1 year birthday Celebration

Wow PPP and Bestwishes,

You guys are really super efficient, start planning so early, for me i only start panicking 1 week before her bday. hahaha...I am sure both of you will have a successful bday party! Do post the photos online to share ok.

Dear Carmen,

Happy Bday to your Daughter!

HI mummies, anyone of u have orderd from strawberry bakery before? Wat flavour shd I order? Is the Durian cake nice??
Hi mummies,
Does anyone try the cake fr coffebean be4?
My bb 1st bday is on 5 augst, considering to order fr there. But dunno how big is the cakes.
Hi Inge Ardiyanty,

I order my DD cake from coffee bean.
But will only get to try it on the 21st July. Coz the BD party is on that day. Will keep you posted if the coffee bean cake taste yummy yummy or not. And also the size of the cake. I order the magic mushroom and the tiramisu cake.
Hi carmen,

Thanks, wait for your info

Like the design so much ... coz my bb is boy, considering to order the candy castle.
Hi eeyore
Working and taking care of bb at the same time is indeed stress! Ive started working and its been 4months that I started on a new job, heehee
Wow..6 to 7 kgs like a lot, I think I will order ard 3.5kgs and like wat a mummy suggest, will cut into smaller slice to serve the guests :p
Ive already ordered from birthday direct, joined the same spree from PPP, I will source ard at concourse too.
The minimum order for clairs will be $100, theres a business thread on Amosco, maybe u can get the organizer, Kylie to help u, shes a nice lady J

Hi ppp
I am meeting Jodie on this wed, I will be going from harbourfront to raffles place to meet her at 1 during my lunch time.
Where did u stay? I am working in harbourfront and staying in amk. I can help u to collect and meet you at dhoby ghuat 630pm or any MRT along the way if u want J
I dun think mine can even walk by tat time, maybe she can just join in the fun by watching other children play..haha..

Hi Lin
Tks for your info J I think I have to be v kiasu as her birthday falls on Dec, a Sat. If I did not plan early, I think most places will be taken up :p
Tat time her full month celebration, falls on 01 Jan, we had a hard time trying to find a decent place..haha

Hi smurferoos,
We also look forward to see ur pics! Do share with us!
thks lin n melody for the feedback..hehehe..my boy's bday party finally over..i ordered prom pine gardens too..2 tier cake...1st tier lychee martini n 2nd triple layer choc..and so far...gd feedback from the guests..hehe..and wat a relief...just some pics to share with u all...
Hi dsii,

Wow...Your cake is sooo..................nice!!!!!!!!!!! Look like a toy!! U brought the decor urslf? Did you design it yourself???

How much does it cost??
bestwishes, smurferoos
hehe..thks thks...
yes i bought the decor at BIY ...no lah..me not so artistic to design leh....i just told them wat i want loh...like the colours i told them i wan bright bright one...hehehe

my cake i chose 2 flavours..and both is 35/kg..so hor..mine is 2kg...and the cake is $70...then artistic chrgs $20 and $10 for delivery..so total i paid Pine garden $100..then hor..the decor i boughtfor $20..so total $120...
Hi Dsii, the cake is really very nice!!!! The B.I.Y website said it is located at Bukit Timah Road but BT road is sooo long. Can you tell me which part of BT road it is located at?
thks for the compliment..hehehe...
i didnt go to BIY myself..one of the mummies drive so i tompang her to get for me leh..so i oso dunno where is the exact location...sorry ah..cant help
Hi dsii,
The cake really very nice! The alphabets also bought by you??

How long in advance do you need to tell them the design you want?
Hi Mommies,

So for buffet, Pine garden or smiling orchid better?
Seems like for cake, Pine garden has better reviews?
Any other selection?
Getting lost now, will order the agar agar cake from James & DIY bday decor at my house....
ppp, apple
thks for the compliment

apple, the alphabets all from pine garden...i oly bought those animals lollipops and the lamb..the duck and the mushrooms...and some other small small animals u saw sticling on the car at the lower tier
Dear Mummies,
I will be celebrating my gal's bday on 11 aug. But till now hv decided on the caterer yet. Hv anyone ever cater from YLS before?

