(2005/12) Dec 05 mums-to-be

Leng Leng,

I attended the make mooncake class at the Toa Payoh CC and Tanjong Pagar CC with my mum.

I did not try to make the Teochew Yam mooncake at home because no deep fryer. We tried the traditional mooncake and the snowskin one. I bought the wooden mould from phoon huat also.

Leng Leng,

thats because our Dec05 kids are not our firstborn. the rest probably busy with kindergarten homework

My boys decided they want to wear their old Thomas the Tank engine costumes again this year for Halloween.
*nod nod* I think so too...

Hey, save money leh...

There's no "Halloween" in Singapore... hiazzz...
Else it's going to be fun!!!
Leng Leng,

Halloween is fun here but my boys only care about the candies. They enjoy the pumpkin patch and corn maze more.

my hubby's nieces just finish PSLE and my hubby did not realise that. he yesterday still ask me when is PSLE.
I'm a mountain tortise,
what's "pumpkin patch and corn maze"?? :p

Hehe... I donno PSLE too,
just know my neighbour's children are still having exams, P1 & P2.
Leng Leng,

not mountain tortoise. singapore don't grow pumpkin or corn even when we were kids.
even the pumpkin we eat in SG come from Indonesia or Australia

pumpkin patch is an area in the pumpkin farm where there are lots of pumpkins and kids get to touch and pose for photos.

the corn maze is built by the farmers for kids to play. some is free but some have to pay.

example of a pumpkin patch

example of corn maze
so FUN!!! Our kids will love it...

Few months ago we went Cameron Highland,
our kids love the outdoor, the weather,
plucking of strawberries too.
Leng Leng,

not going to get the H1N1 jab unless it really become much worse. The H1N1 is less scary than SARS because the virus has not mutated.
Leng Leng,

its one big bag each

they get to choose two candies out of their bag everyday. I labelled their ziploc bags so they know its safe in the fridge.

my dec04 is going to have thanksgiving party in school.
Leng Leng,

here every month also have party in school. parents have to contribute to the party also. my older one play more in school than study.

my Dec05 boy every morning so bored while gor gor is in school.
Leng Leng,

here school v happening. every friday has dress theme. one time was mismatch socks, than one time was mad hat, one time was wear tshirt front to back.

all the parties parents have to contribute food but school is free. so I just treat it as same me the school fees for singapore K2.

my dec05 boy miss the cut off birthday. here is dec 02 cutoff so he has to wait 2 yrs. he not interested in studying so late also good.
Leng Leng,

yalor. my hubby also complain singapore too academic. we bought scrabble few days back for our boys. my Dec05 boy say so boring but the Dec04 boy loves playing scrabble.

my dec04 boy just started swimming lessons but dec05 boy say not interested

so far the dec05 boy only like gym and dancing but class time all not convenient for us.
the only things they like the same is Lego and THomas trains.

my older boy now have violin, swimming, after school science (playing kind) and chinese.
my younger boy has no class. we waiting for next year to send him to pottery class because need to be 4. he likes drawing and craft work.
my older boy school holiday from wednesday to friday because of thanksgiving.

going to have two bored boys running and jumping in the house. even my hubby agree our boys sound like the 5.1 surround sound system when they talk.

now still have not buy their birthday presents yet. both their birthdays are next week.
I took out the cake before it completely harden. thats why have to put frosting everywhere to cover the cracks. They like it
We made chocolate rice krispies in star and christmas tree shape yesterday as christmas treats. They finish most of it.
the bad part about winter is that its dark at around 4:30pm so my camera cant take good shots except in the kitchen.
not much choice since my 5yr old's teacher wants them in bed by 8pm.
this week their school started weekly spelling and maths test.
today his school start registration for kindergarten (which is part of primary school). the parents queue up from yesterday evening 6pm until today 9am.
sibling got priority this year. hopefull next year when my 4yr need to register, the sibling priority stay.
We're not home yet... hehehe...

I thought these Qing only apply to singapore... hehe...
We're known to be very KiaSu.

Yup, the sibling priority should stay,
schools prefers siblings to be in the same school.
Dear Mummies,

Sorry to interrupt.

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Anyone started spring cleaning for CNY yet?

This year CNY falls on valentine's day

my boys and hubby's new clothes and shoes bought already. now only left my CNY clothes not bought.

my house still quite messy.
Hi, ladies!My family are moving back to Sin in Jul, my elder girl will start her K1 by then, she is Dec13. anyone knows good skl near yishun south besides little skl house? and by the way, is indo maids better than phili maids? how much is the market sal now in sin? thx, ladies!
Halo Mothers,
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hi all

it's been super super long since i last came into this forum...think u gals hardly remember me. ha ha

never mind...i'm having problem looking for a good pre-school for my kids...is there any good pre-schools around?