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Hi all Dec05 mums-to-be,

Let's come together to give each other support during the coming 9 months.
(started a thread in singaporemotherhood but it was down, so restart it here)

To begin with, my EDD is 3 Dec, 6th weeks as of today. Anyone joining me here?

Hi Joyfulhands!
I'm from Nov MTB! We've got some Dec girls there. Join us there first! Now abit early for Dec MTB to want to show up I guess!
My EDD is 4 Dec. But since my ovulation's always very early, i predict that later on the gynea will revise my EDD to end Nov.

but yeah, i shall straddle both Nov and Dec threads first! :p
hi Dili mummy,
hmm, I guess it's too early for Dec MTB to detect preggie state yet. Will pop over to Nov thread to find company there.

hi meixue,
I thought EDD is calculated based on LMP, and so it doesn't vary that far off? Have you gone for your first gynae visit?

I went to the gynae last Wed as I've slight spotting & cramps, so a little worried. Upon seeing bb's flickering heartbeat on the screen, I felt very much relieved!
Hi ladies

Just discover I m pregnant..seen a gynae yesterday but i think is the initial stage so still cant see the sac suring the scan...now starting to get worried dunno whether is it normal even thought the gynae had assured me that it normal...my last menses date is 13 March so m i rite to say i m 4 weeks pregnant now???
Hi ladies

Just discover I m pregnant..seen a gynae yesterday but i think is the initial stage so still cant see the sac suring the scan...now starting to get worried dunno whether is it normal even thought the gynae had assured me that it normal...my last menses date is 16 March so m i rite to say i m 4 weeks pregnant now???
hi Poohnie, congrats!
Calculating from 13 Mar til now, should be 4+ weeks lor. Since gynae says it's ok, trust him/her & be rest assured your bb is fine! Btw, which gynae are you visiting? decided on hospital oready?
Hi joyfulhands, EDD is indeed calculated based on LMP, but on the assumption that the woman has a 28-day cycle and ovulates on day 14. For me, my cycles are sometimes short and i ovulate early. Therefore, maybe my EDD might be revised to end Nov, like 30th Nov or something. Just a variation of 4-5 days?
My EDD is also on the 3rd of Dec... went for my 1st gynae visit yesterday and the doc says my baby don look more than 6 weeks old...
... said maybe not growing properly... asked me to go back next week for another scan ... i have not been eating much coz of nausea ... no actual throwing up, but the feeling is enuff to put me off food...
hmm Joanna, probably your bb is small size?
I don't have much of an appetite too, although I don't have morning sickness. Guess it's normal in the early stages... Do gd take care & hope to hear positive news from you after your gynae visit!!
Hi ladies,

I'm into my 7 weeks ... and im feeling terrible! Nausea whole day, althou hungry but no appetite at all etc. My EDD should be 12 Dec (according to my 1st day of last mense rite?) Now im searching for good gynae... anyone can recommend me? I prefer to give birth at Mt A , hee hee!
Hi, Yvonne! I am currently seeing Dr Lawrence Ang at Sun Plaza, my EDD is 10 Dec. He's a nice and considerate doc and he delivers in both TMC and Mt A.
Hi Chris

I m also seeing Dr Ang but i dunno my EDD yet...shld be also in dec cos when i last saw him i just missed by menses 2 days so when he do the scan...still cant seen the sac...will be seeing him next wed...i also find him veri nice n patient
Hi all

I'm a dec MTB too. EDD shld be around xmas day. I'm now 5+weeks pregnant. Went to see the doc yesterday, she said the scan looks like I'm 6 weeks preganant. Don't know if my bb will be very big by birth time.

So nice to hear that...as for me, when i went to see my gynae..still cant see the sac...perhaps it too early (like i just mentioned i went to see the gynae when i tested +ve 2 days after i missed my menses) perhap me n my hb too kan cheong...ha ha)...i think my EDD shld be ard yrs...cos my last menses was on 16 March 05...
Hi, Poohnie, I was 6 weeks when i first visited Dr Ang, can see baby's heartbeat but cannot hear...measured 5.1mm...will be seeing him next Friday, hope that this time can hear bb's heartbeat clearly.

Hi, YL.... How's the baby's measurement?

I think my bb's measurement is 0.95cm, the waterbag is 1.81cm. Hope I interprete it correct.

I'll be delivering at TMC. Else will be at TMC. I'll be going back to see the doc on 14 May.
I think I interprete the measurements wrongly. anyone can correct me? I only know the waterbag is 1.81cm.
hi YL,
maybe you can ask your gynae about your baby's CRL, ie Crown-rump Length -> Measurement from the top of the baby's head (crown) to the buttocks of the baby (rump).

Not too sure myself, going to ask gynae next week.

Is this your first bb?
Hi joyfulhands

yes, this is my first child. have mixture feelings. am reading books on pregnancy & birth. Also bought a book on bb's first year.

is it the gestational sac's measurement ? Hmm now still too early to tell whether your bb will be big by the time you give birth
Its probably determined by genes, food intake, bb's nutrient intake, whether any complication like gestational diabetes.. etc

take care and remember folic acid
My EDD's been changed to 11th Dec ... hmmm .... don think my baby is small sized coz me and hubby quite tall and big.... anyway gynae says it might have been dat i ovulated late ... now my baby is 11mm ... seeing doc Lisa Chin from Glen E .... anyone else?
have any of you started to use stretchmark cream? I don't know when should I start using? I'm still using normal body cream to apply on my tummy.
YL, i don have any morning sickness...
im not using the stretchmark cream yet, and im not sure whether it will help to lighten the past stretchmark anot....this's my no 2.
I don't have serious morning sickness. just feel nausea but no vomitting. no giddyness & other stuff.