Wow your bdae cake really tempting. BTW the decor from BIY can keep for how long?
hmm..i kept the decor for a week..b4 i passed them to pine gardens..that was 3 days b4 my boy's bday party...and total abt 10days...as long as no direct sunlight..keep in cool places..(no need put fridge) then ok...
HI cecelia,
I also celebrating my dd 1st birthday on 11th aug...wat a coincidence....I m considering neo garden or mei hao99 for the catering...
High5... Mine now shang nao ching over caterer cos last min hub invite malay frend. If nt oredy set mind on YLS catering.
So therefore now look high... low... for malay caterer
u can look for delihub caterer...i used them cos i oso invited few malay frens loh..they are halal..sister company of neo gardens..just that neo garden not halal..they are...their chicken rendang very gd...got gd compliments..and oso pineapple rice...u tell them u are doing 1st bday...got 10% dicount leh...
u go n see look their webbie lah...and service very gd...the staff sending the food n collect thef ood all very frenly one
Hi dsii,
I also ordering from delihub this coming Sunday. Check with you, is the 1st bday discount on top of the 10%off that already stated on the website? Cos i didnt tell them we celebrating 1st bday. So only 10% off :p
oic..hee..hee...i thought so good got total 20% off for 1st Bday. I ordered SinChowMeeHoon, now see you mentioned pineapple rice nice...i itchy want to change, but think too late to change liao..I ordered Curry chicken instead of the chicken rendang, hope it will be nice too.
For Dessert, I take Seacoconut Longgan instead of the Chief Recommendation Almond Jelly Longgan, cos I getting Jelly from MsChan already.
Basically I choose almost all is the Chief Recommendation, 1st time ordered from them so play safe lor.
hmm..desserts i ordered the sea coconut with cocktail..then rendang..then pineapple rice..hmm..then got braised tofu, sotong yutiao..mixed vege..and wat ah??? hmm/...oh..the soon kueh is nice...
Hi mummies

Other than kiddy palaces, any other places to buy nice pretty party dresses?

Kiasu me started to plan for her outfit :p
did u try tom n stephanie? hmm...think there is a BP going on...party dresses..very nice leh...
Tks dsii,

I will try T&S, the BP ar..u dun quite like it, think maybe I will try department stores
Hi dsii, okay here are some of the cake photos. Beside the cake I also ordered a Poohbear jelly from MsChan, and all the guests comments are very nice and not too sweet, they even asked me isit I made it myself..haha...

The buffet from Delihub is far way better than the caterer for my previous Full month celebration. Especially the curry chicken...yummy yummy.

I also ordered helium for my balloons. Too bad, at the end of the party, Accidentally a few of the Mylar balloons 'escape' out of the car boot...sob..



Thanks a lot for the food's recommendation.

Wow, looks like your planning for the party is v successful. How much u pay for d helium for ur ballon?
no problem..another satisfied costomer..so u can 'fan xin' to order from them liao..hehehe

hehe...curry chicken nice ah? then next tiem i can order curry chicken n u can try their rendang..hee,,,nice cake and nice setup leh...
Hi tweety

Tks for the pics, it's so pretty! The balloons look so nice!
I am thinking of balloons but my ger is v timid, if burst, she sure cry :p
In total I spent $92 for the helium. They came to the function room to fill up the balloons with helium. I got 20 pcs of 12" latex balloons, and abt 10+ pcs of different sizes Mylar balloons :p

Ya curry chicken yummy yummy. Next time I will order from them again, and will try the rendang. Their food presentation is quite nice too. But the drinks not enough. I already predicted the drinks will not be enough cos i ordered less than the number of persons. Kept reminding myself to buy extra drinks, ended up still forgot. So at the later part when the guests eating their cake, no more drinks left... Luckily still got the seacoconut dessert.

The balloons won't burst so easily one. Especially the Mylar. Can be re-use many many times. Too bad my nice one Mylar balloons flew away. So heart pain when I saw my 23" Poohbear in the sky.
Hi Tweety

I like your cake
! Where did you order from? May I know where do you get the sesame street characters from and how much does each one costs?

Thank you. I ordered the cake from PineGarden. Those sesame street figurines on the cake are provided by PineGarden. As for the 4 figurines that are on the sides of the cake I got them from overseas site by joining one of the Sprees. Birthday Direct have it also, but seems like it currently OOS. You can see from the link here:

The Pooh bear scene setter is really a good form of decoration. Once it was pasted on the wall, the function room became very 'colourful'. I got the Scene Setter from Birthday Direct. You can see the link here:
hi tweetybird,
may I ask who/which company you've got to do up the helium balloons??? they go to your venue to do it for you??
thank you very much for sharing!!! your ds must have had a wonderful bday... e decor was really bright n cheerful!!!
Yup, they brought the helium tank to the party venue. I just need to pass them all my balloons, on the spot they filled them up with helium. I got the service from here: http://www.grefio.com.sg/

I think only the adults and bigger kids will know how to enjoy the party and appreciate the decor. My boiboi may not know what is going on yet..hee..hee..
When he grows up then show him the photos, he will then know how mummy&daddy have celebrated for him on his 1st bday.
Hi Tweetybird,
Did u give Pine Garden the cake design or they diy for u?
How much time did it require to fill up the balloons with helium?
hi tweetybird,
thank you very much for e contact!
ya... i agree tat our babies probably won't know how to appreciate n enjoy e party... for me, its my ds's "only" chance of having his own party.. cos im expecting #2, EDD 1month away from ds1's birthday... so next yr onwards they'll be "sharing" parties liaoz....

I emailed PineGarden requesting them to send me their 1st birthday cake designs. This is one of the designs they sent to me. I just need to tell them what extra things I want to add in to their existing design.
Quite fast, within half an hour they filled up all my balloons.

Congrat on ur #2!!
Towards the end of the party. My boi kept rubbing this eyes. He is so tired and sleepy after posing for photos with relatives & friends.