1 year birthday Celebration


The cake cost $55.00, 3.2kg.

Can order from any of the coffee bean outlet.

Hi Smurferoos,
I am crossing my finger. Really hope that the cake will turn out tasty. heehee.....
But got a feel that most of the guest won't really mind the taste of the cake becoz they already fill their stomach with the buffer dinner. More for photo taking session.

Will definitely keep u guys inform if the cake taste yummy or not.

Now the next biggest thing is the buffer dinner arrangement. Still looking around for a good one.
Ladies, any recommendation?

Hi smurferoos

I have not decide on the cartoon character yet, any good recommendation?
Hi Carmen, don't worry i am sure all your guests will be very impressed by the design, as for good caterer, i heard that smiling orchid quite good, alot of my frens use them for their wedding

Hey bestwishes, i guess popular characters like sesame street, or barney is more common.

Btw, my daughter had her bday party today, too bad i can't upload the pics. Had very good reviews from everyone, they feel that the cake is very yummy
But the party did not go well, as the food i order from Coffee Bean not very tasty and i did not plan any games and activities, luckily the party quite short, and the kids were playing among themselves...so....whew...
Hi Smurferoos,

Thanks! Will go into smiling orchid web site to take alook.

Hmmmm...why party on a Tue night? So you took off to organize the party during the day?
Happy to hear that the whole Birthday party turns out fine in the end.
Will try my very best to up load the photos when it's my DD's turn. But dunno can or not also.

Happy Birthday to Your little darling.
Thanx Carmen and PPP, it's her Bday today. Actually i work part time and i am home everyday at 3pm. So i organise a tea party for everyone from 430-630. BTW, Carmen and PPP, when is your baby's bday?
Hi Smurferoos,

My DD birthday is on 27 July but since this day fall on weekday so we celebrating it eariler.
On 21st(Sat).

Praying hard that it will be a sunndy and windy day. Coz we are having the buffert line in the open (BBQ Pit).
Hi mummies

I think I will order the cake from pine garden after seeing the rave reviews from the mummies here, heehee....
Hi bestwishes,

Yup, do have feedback from friends that pine garden cakes taste yummy yummy. But not sure if they have 3D designs cakes.
Hi Mummies,

I'm planning for my daughter's 1st b'day too, came across this thread so come in n kpo, as well as throw in some ideas...

basically I'm too stress up already... none of my listed items have finalised...

on my list is:
Cake -> will be ordering my Glad cakes, i'm in the midst of discussing the design with her or should I take Coffee Bean Cakes which is cheaper??
Jelly Cake-> need to finalise the design
Venue -> booked function room
Buffet -> a caterer from NTU canteen hall 5 but haven't finalised the menu...
Balloons -> bought from Tampines mart the other day when we passed by, only problem is to get it pump with air so hb would be the labor that day
Deco -> Bought from Party with Us (Intended to order from "BirthdayDirect" but due hb's lots of opinion otherwise can save more)
Rent Toys -> hb says don't need bcos u don't know how to play...
Photo Album -> Intend to do 2 albums for viewing but completed the Studio pix only and First year book just started...
Poster -> Intend for backdrop but haven't even started
Invitation -> Completed but haven't send out...
Hi carmen,

I think they customise 3D cakes as well :

Hi eeyore

Thanks for sharing! Do you stay in AMK? Are u one of the mummy who participate in my AMK Amosco BP long ago? heehee..
Btw where is Party with Us? Are they cheaper than Birthday Direct?
Hi Carmen,

Wow! How many guest are youu expecting! BBQ, that sounds so fun! That weather lately has been great, so i am sure the weather will hold out for you

Bestwishes, Party with Us is at Holland V, the stuff there quite expensive, but really very very nice!
Thanx for your wishes, when is your baby's bday?

eeyore, what is a jelly cake? Where can i get a jelly cake?
Hey ppp,

The party was ok, but i am not a very good party planner, so everything very ad-hoc and 'go with the flow' :p but i feel very relax, just let the kids play on their own, and i just chat with their mummies, very lazy hor :p So have you decided on the cake?


Tomorrow i will be attending my fren's wedding and the caterer is Smiling Orchid, will try and let you know whether they are good.
dsii - u stalk eeyore till here huh??

