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December 2023

CNY 2024: Top 30 Yusheng, Pen Cai & Reunion Feasts for the Year of the Dragon

The lunar Year of the Dragon takes flight on 10 February next year. Most families will be holding their reunion feasts on the day or days leading up to it, while festivities and gatherings generally continue up to the 15th day of the season. Whether you prefer to dine out or order in, these auspicious yusheng platters, prosperity pen cai (treasure pots), and bounteous reunion feasts will help you usher in a rawr-some CNY 2024 with a bang!


1. Special Charred Lobster Yee Shang with Yuzu Sauce – Crown Prince Restaurant, Aranda Country Club

Toss to good fortune with the Special Charred Lobster Yee Shang with Yuzu Sauce (from $68) from Crown Prince Restaurant. The lightly seared lobster offers a smoky exterior while keeping the meat succulent. This elevates the Fortune Abalone Yee Shang (from $48) option.

Then delve into Abalone Poon Choi, Angelica Herbal Roasted Duck, and Lotus Leaf Rice with Waxed Meat. These and other authentic Malaysian zichar specialities make up a series of set menus (from $388) for takeaway or dine-in.

Dine-in & takeaway from 29 Jan to 24 Feb 2024 (10% off takeaway sets from 1 to 15 Jan 2024)

2. Prosperity Yusheng with Boston Lobster Tail, Aburi Scallop & Fruit – Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade

Available at Crystal Jade Palace, Crystal Jade Golden Palace, and Crystal Jade Pavilion, poached Boston lobster tail and torched raw scallops crown this year’s rendition (from $138). Also featuring prominently are red dragonfruit, green mango, longan, jackfruit, and dried apricot. Okinawa acerola juice-infused plum sauce and scallion oil make for a refreshing dressing.

Each Crystal Jade restaurant offers a variety of CNY 2024 set menus (from $138 per person or $388 per table of 4), so good luck picking one. From Crystal Jade Palace’s Premium Loin Rib Marinated with Cointreau to Lobster Soup Xiao Long Bao at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, there’s something for every fam.

Dine-in & takeaway from 19 Jan to 25 Feb 2024 (early bird specials till 18 Jan)

3. Fortune Gold Flakes Yusheng – Golden Peony, Conrad Centennial Singapore

Golden Peony, Conrad Centennial Singapore

Golden Peony’s rendition, the Fortune Gold Flakes Yusheng ($188), features a medley of prized ingredients. These include lobster, baby abalone, crispy whitebait, golden coin chicken bak kwa, fish skin, and fresh fruit. Other Fortune Yusheng (from $68) platters are also available.

If you’re dining in, savour set menus (from $138 per person or $1,698 per table of 10) starring dishes that pay homage to the Dragon Year. These range from Dragon Grouper Steamed with Black Bean Sauce and Ten Years Mandarin Peel to Chilled Dragon Fruit Pudding. The Roasted Suckling Pig Stuffed with Fried Chicken Kimchi Fried Rice is another must-try.

Dine-in & takeaway from 15 Jan to 24 Feb 2024

4. Premium Dragon Dance Yusheng – Jade, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

CNY 2024 at Jade, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Usher in soaring success with the Premium Dragon Dance Yusheng ($988). Chinese executive chef Leong Chee Yeng meticulously arranges it to depict traditional dragon dance, complete with the ‘Pearl of Wisdom’. Signature house-made golden cubes of champagne jelly lend a glistening finish. Or go with the slightly more restrained Gold Rush Dragon Yusheng (from $78) in three sizes. Both come with Norwegian smoked salmon.

Jade’s CNY 2024 menus (from $98 to $268 per person) feature new highlights such as Deep-fried ‘Swiftlet Nest’ Hokkaido Scallop with Spiced Salted Egg Yolk. Sautéed Sliced Dragon-Tiger Grouper with Foie Gras and Dragon Beard Noodles with Braised Minced Meat Sauce are other must-tries.

