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Hi Ladies,

I am writing this thread to personally recommend my awesome Gynae Dr Liana Koe. Honestly, i didn't have a gynae before i got pregnant. I had to handpick one at Mount A due to urgent condition. From my personal experience i learned 1 thing, the gynae i found at Mount A i didn't quite felt the connection with her and i hesitated to ask her questions. The check up will be done within 10 minutes including the scan. When she does the pelvic and ultrasound scan she was so rough. So i spoke to my friends and they recommended KKH and that was where i met Dr Koe. She is professional, fast, and explained to us the step by step actions to take. Trust me being pregnant for the first time there are not many things you would know about. I appreciate Dr Koe for explaining to me and my hubby in details. Most importantly she is patient and she takes precautions to advise us about my health complications. I felt so comfortable with her that was the most important thing for me. Honestly, the long waiting at KKH as a private patient was super draining and tiring but seeing Dr Liana Koe made us feel at ease. I had done my surgery with Dr Koe, LOL i was crying in the OT fearing for the unknown, then she wiped my tears, held my hands and reassured me that everything will be fine and now i am fully recovered. The thought about going back to KKH for checkup scares me because of the waiting time, then Dr Koe said we wont be seeing her anymore and my case will be transferred to another gynae. I ask her why and she said she is moving to Stog Practice at Thomson Medical Center. We told her we would like to continue seeing her. So now we are following her to TMC. So if you want a good, caring, understanding, knowledgeable gynae she is the one. Lol i am not promoting her lah but just dont be like me tikam tikam choose gynae anyhow. I wasted close to $1500 on scans and checkup on my first gynae. Good things must share. Go google about her then you know what i am talking about. Later if you dont get slots with Dr Koe, dont say i never say hor.. She is also quite popular. Attached a pic of Dr Koe checking up on me post surgery

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