*psst.. dun say i stalk u till here also ok. hhaha*
actually my boy's 1st yr celebration also in 1 week's time..so far only manage to ordered cake from pine garden..then agar agar from james..and eclairs..thats all leh...havent book buffet..aiyo...cham ah..stress manz
hey hey, i tried the buffet from Smiling orchid, not too bad! the spread is quite good and the mee siam also not too bad, they are Halah registered so suitable if you have muslim frens.

Btw, Jelly cake is agar agar is it? Can i have the contact to James? Thanx in advance....
Hello Smurferoos,

I just celebrated my boy's bday last week. Ordered the jelly fr James and it was v well-received
Was pleasantly surprised cos i didn't expect the jelly to turn out so nice!

Btw, James Chan's contact:
HP: 97887807
Email: [email protected]


Sorry a little blur here, the cake is from James or only the jelly? Is it like Agar agar? Really very cute! Is it expensive?

Thanx in advance.
Oops sorry, the one on the right is the jelly from James. Cost $36... and yep its like agar agar. There are many other designs. Can ask James to email u the pics.

The cake I got from Pine Garden's.
Another pic to share
... jus celebrated my niece's bday today. Jelly from James and cake from Pine Garden's


yah I did join the AMK Amosco BP b4, u r the mummy i collect from?? there's 2 outlets for Party w Us -> 1 in centerpoint, the other in river valley... by hearing the location, u'll know the price won't be cheap but if u need urgetn things then this will be the place to look for, they sell similar things but not the variety...

yah the jelly cake is agar agar... quite nice but i dunno how to appreciate but i'm sure my guest will know... hehe... attach the pix from james...

We ordered triple layer chocolate for my boy's bday cake while my sis ordered fresh strawberry cream for my niece. I wld say triple layer chocolate is very yummy while the strawberry is so-so only.
Hi Hi Mummies,

My gal 1st birthday is just 2 weeks away. So excited.....heehee....
Wah..the jelly cake super cute loh. OMG.....Now I have to consider should I spent extra $$ on the jelly cake. SOoooo...tempted.

Hi bestwishes,
Looks like the pine garden cake got very good feedback. My friend personally tastes it before during 1 of her company function. She told me that it taste great.

Looking at the design that Lin attached, it looks cute too.

Hi Smurferoos,
I am expecting around 70 guests. But I am not having a BBQ. Just that my buffet line is being place there. Don't want to squeeze everyone inside the house.

Pls do let me know if the food from smiling orchid taste great. Thanks

Hi Lin,
Can check with you, all design for the jelly cake cost $36? Or different design got different pricing?
Hi Carmen,

Think the prices vary slightly for different design. You may want to email James to enquire abt the cost of the specific design that u want

Actually i love pine garden's black forest cake! However due to the alcohol content so not so suitable for kids' bday.

Happy planning for ur gal's 1st bday!
Hey Carmen,

So exciting,your daughter's bday is coming soon! Yep i tried the food from Smiling orchid, really quite good, and the variety is wide. Good luck and have fun!
hi lin!!!!!!!!!! so glad to see the strawberry short cake picture!!!!
can u tell mi how much is the 2tier cake???
im having a strawberry shortcake party for my baby too heeee....
Hi Huihui,

Think my sis ordered the 2-tier 3kg strawberry cake for $130 (incl delivery). Btw, u need to buy the strawberry shortcake figurines urself as they can't do customisation for this design due to copyright issues.

Have fun planning!
OH THANKSSS ALOT, can help mi somemore hehhee, can tell mi where to buy the figurines?? heee sorri ah, abit last min
oops meant to tell u where to get it but typed too fast hehee...

She got the bigger figurine (top tier) from Taka children's section. But if u look closely thats actually not Strawberry Shortcake (SS).. its another character called Angel Cake. But cos they dun hv SS so my sis jus make do with the it. As for the two tiny SS figurines at the bottom tier... we actually went hunting for more SS stuff at Far East Plaza and finally found it at level one fr this shop selling tidbits and toys. However those were the last 2 pieces... not too sure if they bring in any more new stock.