Dine-in & takeaway from 19 Jan to 25 Feb 2024 (25% off selected takeaways till 28 Jan)

5. Dragon’s Wealth Yusheng – Man Fu Yuan, InterContinental Singapore

Man Fu Yuan, InterContinental Singapore

Upholding Man Fu Yuan’s tradition of welcoming the Lunar New Year with a 60-inch yusheng, Dragon’s Wealth Yusheng ($888) doesn’t disappoint. A majestic dragon head and tail accompany rock lobster, sea urchin, ikura, dried Hokkaido scallops, salmon sashimi, and fish skin. Honey miso golden peach dressing and four lucky digits complete the showstopper. While this is exclusively available for dine-in, you can also opt for less extravagant yusheng selections (from $88).

For fuss-free dining, a range of prix-fixe menus (from $158 per person or $888 per table of 5) will spoil you with Man Fu Yuan signatures. Highlights include the Abundance Treasure Pot, Double-boiled Collagen Soup, and Tea-smoked Roasted Irish Duck.

Dine-in & takeaway from 15 Jan to 29 Feb 2024 (20% off till 25 Jan)

6. Harvest Yusheng – Peach Blossoms, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Singapore

CNY 2024 at Peach Blossoms, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Singapore

Only for dining in, Peach Blossoms’ Harvest Yusheng (from $188) takes lohei to the next level. Diners get to smash a nitrogen-infused rose into a medley of kanpachi, abalone, crispy whitebait, and organic mixed fruits. Alternatively, explore the array of yusheng options (from 98) for both dine-in and takeaway.

Six specially curated set menus (from $168 per person or $2,388 per table of 10) feature the likes of Double-boiled Geoduck and Chicken Mousse Soup, Applewood-smoked Irish Duck, and Snow Crab and Wild Mushrooms with Japanese Pearl Rice. Don’t miss the bountiful Blossoming Abalone Treasure Pot too.

Dine-in & takeaway from 22 Jan to 25 Feb 2024 (20% off takeaways till 23 Jan)

7. Auspicious Dragon Yusheng – Shang Palace, Shangri-La Singapore

Auspicious Dragon Yusheng – Shang Palace, Shangri-La Singapore

Exclusively available for dine-in at Shang Palace, this showstopper Auspicious Dragon Yusheng ($238) is set to impress. Fresh vegetable strands form an endearing image of the mythical creature’s face, while smoked salmon and jellyfish complete the platter. Other options (from $69.80) include Fortune Yusheng with Smoked Salmon, Poached Lobster, Hokkaido Scallops, and South African Abalone.

Experience an imperial Lunar New Year with a selection of 8-course set menus (from $188). Highlights range from Pan-fried Foie Gras and Roasted Suckling Pig to Braised Bird’s Nest Soup. If you dine during lunch hours from 10 to 24 February, you can also enjoy enticing dim sum delights such as Steamed Cod Fish Dumpling with Deep-fried Garlic, Baked Abalone Pie, and more.

Dine-in & takeaway from 29 Jan to 24 Feb 2024 (up to 20% off takeaways till 21 Jan)

8. Prosperity Fugu and Salmon Roe Yusheng with Fresh Greens – Si Chuan Dou Hua

Si Chuan Dou Hua

Hold onto your chopsticks, because Si Chuan Dou Hua is the first in Singapore to serve fugu yusheng ($198)! Don’t worry, the fugu comes from Shimonoseki, where only specially licensed chefs handle the famed pufferfish. What a way to celebrate the Year of the Dragon!

You can also partake in indulgent set menus (from $108 to $388 per person) at Si Chuan Dou Hua restaurants. Highlights include Waxed Meat Rice with Foie Gras and Salted Egg in Lotus Leaf at TOP of UOB Plaza, while over at PARKROYAL on Beach Road, don’t miss Stir-fried Sea Cucumber with Asparagus and Silver Fish Sauce.

Dine-in (links above) & takeaway from 8 Jan to 24 Feb 2024 (up to 30% off from 8 Jan to 4 Feb)


9. Prosperity Yusheng – Tajimaya Yakiniku

Tajimaya Yakiniku

Tajimaya Yakiniku’s Prosperity Yusheng (from $88) features a vibrant platter with up to six different sashimi varieties. The likes of hamachi, tuna, akami, swordfish, salmon, and salmon belly get a drizzle of ume honey dressing. It makes for a sweet way to toss to the Lunar New Year with a touch of Japanese flair.

For dine-in, go to town on their signature yakiniku platters starring exceptional Japanese A5 Wagyu and fresh ocean catch. Enjoy the authentic Japanese grill experience as you usher in CNY 2024 with loved ones.