I heard from some that those stretchmark cream actually have nt much use. I'm still thinking whether to buy or nt.
Hi All Dec Mum,

Last week i just went for my 1st gynae appt at Mt Alvernia, Dr. H K Ho. He seems nice and i'm comfortable with him.

My bb measured 1.43cm, very tiny hoh, hee hee! Will be visiting him again the following mth. My is not morning sickness but whole day sickness!!! Feel nausea and vomitting every now & then... no much of giddyness thou.

So fast we need to use stretchmark cream? My tummy stl small small leh... cant tell... hahaha!
Hi straycats
of course u can join this thread.

Yvonne, did u try taking nuts like almond. Heard it helps to curb nausea n also it has nutrients that's good for the bb.

I heard that stretchmark cream is to use around 4th mth. so now I only use ordinary body cream. my beautician told me to use body cream at my tummy even before pregnant so to prevent stretchmarks. She said it'll be too late to use when pregnant.

Congratulations all Dec MTB!

My EDD is early Jan, but there doesn't seem to be thread on Jan MTB. Can I join? Actually, I'm hoping to deliver early, so I will have a Dec baby. I'm a Dec baby too. ;)

Baby's about 5 weeks now. I just started feeling terribly nauseous these past 2 days. Was just headaches and dizziness before. Didn't think it'll start so soon.

I don't feel like eating but eating makes me feel better sometimes.

Almonds help curb nausea? Will try.
u & i are attending to the same gynae.
agree tat he's a gd gynae.
my 1st baby was delivered by him last year july.
tell u something that u won belve, his stitching won hurt much...

so when will u be delivering?

and also to let u no, dr ho will prescribe u the stretchmark cream when he tinks that's abt the rite time.

so u are having ur 1st baby?
Hi YL, i heard from my friends that the Clarins Body Treatment Oil is quite good at preventing stretchmarks, it quite pricey though. The other cheaper option is Elancyl Stretch Mark Cream which was recommended as well. You need to start using them early otherwise not effective.

Hi Jeslyn, does all gynae prescribe stretchmark creams or only this gynae that you are seeing gives them?
Hi Jeslyn, glad to hear that we ve e same gynae. My EDD 14 Dec and is my 1st bb =)

Oh so early ve to start using stretch mark cream, hmmm
hi all,

I have something to share with u. I am 7 weeks pregnant. On Wed morning, I realise i have red discharge at the virgina n panic. I called my gynea to make an appointment to see her immediately. She did a scan for me. The bb is ok n we can hear the heartbeat, it's the 1st time i heard the heartbeat, which is exciting for us. Through the scan we can see a grey patch which means internal bleeding which occurs some time ago but just show up on that morning. I was given an injection n pills to stablise the bb.

Such prob seems common cos i have quite a few friends also have such prob during pregnancy.
hi YL,

hope the bleeding is gone by now. I had heavy bleeding with lots of blood clots when I was in week6... My gynae did a scan too and found a big blood clot inside (much bigger than the sac)... its subchorionic bleeding for my case. Same, was ordered on 2.5 weeks of bedrest and weekly hcg jabs + medication to support the pregnancy. The bleeding did stop after 1.5 days. Dun worry... just rest well and dun walk ard too much... when lying down, try to lie on your right side...
hi YL & poohy,
just to share that I've spotting too, on & off for about 2 weeks! Had a jab (quite a painful one) & on MC for a week to rest at home, and I did get better after that. Still on hromone pills tho'.
Hope both of u has stabilised by now...

welcome muah... is this your 1st pregnancy? Heard that 1st one usually will be early, so you still stand a chance of having a Dec bb... maybe even x'mas bb...
I read from a book recently that internal bleeding is one of the most common problems among pregnant women. So there's nothing much we can do to prevent it except to be careful & alert & have enough nutrients for our bb.

I just bought the clarins body treatment oil. wow.... it's really ex leh. a 100ml bottle costs me $78. can only use for a mth if i were to use it twice a day. thinking of using it from 3rd mth onwards. can't bear to use now. The SA(sales assistant) told me there's another treatment oil for water retention that we have to use toward the later stage of our pregnancy.

things will become much more stable in 2nd trimester 2
I had already given birth actually just 7 weeks ago... my weekly jabs lasted for 2.5 months... but glad to see my bb well ... cant imagine if I were to lose him at that time... my condition was subchorionic bleeding at that time... meaning the place whether the implantation happens... the area below the placenta and above the uterus wall is bleeding huge clots forming .... anyway by grace of God, my bb is safe with us now

u r rite abt 1st pregnancy being early... I was 3 weeks early.
Hi YL,

Hope you are doing fine. I was on hormone pills till this week. My gynae said it is due to low estradiol level in my body. I am ok now. So don't worry too much.

I had started using the clarins oil since wk 6, i guessed I am abit k.s. I am 10wks now.
hi straycats,

I'm ok now. going to visit my gynea again 2 weeks later.

how often do u use the clarins oil? once or twice daily?
Hi Poohnie...I am seeing Theresa Cheng @ AMK Central...U? Am staying @ woodlands...so AMK is the nearest liao