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July 2011

Dapper Dad: Ken Loon

Ken Loon, 36, Country Manager, and dad to Kiefer Tan, 7

When it comes to style, what gets you going?

Comfort… I’m lazy.

What’s your standard (i) working outfit; (ii) weekend outfit?

Working – either white long-sleeved shirt or black T-shirt with dark jeans + optional blazer. Weekend – T-shirt + volcom shorts. I like the quirky design.

What do you never leave home without?


Which label do you always have in your wardrobe?

Pimabs… for the proper fit. They were recommended by a friend. I have 15 shirts and four suits from them and I love my three-piece pinstripe suit. I can’t really remember how much it cost, but it should be around $2,000.


What’s on your lust list right now?

I just got it yesterday! A Shimano Cyber Nexus! Next on the list will be a SRM training system for my bicycle.

What heirloom or legacy will you be leaving for Kiefer to inherit?

Hmm… seriously… nothing… haha!

What has been your greatest dad moment so far?

When Kiefer planned and bought me a birthday present (with half of his daily allowance) this year! It was a pencil with an eraser cap and a cola sweet.

What life lessons do you want to teach your son?

Never give up…

What is it that women don’t get?

Nothing really.

What’s your hidden talent?

Drawing. I love to use Holbein oil pastels. I spent half my life studying fine art and exhibited a couple of times many years ago, but stopped drawing once I started working. Rain was the last subject I focused on. This went on for more than five years and I experimented in both 2D and 3D, including installation. I only draw on T-shirts now… just for Kiefer.

What is one of your favourite traits and how would you market it?

This is tough… can I skip?

Set the scene in your ideal bar with the right meal, drink, soundtrack, and author.

My future bar… The Naked Finn (which will be opening in Sentosa Cove hopefully in April 2012), grilled crustaceans, iced oolong tea, Chet Baker or Tom Jobim… I don’t read fiction.

Favourite holiday destination? Future planned destinations?

Maldives… for the scuba diving, water villas, and hermit crabs. Future: Roses in Spain… to dine at Rafa’s, which is Ferran Adrià’s (self-described “deconstructivist” cook, head chef of the El Bulli restaurant in Spain, and considered one of the world’s greatest chefs) favourite restaurant, for the simple unadulterated seafood.

What’s on constant rotation in your iPod/music player?

Recently, ‘I’ll Try Anything Once’ by Julian Casablancas.

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Dapper Dad: Ken Loon