Dine-in & takeaway from 15 Jan to 25 Feb 2024

10. Boston Lobster & Ikura Yusheng with Passion Fruit Sauce – Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dragon with Xin Cuisine’s stunning Boston Lobster & Ikura Yusheng ($268) showpiece (top image). Tangy passion fruit sauce brings a zesty dimension to the dish, harmonising the delectably sweet lobster meat and salmon roe. Four other yusheng options (from $68) featuring salmon, abalone, and even vegetarian abalone, are also available.

For dine-in, seven distinct set menus (from $118 per person) feature a variety of Cantonese delicacies. Highlights include Whole Roast Suckling Pig, Baked King Prawn with Lemon Sauce, and Lobster Ee-fu Noodles.

Dine-in & takeaway from 29 Jan to 24 Feb 2024 (15% off takeaways till 21 Feb & 20% off dine-in from 3 Jan to 8 Feb)

11. Crispy Golden Eel & Yellowtail Yusheng – Ya Ge, Orchid Hotel Singapore

Ya Ge, Orchid Hotel Singapore

Building on the bounding success of last year’s yusheng with bunny puddings, Ya Ge introduces raspberry-flavoured dragon puddings for CNY 2024. The auspicious creations rest atop crispy strips of eel, yellowtail, the requisite trimmings, as well as passionfruit and kumquat dressing.

Following the roar-some toss, set menus (from $88 per person to $1,888 per table of 10) boasting showstopping dishes await. Think Braised 5-head Abalone with Golden Oyster Fortune Bag, Royal Eight Treasures Gourd-shaped Stuffed Duck, and Stewed Hong Kong Noodles with Australian Lobster. There are bountiful takeaway sets (from $468) too.

Dine-in & takeaway from 15 Jan to 24 Feb 2024 (10% off takeaways from 1 Jan)

12. Kaleidoscope of Prosperity Yusheng in ‘Shun De’ Style with Australian Lobster – YÀN


Herald heights of prosperity with YÀN’s headlining Kaleidoscope of Prosperity Yusheng this year. Its signature ‘Shun De’ style yusheng features a mountain of crackling vermicelli, purple and yellow sweet potato, pickled ginger, and gold flakes, atop a halo of vegetables. In honour of the year’s zodiac animal, succulent lobster completes the ensemble.

Six dine-in set menus (from $128 to $268.80 per person) feature highlights such as Golden Pumpkin Broth with Dried Fish Maw, Conpoy & Bamboo Pith, and Steamed Live Marble Goby Fish with Shredded Salted Vegetables & Taiwan Cordia Tree Seeds. Or enjoy Prosperity Salmon Yusheng, Barbecue Combination Platter, Braised 6-head Abalone and Fish Maw, and more in the takeaway Family Feast (from $432 for 4 persons).

Dine-in & takeaway from 29 Jan to 24 Feb 2024


13. Bountiful Treasures Pen Cai – Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Bountiful Treasures Pen Cai – Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

A perennial family favourite, this Bountiful Treasures Pen Cai ($328) is a sumptuous claypot of delectable treasures. Expect baby abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, conpoy, dried oysters, prawns, sliced Australian barramundi, braised pork belly, fatt choy, wolfberries, and more slow-cooked overnight in collagen-rich pumpkin gravy.

Complement it with takeaway set menus (from $298) that showcase special festive dishes. Also available individually, they include Stir-fried Jumbo Prawns with Black Pepper Sauce, XO-glazed Iberico Pork Ribs, Dang Gui Roast Duck, Lotus Leaf Steamed Chicken, and more.

Takeaway only from 1 Jan to 21 Feb (25% off for a limited time)

14. Prosperity Pen Cai – Dian Xiao Er

CNY 2024 at Dian Xiao Er

Meticulously created by the experts at Dian Xiao Er, this Prosperity Pen Cai (from $238) is a bowl of seafood treasures. It captures the essence of prosperity with premium abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, mushrooms, and dried scallop. The fish roe fortune bag and fresh soy knot tie the umami delight all together.

