1 year birthday Celebration


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Hi ALL , juz wan to know how u ppl planing to celebrate the 1 YEAR old birthday ?i was thinking of chalet but seems like too troublesome. my parents say function room will do. Anyone got other ideas ??

Hi Olsen some friends did a bash in a hotel, while some just kept it low key, go to a restaurant for a meal. I am doing it at function room, where there is a pool nearyby so kids can have water play and a playground.
hey, i also celebrating my son's 1st birhtday this coming weekend at downtwon east. also have catering and BBQ food for my guest.
Hi Hi,

My girl's birthday is coming soon too(next mth). **faint**....no idea what to do at all too.
Looking high and low for 3D cake. Anyone can help?
Ecreative(cake shop) do have very nice 3D cake design but I personally feel that their charging abit too high. From $180 - 3kg cake they up their price to $210. So now looking for another cake shop loh. Cracking my head to think of venue too. I think concentrateon the 1 yr old birthday cake 1st la hor heehee.....Buffet line can always arrange it at my house BBQ area.
Guess I will plan my DD 1st birthday party at home. I have about 70 guest, will do it at the BBQ area (buffet line) at my house downstairs.
After the buffet dinner all the guest will proceed back to the house for the cake cutting.
Feel that it will be easier for the baby if the celebration place is nearer to home. The baby can sleep anytime she wants(in her own bed). And also all the presents can be place at home. Can foresee the trouble if the celebration is done at the restaurant or chalet. After the whole thing we still have to carry all the presents back home.
It's a joyful occasion so we plan to make the whole planning part carefree and easy too.
Just book the venue downstairs, look for a 3D design cake (any suggestion where to find a cute and delicious 3D design cake?), look for a caterer, decorate up both the home and buffet line area and lastly send out invitation cards......Wala....that's it.
i know coffee bean has 3D cakes, i tried the Ecreative cakes before...only so so....i am also looking for a nice bday cake, so if you have any suggestions, pleae let me know...thanx in advance.
...thank you! I am suprise that coffee bean do sell 3D cakes.
Ya...I saw on the web site for Ecreative cakes. I feel that the price is a bit on the high side.

Yup...will keep u posted if I come across other nice birthday cakes.
Thanx. In fact Jack's Place and Cedele Depot also have 3 D cake and cheaper. But don't know which one taste better. Do let me know your choice. I think i will go with Coffee Bean...at least for now. But still looking around.
I am wondering is there any nice resturant that provides a small cosy area as well as buffet in affordable price for per pax.
Hi Sumrferoos,
Will keep u posted which cake shop I will be using. My girl 1st birthday celebration is on July. What about yours?

Hi bestwishes,
Heehee....good....at least venue problem solved.

Thanks for the infor anyway.
I guess I will stick to my home area.

Easier this way.
Hi Carmen,

My daughter's Bday also in July, 4th July, her second bday. What about your baby. I think i like secret recipe but too bad they don't entertain cartoon designs....sigh...
Wow Wow tks for the info, my gal bday is in Dec. After u organised your party there do u mind sharing the experience & pics?

Hey Carmen

I finally order the bday cake from Cake Avenue. a 2Kg customised cake for $100. Very reasonable, they have lots of 3D cakes too. You can try.
Ahhh...yours in dec too...still tot I can hear your experiences b4 booking....My gal will b 1YO on 3Dec.
I paid $100 for her bday cake of 2kg. Sorry, her bday is in July, so no pics yet! But they are willing to listen to your ideas and work with you. Hopefully the cake will turn out nice. But i try the cake, rather yummy.

4th jul coming soon...must be very happy celebrating your daughter birthday...I think we parents more happy then our bb..hehe...

U mention this is second birthday for your daughter that mean your daughter two years old already right? How about her first birthday?
Yeah you are right, i am really happier than her, it means i have survived and also enjoyed another year with her! hahaha! but my daughter also quite excited about her cake and her party, and of cos the presents :p

Her first bday was a very small affair with only me and my hubby's immediate family members. So only 6 people. This year, slightly more elaborate, invited some of the friends. Think i am very lazy :p

What about you? When is baby's bday? DD or DS?

hehe...u not lazy la....u see this year birhtday u put in a lot of effort to get her a nice cake....hope to see your DD's birthday pic soon.

Mine is DD and her birthday is on 8 Nov! Will be getting chalet @ National service Club and now collect info see order what cake for her.
Hi Mummies,

Wah...looks like I miss out alot. heehee.....
My girl 1st birthday celebration is on 21st July.
Yup...I totally agreed with you, we mummies seems to be more excited than the baby. hahahaha....

Wah....Smurferoos ur darling 2 yrs old already huh? Looks like ur baby is the lao da here.
Pls do share the pic with us ok.
Will check the web site out for Cake Ave cake shop. Check with you, can we provide them our own 3D cake design to them? and ask them to follow my design instead?
What about deco? Do u guys intend to decorate up the place? Where to get all the deco stuff. There is 1 at Raffles City but the deco stuff there is a bit too ex. Any suggestion?
Will keep u guys posted too if I find anything nice.

Thank you!

I just placed order from one of the oversea spree this two items:



1st one is U$4.99 n 2nd one is U$3 before adding shipping chrg. U saw these two things there? Just wanna to know it is more cheaper to order on-line or vice versa.


