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December 2022

CNY 2023: 35 Unique Yusheng for Huat-warming Family Reunion Dinners

In case you didn’t know, Chinese New Year is exactly four weeks after Christmas 2022. Yes, the first day of the Year of the Rabbit falls on 22 January, which means it’s time to plan your reunion dinner(s). For most of us, the first course involves the ritual tossing of yusheng, traditionally a raw fish salad. Each element of the dish and each step of the process symbolises a blessing we hope to invite into our lives in the coming year. Besides, who doesn’t like bunny rabbits? Toss these vibrant and flavourful yusheng as high as you can and have a huat-derful CNY 2023!

1. Artemis Lo Hei with Salmon and Ikura Caviar

yusheng CNY 2023 - Artemis Grill & Sky Lounge

Have a truly east-meets-west Chinese New Year at sky-high Mediterranean dining concept Artemis Grill with its yusheng prosperity toss. Each set includes salmon and ikura caviar to be tossed with pickled wakame, red cabbage, carrot, sesame, peanut, daikon radish, tapioca cracker, and gold leaf. Or upgrade to the premium set which adds Hamachi and Hokkaido scallop. You can also opt to add on No.25 Oscietra caviar for extra indulgence.

From $68; for dine-in only from 10 January 2023 at Artemis Grill & Sky Lounge

2. Kingfish Sashimi and Sake-braised Black Abalone Yusheng

yusheng CNY 2023 - Bedrock Origin

Taking inspiration from its idyllic coastal locale, Bedrock Origin presents a delectable yusheng dish. Besides naturally sweet kingfish sashimi, it also features slices of New Zealand wild black paua abalone. This delicacy is slow-braised in sake for six hours till tender. Keeping things classic, the dish is also replete with quintessential ingredients from shredded daikon to fried yam strips.

$88; for dine-in only from 16 January 2023 at Bedrock Origin, Oasia Resort Sentosa Hotel

3. Prosperity Yusheng with Arctic Clam, Salmon, and Crispy Fish Skin

Cherry Garden, Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Toss to prosperity with Cherry Garden’s classic rendition of the ubiquitous dish. There are five options in total, including the opulent Triumph Yusheng with sweet shrimp, salmon, caviar, and black truffle. For ultimate indulgence, Spirited Yusheng with Atlantic salmon, Canadian lobster, and Oscietra caviar headlines the Hennessy V.S.O.P CNY Edition dine-in menu.

From $88; for dine-in & takeaway from 16 January 2023 at Cherry Garden, Mandarin Oriental Singapore

4. Chopsuey Lucky Lunar ‘Lo Hei’ with Trout and Gold Leaf

yusheng CNY 2023 - Chopsuey Cafe

This wholesome variation is Chopsuey Cafe’s healthy take on the traditional prosperity toss. It features a symphony of flavours, such as trout, kale, celeriac, sprouts, red radish, blueberries, and wild rice. Finally, a sprinkling of real gold leaf to auger auspicious beginnings. Enjoy it as an add-on to the Joyous Reunion Menu or as part of the Abounding Abundance Menu.

From $18; for dine-in & takeaway from 9 January 2023 at Chopsuey Cafe (book by 31 December for early bird specials)

5. Golden Harvest Sea Cucumber Yusheng

Crystal Jade Palace, Crystal Jade Golden Palace & Crystal Jade Pavilion

Every year, Crystal Jade Group Executive Chef Martin Foo creates a special yusheng to complement the selection of set menus. This year’s sees a riff on the savoury Shunde style with chilled braised Australian sea cucumber. The moreish version also incorporates ingredients such as frisee lettuce, ice plant, kaffir lime leaves, dried persimmon, and jellyfish heads.

From $138; for dine-in & takeaway from 4 January 2023 at Crystal Jade Palace, Crystal Jade Golden Palace & Crystal Jade Pavilion (up to 28% off pre-orders till 3 January 2023)

6. Gyu Sheng with A4 Miyazaki Wagyu

yusheng CNY 2023 - Fat Cow

The playfully named Gyu Sheng offers melt-in-the-mouth slices of A4 Miyazaki wagyu, chuka kurage, chuka wakame, uni, ikura, and caviar. Toss these with white radish, carrots, pickled gingers, and tangy goma ponzu sauce to beckon good fortune to your side. Fat Cow’s unique take on yusheng is perfect for fans of its premium Japanese wagyu.

$99; for dine-in & takeaway from 16 January 2023 at Fat Cow

7. Fortune Gold Flakes Yusheng with Baby Abalone, Lobster, and Mock Bak Kwa

Golden Peony, Conrad Centennial Singapore

Golden Peony’s signature yusheng features a medley of premium ingredients including baby abalone, lobster, and mock bak kwa. These add to the vibrant mixture of requisite pickles and fresh vegetables such as ice plants. Topping it all off, crispy white bait, fish skin, and gold leaf flakes to signify blossoming fortune ahead.