For a heartwarming reunion meal, choose from three set menus (from $168). Look forward to auspicious dishes such as Smoked Salmon Yusheng and Prosperity Pineapple Pork Ribs. Also, each CNY set comes with an XL Red Packet with exclusive Dian Xiao Er merchandise for extra joy!

Takeaway only from 8 Jan to 24 Feb 2024 (early bird rate of $218 till 12 Jan)

15. Braised Whole Spring Chicken, Stuffed Whole Dace Fish & Sea Treasures in Pot – Min Jiang, Goodwood Park Hotel

Min Jiang, Goodwood Park Hotel

Savour the rare delicacy of dace fish alongside spring chicken, 8-head abalone, dried oysters, fish maw and more. After deboning, the original form of the fish is recreated with a blend of fish paste, liver sausage, and black moss. It is then steamed and deep-fried till crisp, before completing this decadent treasure pot ($422.90).

Dine in the elegant Windsor Ballroom with an eight-course menu ($188 per person) of gourmet classics and festive specials. Or indulge in an array of set menus (from $159 per person or $1,288 per table of 10) at Min Jiang, starting with the Dragon Prosperity Blessings yusheng with lobster, 6-head abalone, salmon sashimi, and jellyfish flower.

Dine-in & takeaway from 18 Jan to 24 Feb 2024 (20% off takeaways till 4 Feb)


16. Traditional Pen Cai – JUMBO Seafood

JUMBO Seafood

JUMBO Seafood presents a pot of goodness ($198) spilling over with prized ingredients. Dig into seafood treasures like 5-head abalone, fish maw, conpoy, and live prawns. The feast continues with shiitake mushrooms, pig tendons, sea cucumber, and fatt choy. Also available at Zui Teochew Cuisine.

Complete your feast with Celebration Sets (from $318 per table of 4) catering to groups of 4 to 10 diners. The menus feature Chilled Live Prawns, Scallops in Yam Ring, and of course, the Award-winning Chilli Crab.

Dine-in & takeaway from 26 Jan to 25 Feb 2024

17. Grandeur Treasure Pot – Paradise Group of Restaurants

CNY 2024 at Paradise Group of Restaurants

This Grandeur Treasure Pot ($288) is a classic featuring premium abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, conpoy, dried oysters, and black moss. Available at Seafood Paradise, Paradise Dynasty, Canton Paradise, and Paradise Classic. Paradise Teochew and Taste Paradise will also serve up their own renditions of the luxurious 10-head Abalone Treasure Pot (from $388).

Each Paradise Group restaurant also offers curated dine-in menus (from $248 per table of 4), comprising auspicious dishes to augur good fortune and health. Don’t forget to toss the Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng too.

Dine-in & takeaway from 22 Jan to 24 Feb 2024 (10% off takeaways for selected credit cards)

18. Royal Seafood Pot – Red House Seafood Nanyang

Red House Seafood Nanyang

For a decadent yet comforting meal at home, the Royal Seafood Pot ($328) is a no-brainer. It consists of quality fish maw, fresh scallops, crab, lobster, tiger prawn, fresh clam, and baby Shanghai cabbage. But the star is the threadfin fish stuffed with minced pork. Fans of the classic pen cai may prefer the Treasure Pot (from $328) instead, which includes sea cucumber, 8-head abalone, and more.

Just in time for CNY 2024, Red House Seafood Nanyang reopens in Clarke Quay, joining the outlets at Grand Copthorne Waterfront and the Esplanade Mall in presenting celebratory menus (from $598 per table of 4). New creations include Alaskan King Crab served Two Ways and Crispy Roasted Chicken with Flaxseed & Sesame. Of course, there’s also the Prosperity Salmon and Coral Seaweed Yusheng.

Dine-in & takeaway from 8 Jan to 25 Feb 2024

19. Abundant Fortune Pot – Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro

Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro

Dining at home? Then bond with your loved ones over the Shisen Hanten Abundance Fortune Pot ($518). It delivers delicious delicacies including pork knuckle, whole abalone, fresh scallops, sea cucumber, live prawns, and dace fish balls. But that’s not all! You even receive a complimentary Salmon Yusheng and Wok-fried Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausages, Crispy Sakura Shrimps, and Shisen Hanten Signature Chilli Sauce.

