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    Have you read about the abnormalities percentage? It is extremely low. Compared to iui which is an absolute waste of precious time and money, getting abnormal baby thru ivf is more difficult than getting pregnant thru iui
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    Gynae Recommendations

    That's nice to know he tries to avoid additional costs for patients. Do you know if he is pro natural with epidural or c section? I know some gynae favor 1 more than the other
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    Gynae Recommendations

    Do You mean against choosing. Dr freda
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    Gynae Recommendations

    Is his fees higher than others? And is waiting time long?
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    Mount E? Mount A? TMC?

    Following. Interested to know too
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    For mummies in search of gynae in 2020/21!

    Hi do you know if dr sim is pro natural birth with epidural? How much would her package cost and is the waiting time long?
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    Gynae Recommendations

    Any doc pro birth using epidural to recommend?
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    May 2021 Mummies

    Hi may mummies Have You decided which hosp and gynae? How do you do price comparison amongst so many private hospitals and gynae?
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    Total cost for confinement with a confinement lady

    Thanks for the info Wow, haven't start work already start asking for a ang pow
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    Anyone doing IVF in 2020?

    Exactly. I just read in the IUI thread that doctor in kkh insist a patient to try iui again. It is okay if patient wants to do iui. However, if it isn't, I feel that doctors who insist patients to do iui never put themselves in patient shoes. They dont know how much tears we cried and...
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    Dislike to read about another doctor insisting patient to go through SO-IUI, let me guess, is it a young male doctor? So easy for these people to insist when it's not their time money and tears
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    Morning sickness

    Have you tried to eat passion fruit? I find that it goes down well even though feeling nauseous
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    Anyone doing IVF in 2020?

    That's what i told my husband. So he's the one doing ivf injections for me and doing all the grocery errand for ivf diet. That's the way he is sharing the "burden". For my IUI i have high hope of succeeding because there isn't any big problem for both of us (unexplained fertility) and was...
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    Anyone doing IVF in 2020?

    My take on IUI is always the same. It is an utter waste of money, time and effort that could be better channel into IVF which has much higher chance. If you ask me, i will always say no to IUI to save your disappointments and tears. IUI don't seems any closer to being "natural" too. If it's...
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    Do you guys buy baby clothes from China? Is it safe?

    Nowadays almost Everything is made in China. I went to mothercare and their baby clothes are so expensive. Not just the price, online have more variety too. Do you buy baby clothes from taobao or ezbuy? Any safety concern? If so, a wash in the washing machine would rid any toxic in those baby...