Cakeavenue provides free delivery for your birthday cake? if no, how much they charge? went to thier website just now, some designs r quite nice.
Wow! PPP those deco really very very nice, I am sure you daughter's party will be very nicely decorated!. I am very IT idiot one, how to place order for it har?

I think Cake Avenue deliver, but i am not sure how much they charge, cos i will be picking up the cake myself as i live near there.

Carmen, they can customised the design you want, even if it's 3D! but i think they need at least 1 week. So if you are keen, must quicky show them the design, esp if it is very complicated

Anyway i went to Concourse today to buy toys and things to put into her giftpacs for her guest at the party, and i saw some not to bad deco, they are very cheap, but definitely not as nice as PPP's one. I think Party US also sell those deco, but more pricer but nicer. If you are looking for cute candles, can try bake it yourself.

Have fun planning the party!

haven received the things yet....really hope that the deco is as nice as its pics....sometimes pic can be deceiving.
I bought some dresses on line. Some good but some really lousy quality! so now I m a bit scared lioa...only spend on items not more than $20...hehe...

U can go to the "Marketplace & Exchange Corner: Spree (Overseas sites only)" n search for the thread that u r interested in.The thread will provide u the spree's website address and from there u can search for the items suit u.
Starting I m also very blur but now get used to it liao...can say that it is a bit risky to make order there as it is all depends on trust....

Thanx! Yeah i guess it is a bit risky! Remember to tell me if the deco is nice! Don't worry i am sure it will be
And thanx for your advice...will be extra careful
Hi @dora

Our babes's birthdate are only 2days apart! NP, I will definitely share the pics here

Hi smurferoos
Thanks for sharing! I am getting for my ger's 1st birthday. Actually I am considering Prima Deli's cakes too, seems yummy!
Ur daughter is so smart! Only 2 years old and she already noe alot of things!

Hi ppp
I've placed the order of birthday decor from birthday direct too, I think we joined the same spree! I've not sourced from places like Bugis, Concourse yet, any good buys over there?
I am thinking of doing some goodies bags for the kiddies.

Anyone who have good ideas on birthday ideas, pls share too.

No problem.
u too remember to take more pics on your gal's birthday and show us here.


Is it? then we will receive our items at the same time!.
I no time to do shopping...I think will try to go the places that u mentioned when free......
Hi Bestwishes
Just go straight to concourse, cos they have 4/5 shops side by side, so 1 place can buy everything. I bought yoyo (12 for $3), bday pacs (20 for $7.8), Noisemaker (12 for $3), 12 Jigsaw puzzle (12 for $5), and some other stuffs, really quite cheap, even the sweets and raisins are quite cheap. Alot of teachers go there and buy presents for their student during childrens' Day. They have prepacked goodie bags too, but for bigger kids cos they have ruler, pencils etc..
My daughter is very talkative! she can't stop talking, in fact my hubby call her little radio :p

PPP, yep yep will take pics and show you guys! Hopefully the cake is nice!

You guys must take pics and share too!
Hi Bestwishes,

Can check with you for the children playroom that you mentioned, is it applicable for booking on weekends? Is the price of $200 + 7% GST for public or member? Thanks
Hi Mummies,


You can check out this web site http://www.birthdaydirect.com/theme-party-c-50.html
Got to know this site from motherhood forum too. 1 of the mummy mention it over the chit chat.
I think the price is around the same as what you have paid for. Not very sure. You can check it over the web site mention above. All the designs and price are there.

I like what you have order too. So sweet and nice.
But I feel that if order too little it will not be enough to hang around. If order too many it will definitely cost a bomb. And the price is a bit ex too.

Hi Smurferoos,

Thanks for the feedback. Will definitely show them the design quick. Have you taste the cake before? Nice?

Hi Bestwishes,

No question already. I've called up and checked the details. Thanks alot for the recommendation, really like the idea.
Hey Carmen,

I tried the cake, not too bad, they have 2 kinds of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse and chocolate fudge. I tried both, quite yummy. But i still prefer Lana Cakes, too bad they don't customise. Her cake is not 3D, just a simple rectangle, with rainbow and lots of colourful mushrooms. That's what she wants! So have you confirm the place and design?
I really love Lana Chocolate cake, but they are always close, they are close from sat to tues! and must always book their cakes in advance. Actually the Jane's Cake shope at jalan kayu quite nice too...but lana still the best! My daughter's first bday is from Lana, book 1.5 weeks in advance, even though it's just a very simple design...
Hi Smurferoos,

I think I will be ordering the 3D cake from coffee bean. The design is a pink mushroom house with some fiery on the roof top. The cake look small on the net. But intend to check with them if they can upsize it for me.
I attached the link. See if you can check out the design.


Ooooo...yes totally agreed. No chocolate cake can fight with Lana Chocolate Cake. Yummy...Yummy....
But like what ur guys mention, that shop is either close or if you just walk in, (have to try your luck) very high chance come out empty handed.

Need to call and reserve.
Hi Carmen,

I wanted to order the mushroom cake initially, cos so cute and my daughter likes it too and the price also very reasonable. But some of my friends said that the cake not very yummy...please let me know ok. But i am sure your gal will like it, cos so so adorable, even i like it!
I think more or less I will order the cake from Prima Deli unless there's a better choice.

My friend ordered for her gal's bdae and it's nice and pretty. I prefer something more cartoony, heehee..

So Bestwishes, what is the cartoon design of your cake? Will it be chocolate cake? Their Chocolate cake is quite yummy...