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August 2013

DIY: Teachers’ Day Scented Pouches

I’ve been noticing scents more of late. The fresh smell of grass in the morning, the scent of freshly brewed coffee and oh, how I love the clean smell of my kids after a shower. But there is nothing like the smell of lavender or lemongrass that relaxes me and sometimes even changes my mood.

So I thought it would be nice to create a gift for the teachers in our lives that work so hard and certainly deserve a rest. These scented pouches are perfect for adding a sweet fragrance to their desk drawer or to simply freshen up their bag or car.
Here are the materials that you need (I got them all at Daiso):

  • pretty cloth
  • pom pom trimming, twine, ribbons
  • cone-shaped incense
  • scissors
  • round cotton pads or balls
  • rubber band (not pictured)

If you would like to make this with your child, I would encourage you to bring them along with you as you shop for materials or perhaps, give them a choice in selecting the fabric, ribbons and trimmings that you use. They will enjoy this process and it is certainly a fun way to involve them in the process.



1. Begin by cutting the cloth into squares that are approximately 23 cm x 23 cm. You can use a pencil to draw a line on the cloth to make it easy for your child to follow as they cut. (Please use your own judgement as to whether your child is able to handle the scissors otherwise you can prepare the cut squares in advance)


2. Then ask your child to assist you by placing a few pieces of round cotton pads or cotton balls on the cloth. This will help to create the shape of the pouch. Then have them drop a few incense cones in the middle.


3. Lift up the cloth and place it in your fist. Wrap your fingers upwards around the cones and use a rubber band to secure the cones inside. (Parents may need to assist with this step)


4. Using twine or ribbon, tie a bow around the cloth. You can then remove the rubber band. (Parents may need to assist with this step)


5. Wind a little pom pom trimming around the pouch and tie a knot.


And there you have it! Little scented pouches for for the teachers who lovingly care for our kids each day. Don’t forget to add a nice note to thank them and hopefully, the light fragrance from the pouches will help to ease off the tension that they face day to day.

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DIY: Teachers’ Day Scented Pouches