$188; for dine-in & takeaway from 2 January 2023 at Golden Peony, Conrad Centennial Singapore (10% off for selected credit cards)

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8. Abundance Yu Sheng with South Africa Abalone, Lobster, Scallop, Coral Clam, and Ice Lettuce

Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific Singapore

Executive Chef Ricky Leung of Hai Tien Lo presents four indulgent yusheng platters. The dine-in exclusive Abundance Yusheng features South Africa abalone, lobster, scallop, coral clam, and ice lettuce. On weekends, enjoy a complimentary Double Blessing Yusheng with Smoked Salmon and Crispy Silver Fish and all-you-can-eat dim sum at the Lunar New Year Weekend Buffet. Two other varieties are also available for dine-in and takeaway.

$288; for dine-in & takeaway from 6 January 2023 at Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific Singapore

9. Hainanese Steamed Chicken Yusheng

Celebrate with limited-time Hainanese dishes with a modern twist courtesy of The Hainan Story. Its Hainanese Steamed Chicken Yusheng starts with a salad of fresh carrot, green radish, and purple cabbage, and pickles of cucumber, yellow winter melon, and leek. Besides the requisite toppings and seasonings, steamed chicken lends an extra touch of succulence. Toss it all with fragrant Hainanese pineapple sauce for extra ong.

From $28.80; for dine-in & takeaway from 1 January 2023 at The Hainan Story (10% off for OCBC cardmembers)

10. Gold Rush Yusheng with Norwegian Smoked Salmon and Champagne Jelly

Jade, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Jade Chinese Executive Chef Leong Chee Yeng introduces new dishes inspired by the rabbit’s lovable qualities. But first, his signature Gold Rush Yu Sheng, featuring a hand-drawn rabbit motif and Chinese calligraphy. Pick from Norwegian smoked salmon or plant-based salmon, alongside champagne jelly, shallot oil, and kumquat dressing. A premium version, meticulously arranged in the image of a white rabbit, is also available.

From $78; for dine-in & takeaway from 3 January 2023 at Jade, Town Restaurant & The Courtyard, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore (25% off takeaway pre-orders till 2 January 2023)

11. Crispy Yam with Salmon Prosperity Yusheng

yusheng CNY 2023 - Joyden Canton Kitchen

Toss to a new year of happiness and prosperity with Joyden Canton Kitchen’s traditional yusheng. This classic rendition features velvety slices of smoked salmon and yam strips with a piquant plum sauce. You can also top up $10 to add slices of abalone to the mix. Dine-in customers receive a set of Prosperity Red Packets and an exclusive Prosperity Cushion with minimum spend of $50 and $130 respectively.

From $68; for dine-in from 2 January & takeaway from 8 January at Joyden Canton Kitchen (up to 15% off in-store takeaway pre-orders with minimum purchase of 2 items)

12. Kinki’s Ultimate Yusheng with Salmon, Tuna, and Swordfish

yusheng CNY 2023 - Kinki Restaurant + Bar

Fish represents abundance and prosperity, so Kinki takes it to the next level with three different types. First, rosettes of fresh salmon, tuna, and swordfish sashimi are topped with briny ikura and tobiko. Then dried wakame and deep-fried crabstick add crunch to shredded fresh vegetables, pickled daikon, and diced beetroot — red for luck! Finally, aromatic truffle oil, sesame dressing, and Sakura fish floss seal umami within this ultimate toss.

$88; for dine-in from 16 January 2023 at Kinki Restaurant + Bar

13. Kuriya Signature Yusheng with Healthier Base

yusheng CNY 2023 - Kuriya Dining

Kuriya Dining presents two opulent yusheng platters of the freshest seafood catch and sashimi selection. Lobster, snow crab, Japanese abalone, scallop, fatty tuna, amberjack, sea bream, salmon, and ikura grace the Signature Yusheng. The Prosperous Yusheng also stars medium fatty tuna and tiger prawn. Further customise the decadent dish with the healthier base, which features the likes of lady’s finger, celery, beansprouts, and capsicums.

From $128; for dine-in & takeaway from 5 January 2023 at Kuriya Dining

14. 60-inch Prosperity Rabbit Yusheng

Man Fu Yuan, InterContinental Singapore

Man Fu Yuan continues to uphold its tradition of welcoming the Lunar New Year with a 60-inch yusheng. This time, the Prosperity Rabbit Yusheng comes in the shape of the Chinese character for rabbit (兔). Adorning it are mini abalone, lobster, sea urchin, ikura, dried shredded Hokkaido scallop, salmon, and crispy fish skin. Refreshing honey pink guava dressing, shallot oil, and granolas complete this bountiful dine-in exclusive. Of course, more modest yusheng platters are also available for smaller gatherings.