Hope this helps
Hey mommies,

My ds's 1st bday in september...
Now my head still blank blank, dunno what to do..
Can advise who are the guests u are inviting?
I only have in mind some relatives and some close frens, but they do not have small kids....
Won't it be kind of weird to ask the elders to sing bday song? hehehe!!
how abt lychee martini from pine garden? i ordered cake from pine garden..2 tier..and lower tier is lychee martini..wonder.. nice bo?
i oso only invited family and some close frens.. nice and cosy
and for my boy he's happy as long as hv pple singing bday song... maybe cos mommy everyday practised singing happy bday to him heh..

ooh actually lychee martini is my sis's fave but cos she wanted to try something different for her gal's bday. i wld say lychee martini is pretty nice... definitely much nicer than the strawberry cream. but cos im more of a choc cake person so my order of preference wld be:
1) black forest
2) triple layer choc
3) lychee martini
4) strawberry cream
only listed the above cos these r the only flavours i've tried ;) think they hv other winners like zest choc and citrus cake etc. btw im not a pg staff hor hehee..
I am ordering 2 tier cake fr Pine Garden too. hv tried their lychee martini and black forest, both are yummy, but I still prefer lychee martini. Tried their Orange Zest.. so so only
Hi Cherrie,
Me too just having some close relatives and some friends. I guess it's ok, with or without kids. Of cos if got little friends around would be fun but if really don't have I think it's not a problem too. Most important is remember to take lots lots of photos.

Hi dsii,
I got feedback that lychee martini cake from pine garden taste great.
I guess for 1st bday just relatives and friends will do, but subsequent bdays must have some of their friends, cos they know more and can interact better. GOOD Luck for the party Carmen.
Hi Lin,
Where did u hold ur bb's 1st bday?

Hi Carmen,
In case I 4got, here is wishing ur DD a very happy 1st bday!!!

How many guests are u mommies inviting?
Hi Smurferoos,
Thank you for the wishes.

Hi Cherrie,
We expecting around 70 guest. Relatives and some friends. Alot hor. Also don't know why can add up to be so many.
Hope everything turns out well.
Hi smurferoos,

Mine on 1 Dec and my friends keep saying I am too kiasu!! :p
I am not a good party planner too! I really have no ideas organising games, entertaining programs etc.
I prefer to chat around..hee...

Hi ppp

Finally I found a mummy who's do "advance" planning like me..heehee...

Hi Lin,

The agar agar looks nice! How many kg is that?

Btw i am considering to take the design for 1 from them. Anyone got pics to show?

Hi eeyore
Yeah! So you were that friendly mummy and ur bb was only 2mth old! haha..
That time, I was only 7mths pregnant..haha...how times flies! Now we are planning for our babies' first birthday! I know the one @ centerpoint, tat shop looks expensive!
Do u plan to order eclairs again for the celebration?

Hi Carmen

Like that, I must surely order from them!! So much good feedback!! My frd ordered smiling orchid for her co's function and she highly recommended their buffet. She say it's really v nice!

If I have 100guests, how many kgs should I order?

Hi olsen

Maybe u like to consider chalet, function rooms etc. My frd went to enquire Kbox and they charged a whoppinng 2k++
for 80 pax including buffet and alcohol, different charges, so ex!!

Hi cherries
I invited relatives and close friends
Hi bestwishes,
I order a 3.2kg cake (3D design). More for photo session coz the cake looks cute.
Figure out that cake like that can't feed much guest. So we order another 1.2kg. Tiramisu cake. Both from coffee bean. Not too ex, in total we spent like $110 on both cakes.

Anyway, bestwishes don't have to worry too much cos I think by the time we start serving the cake, I guess most of our guests stomach are all filled with the buffet dinner. So just a small pcs to each of them should be good enough.
Hi bestwishes, so coincidence that we met here... haha... yah time flies... that time I was still on maternity leave... now already work stress for so many months...

yesterday I called up pine garden cakes and she mention 1kg serves 15 pax so 100 can order around 6 to 7kg... the centerpoint shop is Party w Us but I went to the one in river valley, yes it's indeed more ex than birthday direct... i suggest if u r buying early might as well buy from birthdaydirect.com more reasonable... i thot of ordering elcairs but i only want 1 carton, do u know if they deliver for 1 carton??
Hi Smurferoos,

I haven decided on the cake yet...still look around la...too early to decide now...hehe...


Ya, we both a bit kaisu hor...kekeke...I think I also prefer to chat around.Our bb only 1 years old if I plan for games, don know she know how to play or not.

U got your items from Jodie already? I got the problme with the timing of collection.
I knock off at 5 30pm and can only reach raffles around 6pm!Aiya, have to take time off or half day leave liao.

Hi Cherrie,
Celebrated my boy's bday at my inlaws pl
Had abt 50+ guests

Hi bestwishes,
Sorry no idea how heavy the agar agar... but they only hv one size for each design. and u're not kiasu lah hee... its fun to think abt how we gonna plan our lil ones bday