank God that I do not have morn sickness, and eating as per normal. Just feeling bloaded sometimes, and it helps if I take small meals. But recently I find myself getting headaches. I got a friend who just delivered her bb in March had headaches throughout her 1st and 2nd trimester! I wonder anyone of you have headache. Sometimes the headache got so unbearable that I feel like taking painkiller, but for bb's sake can't and got to tahan. I wish I don't have to work. Heehee.


Good luck to your driving test tomorrow!! Stay cool and watch out for pedestrains. Just be careful when you do your emergency brake. I always felt uncomfortable at the tummy when I brake too heavily during the peak hour to and fro work. I wonder if tummy is bigger next time whether can still drive or not.


What is NeuroGain? My gynae didn't give me. I'm only taking calcium, folic acid, hormone pills now. Also not yet take the Iron pills. Heard it will cause constipation. Oh no...
Maybe ur gynea has yet to intro NeuroGain to u. Right now I'm only taking folic acid.

NeuroGain is a fish oil supplement that provides the essential nutrients that we need during pregnancy. The nutrients are only found in deep sea fishes which we seldom get to eat. So NeuroGain will be a good supplement for us.

It's different from other kinds of fish oil found in market cos of the ration of DHA & EPA. We need high DHA & low EPA. Fish oil in market provides low DHA & high EPA.
I'm thinking of getting a device that can let me hear my bb's heart beat. Anyone is using right now? I have yet to source for it, don't know which one to get.
thanks for the tips, HydrogenRainbow

my gynae started me on neurogain on my 1st visit @6.5wks & I'm still on it now. But it's optional. It's a fish oil supplement with DHA etc, esp for pregnant women.

Anyone knows if we could get it from pharmacy?

As for folic acid, my gynae says can stop after 12 weeks. Is it the same for you ladies?

Like you, I think I'm rather lucky not to have ms too, altho' there are times when I feel nauseous, but no vomitting.
Headaches... hmmm, perhaps you are too stressed from work. Maybe can take short breaks away from desk.

my gynea told me to take it from 12 weeks onwards cos by then my nausea shld go away. Nt sure if can get if from pharmacy.

as for the folic acid, some have it throughout the pregnacy. Guess it depends on individual. If your gynea tell u to stop after 12 weeks, should be ok. So far my gynea has yet to tell me to stop after 12 weeks, maybe she wants me to have it throughout my pregnancy.

My gynea gave me brochures on Thalassaemia & down syndrome. She said she might do a blood test on me either on or after my next visit.