For dine-in, eight themed set menus (from $158 to $388 per person) promise to impress. Start with Yusheng with Dragonfruit Sauce, Abalone, and Minced Pork. Other highlights include Crab Roe Foie Gras Chawanmushi with Bird’s Nest and Braised Pork Ribs in Red Glutinous Rice Wine with Red Mantou.

Dine-in & takeaway from 22 Jan to 24 Feb 2024

20. Lobster Abalone Abundance Pot – Soup Restaurant

CNY 2024 at Soup Restaurant

For the first time, Soup Restaurant launches the Lobster Abalone Abundance Pot (from $368) in homage to the Dragon year. Lobster — imported from Western Australia — sprawls across a pot that brims with premium seafood, as well as a moreish lobster collagen broth. Furthermore, every order comes with a free Baby Abalone Yusheng.

It also features in selected CNY 2024 dine-in menus (from $128 for 2 diners or $688 per table of 10) and the Reunion Takeaway Set ($438). Other highlights include Steamed Rice with Chinese Sausage & Snow Vegetables, and Scallop with Celtuce & Cloud Fungus. Of course, no meal at Soup Restaurant would be complete without its signature Samsui Ginger Chicken.

Dine-in & takeaway from 29 Jan to 24 Feb 2024

21. Prosperity Treasure Hot Pot – YUN NANS


Experience the perfect harmony of flavours with the Prosperity Treasure Hot Pot (from $328) from YUN NANS. Exclusively for dine-in, it features a sumptuous golden broth meticulously stewed for six hours. Auspicious components range from superior abalone, sea cucumber, and scallops to bamboo pith, yam, and cordyceps flowers.

It also appears in selected set menus (from $388 per table of 4), alongside Yunnan-style sour and spicy Steamed Tiger Grouper, ‘Bi Feng Tang’ Style Pork Ribs with Truffles, and Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf. Each feast starts with Prosperity Abalone Yusheng and ends with Freshly Baked Rose Pastry. A Take-home Festive Set ($348) is also available.

Dine-in & takeaway from 1 to 24 Feb 2024


22. Auspicious Fortune Pot Set – Keng Eng Kee (KEK) Seafood

 Keng Eng Kee (KEK) Seafood

Dine in the comfort of home with KEK Seafood’s Auspicious Fortune Pot Set ($468) for 10 persons. Consisting of premium ingredients such as 10-head abalone, scallops, fish maw, and sea cucumber, the Fortune Pot also comes with Tobiko Seafood Ee-fu Noodles, and Fortune Yusheng.

Or feast on its CNY 2024 menus (from $568 per table of 5), which begin with the symbolic Fortune Yusheng. Also enjoy the likes of Steamed Garoupa, Premium Collagen Soup, and Abalone and Chinese Mushrooms with Vegetables.

Dine-in & takeaway from 29 Jan to 24 Feb 2024

23. Prosperity Pot – Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant, Carlton Hotel Singapore

CNY 2024 at Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant, Carlton Hotel Singapore

The award-winning Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant unveils the new Prosperity Pot (from $198) this year. The sumptuous dish brims with meticulously prepared abalones and slow-cooked pork belly. It joins the classic Longevity Poon Choi (from $488) in symbolising abundance and good fortune.

More opulent delicacies complement CNY 2024 set menus (from $468 per table of 4) featuring authentic Cantonese cuisine. Don’t miss the likes of Eight Treasure Soup, Pipa Duck, and Lotus Leaf Seafood Rice.

Dine-in & takeaway from 29 Jan to 24 Feb 2024 (10% off takeaways from 5 Jan to 9 Feb)

24. Luxurious Feast Pot – Yang Ming Seafood

Yang Ming Seafood

The auspicious pen cai has risen in popularity in recent times. Yang Ming Seafood’s rendition ($328) comprises 16 ingredients, starting with abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, scallops, and prawns. Joining the seafood are pig trotter, braised duck, pork belly, mushroom, and more.

Set menus (from $568.80) showcasing the restaurant’s signature Andrew Lobster are also available. Indulge in your choice of Australian or Boston lobsters poached in a house-made sauce and served on a bed of silky chee cheong fun. More CNY staples, such as Prosperity Abalone Yusheng, HK-style Red Grouper, and Lotus Leaf ‘Lap Mei’ Rice, await.

