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    Is there any shop?

    Westgate shopping mall, there is a shop named Moley Apparels selling family wear.
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    Unwed Mum

    Hi mayb u k consider putting the baby up for adoption instead of aborting him or her?
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    prenatal/ postnatal depression

    I had post natal depression after the birth of my son in 2015. The first 3 month after my son birth was really hell for me , I was even admitted to the hospital for attempted suicide but it was also after my stay in the hospital that I recovered in leap. It is good that you recognizes that you...
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    IVF/ICSI Support Group

    Hi all, We did our 1st IVF in 2014 n my boy was born in 2015. We are planning to do another round of IVF. Just want to check is it the same adminstrative procedure as the 1st round IVF? (We didnt hv any frozen from the first round) As my first IVF was 4 long years ago, I just want to also ask...
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    2nd IVF

    Hi, I hv gone thru IVF in 2014 n successfully give birth to my boy in 2015. We intend to try second round of IVF to give my boy a sis or bro. But we are quite worried because after my boy, I had serious post natal depression thus just like to check what preventive measures we can take to prevent...
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    Still emotionally depressed despite seeking help

    Your going to be ex husband not paying you any maintenance fee?
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    LO Coughing

    Hi plainmilk, thanks for ur reply n advise. May I know where I can get the bluetooth monitor?
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    LO Coughing

    Thanks 3As, I kinda no luck with them, whenever I want to bring my lo to see the doc there, the doc is either on leave or having conference overseas....
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    LO Coughing

    Recently, lo hv been coughing badly at night,to the extend vomit out, tried the vick method even applying theivies essential oil on his feet but nothing works. Appreciate if u can share what k be done? (Special remedies) or Which pd do u bring ur lo to? We live in Jurong....
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    (2015/05) May 2015 Mummies

    Hi all,has been quite a while. Recently, lo hv been coughing badly at night, tried the vick method even applying theivies essential oil on his feet but nothing works. Which pd do u bring ur lo to? We live in Jurong....
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    Prenatal depression

    Why dont leave since so unhappy? If u are too unhappy, it will affect ur baby too.
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    Will you quit?

    Thanks all. I know I wont be continuing this job as I know there will not be any prospect for me. Quite sad but cant imagine having to budget here n there if I quit now. N really not willing to give up my bonus and let her win (Guess she wants me to go without my bonus). Guess I will endure till...
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    Will you quit?

    7 more mths. Sure k get.
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    Will you quit?

    I have been working for this lady boss for a year over. In the beginning, she was very nice but soon she treat me badly. She ask me why I was so fat before. She called me stupid before and once there was a discussion with a asst mgr, a senior exec n me (exec) but she just " excuse me, (my name)...
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    Blessing breast milk

    Hi riri104, you k consider donating ur milk to the premature baby whose mother die in a traffic accident on 14th may 17. The 25yr old msian lady who was 6mth preg when she was knocked down by a lorry.