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    Nausea during pregnancy

    I experienced horrible nausea and sometimes vomitting in my first trimester (up till mid second trimester) too... Just have to avoid taking the things that would trigger... Avoiding rice(yes oddly rice) and sour stuffs did the trick for me.. You have to recognize the triggers which would usually...
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    2016/08 August babies

    Hmm.. Good idea to get a baby sitter too but have to really find a reliable one... Not sure about subsidy for baby sitters though...
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    Recommendations Maternity Insurance

    I got the prudential one which unfortunately is a ILP. I think you can check out Great Eastern, which does not have ILP. But I think the policy is limited to a three year coverage only. After that you have to get another insurance plan for the baby.
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    2016/08 August babies

    Hihi, yes only after when your baby has a birth certificate then you can register on the waiting list. It is very hard to get into centres in the sengkang and punggol area due to the large numbers of young families there. Just try your luck and hopefully you can get a slot. Usually if you drop...
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    2016/08 August babies

    My gynae also shared that mine is most likely a boy but need to reconfirm again in the next month's scan
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    Any Good Confinement lady to be recommend

    Looking for confinement nanny too :) any good recommendations? Prefer 9-6pm arrangement for the confinement nanny as my family can help to look after the baby at night. But open to exploring stay in nannies too.
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    Any reviews on PEM Confinement Agency?

    Hi everyone, just sharing my experience with PEM thus far- I wrote in to enquire about their confinement nanny packages, only to find myself bombarded with phone calls by this lady named "hui" who, at the very first point of my enquiry, already wanted me to lock down a date for their consultant...
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    Childcare questions.

    Hmm.. Then that is pretty odd then.. If there is only 5 children in the class, surely something can be done.. Its a relatively small group..
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    Childcare questions.

    Hi there fellow mummy, does this issue of drinking water only happen in school or is it a struggle that is also faced at home? If it is a struggle that is also faced at home then it would be the same struggle that the teachers face in school too. Bearing in mind that the teachers don't only have...
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    Please recommond a good gyne in Gleneagles Hospital

    Dr Lee Keen Whye- fatherly gynae with tonnes of experience. :) offers practical tips too!
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    Mount E Novena VS Gleneagles

    Bumping this up too as I'm keen to hear more about Glen E. Thanks in advance!
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    First trimester loss of appetite

    In my first trimester, I had to take only soft food or soupy stuff. Each time I ate things with rice or if my meal is slightly filling, I start to feel sick.. Although they say that it is good to take small meals, I'm working in a rather hectic environment and it is just not possible to take...
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    2016/08 August babies

    Nope I don't know my baby's gender yet. Wasn't able to tell at my 13th week scan as baby had legs crossed in front. Was told by my gynae that he will be able to tell me the gender by my next visit in mid March. Really looking forward to it :) Then again, it doesn't matter if it is a boy or a...
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    Support Group - Endometriosis and Fibroids.

    Thank you Sunbelle :)
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    Support Group - Endometriosis and Fibroids.

    Thank you :)