Dine-in & takeaway from 29 Jan to 24 Feb 2024 (free can of 6-head abalone for Feast Pot & set menu pre-orders by 20 Jan)


25. Reunion Takeaway Hotpot Set – Beauty in the Pot

Beauty in the Pot

Does your family love the classic steamboat reunion dinner but you just don’t have time? Then this Reunion Takeaway Hotpot Set ($358) for five is the answer. It even comes with Prosperity Abalone Yusheng, a complimentary electric twin pot, and disposable tableware. Choose from Beauty in the Pot’s signature broths to enjoy with over 20 fresh ingredients, including Hokkaido fresh scallop, dried fish maw, and Nagano pork collar.

Takeaway from 22 Jan to 25 Feb 2024

26. Double Happiness Hotpot – Black Knight Hotpot

CNY 2024 at Black Knight Hotpot

Alternatively, let Black Knight Hotpot simmer up a bubbling CNY 2024 celebration. Multiply the good fortune with the Double Happiness Dual Soup Base featuring two all-new options: Tomato and Tom Yum. Elevate your feast with the new 9-Style Box ($52) that packs beef tripe, beef tendon, pork intestines, fish dumplings, and more. The new Live Lobster Yusheng ($128) makes a great starter too.

Dine-in & takeaway from 1 to 24 Feb 2024

27. Lunar New Year Set Menu – Chatterbox


Spend your reunion at Chatterbox with this set menu ($318) for four. Firstly, toss to prosperity with the Chatterbox Yusheng. Next comes a mini appetiser set of Chicken Satay, Kueh Pie Tee, and Lemon Butter Prawns. Then Grilled Pork Ribs with Fruit Sauce and Fried Mantou, Steamed Sea Perch, and Braised 8-head Abalone, Mushrooms, Fish Curd and Seasonal Vegetables follow. Finally, tuck into Mandarin Chicken Rice and Glutinous Rice Balls in Red Bean Soup.

Dine-in from 9 to 24 Feb 2024


28. Takeaway Set Menu – One Farrer Hotel

One Farrer Hotel

One Farrer Hotel makes CNY 2024 family reunions at home easy with the Takeaway Set Menu ($258) that feeds four. Firstly, usher in prosperity with Signature ‘Fatt Choy’ Yusheng and Bountiful Treasures ‘Poon Choi’. Then enjoy Abundance Mongolian Pork Ribs, Szechuan-style Stir-fried Prawns, and Braised Flower Mushroom with Fish Maw and Broccoli. Finally, Wrapped Glutinous Rice with Dried Shrimp, Chicken, and Mushroom completes the feast.

Takeaway from 5 Jan to 16 Feb 2024 (25% off till 2 Feb)

29. Prosperity in a Pot – Tablescape Restaurant & Bar, Grand Park City Hall

CNY 2024 at Tablescape Restaurant & Bar, Grand Park City Hall

Tablescape’s Prosperity in a Pot ($188) is a showstopping centrepiece teeming with treasures. Delicacies of abalone, Boston lobster, scallops, slipper lobster, king prawns, pork belly, mussels, and Avruga caviar fill the pot. Savour the rich bounty alongside Roasted Duck, Glutinous Rice with Chicken in Lotus Leaf, and of course, Lobster Yusheng.

Dine-in & takeaway from 29 Jan to 24 Feb 2024

30. Joyous Chinese New Year Home Feast – Verandah Rooftop Rotisserie, Momentus Hotel Alexandra

Verandah Rooftop Rotisserie, Momentus Hotel Alexandra

Curate your own happiness with Verandah Rooftop Rotisserie’s Joyous Chinese New Year Home Feast (from $78 per item). Begin with Prosperity Yusheng with Cured Salmon, alongside Thai green mango, green papaya, marinated jellyfish, fish skin crisps, pork skin crackers, and yuzu kumquat sauce. Then try the Black Garlic & Truffle Pork Belly Char Siew or Kumquat Honey Glazed Rotisserie Chicken. Finally, taste tradition with Fragrant Chinese Cured Meat Lap Mei Fan.

Takeaway from 15 Jan to 24 Feb 2024

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Featured image: Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

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CNY 2024: Top 30 Yusheng, Pen Cai & Reunion Feasts for the Year of the Dragon