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Now You Can Afford to Protect Your Family with the Highest Possible Coverage against Accidents and COVID-19

There’s no question that the global pandemic we’re in the middle of has changed our lives in many ways. And adapting to the post-COVID-19 era will likely take even more doing. Yet silver linings are still on the horizon. For instance, we’ve all received a stark reminder of what’s really important — keeping our loved ones safe. To help us in this quest, SingSaver has just launched the specially designed and exclusive FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease Coverage for less than $0.30 per day.

COVID-19 Coverage

With this new plan, you can get coverage for infectious diseases not typically covered under your average personal accident insurance. It’s a pretty comprehensive list of diseases, including Dengue, HFMD (hand, foot and mouth disease), and of course, COVID-19.

Let’s say you — touch wood! — contract COVID-19 or any of 24 infectious diseases on the list, either locally or overseas. You can claim up to $1,000 (Singapore) or $2,000 (overseas) in both inpatient and outpatient medical expenses. The plan also boasts the highest payout in the market for permanent disability and death from infectious diseases at $50,000.

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TCM Included


One of the most unique benefits of this policy lets you claim up to $500 for non-conventional treatments in Singapore. This means that additional treatments by your Chinese physician, including acupuncture and bone-setting, are covered. Yes, this includes physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions too!

And that’s on top of inpatient and outpatient medical expenses coverage at up to $2,000 (Singapore) or $4,000 (overseas) for personal accidents. For permanent disability and death arising from accidents, the payout is also double at $100,000.

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Daily Hospital Cash Allowance

If you unfortunately require a stay in the hospital, you’ll receive daily cash supplements to cushion the blow a little. That’s $25 per day for infectious diseases — yes, including COVID-19 — and $50 per day for personal accidents. For up to 365 days, no less. If your condition is serious enough to be warded in an ICU, the daily hospital income is doubled.


And it doesn’t stop there. The comprehensive two-in-one plan covers you both in Singapore and when you travel overseas. It extends to ambulance fees, overseas emergency medical evacuation, personal liability, funeral grant, and more. Parents can also rest assured that with the “guardian angel benefit”, the death benefit payout goes directly to your children.

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No Occupational Premiums

If you work in a high-risk environment, you probably already know that your insurance premiums are generally higher too. In fact, occupational loading can increase premiums by up to a whopping 80 per cent! Luckily, the SingSaver Exclusive: FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease Coverage plan doesn’t discriminate. No matter what your occupation is, everyone pays the same low price.

There are only a few basic qualifying conditions. First, you have to be a Singapore citizen, permanent resident or valid pass holder under the age of 65. Secondly, you haven’t travelled outside of Singapore for at least 14 days before purchasing this policy. Finally, you have not tested positive for COVID-19, or been required by a doctor or the Singapore government to self-quarantine.

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SingSaver Exclusive: FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease Coverage

SingSaver Exclusive: FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease Coverage

If you fulfil those conditions, then what are you waiting for? Get yourself protected for a year at just $98, inclusive of GST. Cover both yourself and your spouse for a 5 per cent discount at $186.20. Mums and Dads, protect your entire family at $252 (based on two adults and two kids) — that’s 10 per cent savings!

With such affordable premiums and the risk of contracting COVID-19 not going away anytime soon, it’s a no-brainer. Furthermore, a 24-hour helpline gives you extra peace of mind, no matter where you are in the world. Getting coverage is pain-free too.

Simply click here to create a SingSaver account, complete an application, and make a (secure) e-payment. Just three easy steps to switch on the SingSaver Exclusive: FWD Personal Accident and Infectious Disease Coverage for you and your family!

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