(2005/12) Dec 05 mums-to-be

my older boy school holiday from wednesday to friday because of thanksgiving.

going to have two bored boys running and jumping in the house. even my hubby agree our boys sound like the 5.1 surround sound system when they talk.

Hi mummies,

I know of a tutor (my friends son) who teaches in marine terrace who teaches open classroom concept in his home at a fix rate regardless the number of times the child attend per month.

Basically the child is.able to come every weekdays after school till 6pm (sometimes 6.30pm as I end work late) and mummies can pick their child home after that.

The rate is quite affordable (300 for pri level and 350 for sec level). For mummies who are interested, you can give him a try. He covers Math eng and sciences for primary and secondary levels.

Name: Mr Lee
Contact: 93369664