$588; for dine-in & takeaway from 16 January 2023 at Man Fu Yuan, InterContinental Singapore

15. Maze Lohei

Tokyo’s most popular maze-soba restaurant chain is famous for its thick and chewy wholewheat noodles. Just for this season, Menya Kokoro’s signature noodles are deep-fried to form crispy, golden crackers for the perfect prosperity toss. They top a medley of cured mackerel, amaebi, jellyfish, tamagoyaki strips, wakame, shredded white daikon, yellow preserved daikon, and more. Finally, a sweet-tangy plum and yuzu sauce ties it all together.

From $16.80; for dine-in only from 5 January 2023 at Menya Kokoro

16. Five Blessings ‘Lo Hei’ with Lobster, Abalone, and Hokkaido Scallops

Min Jiang, Goodwood Park Hotel

Min Jiang’s bountiful yusheng stars lobster, six-head abalones, raw salmon, Hokkaido scallops, and crispy salted egg yolk fish skin. More unique accompaniments include purple shiso, pink baby radish, deep-fried sweet potato strips, and edible flowers. Master Chef Chan Hwan Kee personally adorns the platter with beautifully hand-painted artwork of bunnies in a bamboo grove. Four other variations of Prosperity Yusheng are also available.

$298; for dine-in & takeaway (presentation differs from dine-in) from 4 January 2023 at Min Jiang, Goodwood Park Hotel (20% off takeaways till 15 January 2023)

17. Auspicious Abundance ‘Lo Hei’ with Salmon, Abalone, and Osmanthus Jelly

Min Jiang at Dempsey

Bunnies and carrots abound in this masterpiece by Master Chef Goh Chee Kong of Min Jiang at Dempsey. Sure to appeal to all generations, raw salmon belly and salmon slices transform into carrots, while osmanthus jelly form adorable rabbits, complete with goji berry ears. An arrangement of abalone and tobiko resemble a lotus flower too. Finally, deep-fried crackers comprising of spring roll skin and Vietnamese rice paper coated in salted egg and pork floss add extra crunch and umami.

$238; for dine-in & takeaway (presentation differs from dine-in) from 4 January 2023 at Min Jiang at Dempsey

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18. NOBU Style Yusheng with Apricot Miso Sauce and Crispy Yuba

Toss to a year of soaring success and good health with NOBU Style Yusheng. Exclusively available in Singapore, it features the first-of-its-kind Japanese-Peruvian yusheng. The vibrant platter of hand-cut vegetables showcases premium ingredients, such as salmon, apricot miso sauce, and crispy yuba. Elevate the celebrations with luxurious lobster and abalone options from NOBU’s list of fresh catch and seasonal produce.

From $118; for dine-in from 15 January 2023 at NOBU Singapore, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

19. Harvest Yusheng with Nitrogen-infused Blossom

Peach Blossoms, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Singapore

Peach Blossoms’ Harvest Yusheng is Executive Chinese Chef Edward Chong’s refreshing take on the Chinese saying “花开富贵” (flower blossoms to fortune and prosperity). Diners smash open a nitrogen-infused rose to reveal a mountain of kanpachi, abalone, crispy whitebait, and mixed organic fruits. This is exclusively available for dine-in, alongside four other varieties for dine-in or takeaway.

From $138; for dine-in & takeaway from 15 January 2023 at Peach Blossoms, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Singapore (20% off takeaway pre-orders till 8 January 2023)

20. Yusheng Pizza

At PizzaExpress, even yusheng takes on a pizza twist. A thin and crispy pizza crust serves as a platter for house-made passata and Spanish red onions, alongside classic yusheng staples of smoked salmon, julienned baby romaine, red radish, daikon, carrot, cucumber, red hilli thread, candied winter melon, crispy golden pillow crackers, and a bold, tangy calamansi plum sauce. All pulled together with stringy mozzarella cheese, of course!

$38; for dine-in & takeaway from 5 January 2023 at PizzaExpress outlets

21. Healthy Yusheng with Kiwi, Tangerines, and Cantaloupe

yusheng CNY 2023 - Racines

Not into seafood but love the tradition of the festive toss? Then this beautiful Healthy Yusheng may just be your answer. It features a combination of mixed fruits such as kiwi, tangerines, cantaloupe, apples, honeydew, and shredded vegetables. Alternatively, have a joyful reunion at Racines with springtime set lunches and dinners, featuring the classic Smoked Salmon Yusheng. An oriental semi-buffet dinner is also available on weekdays.

$128; for dine-in & takeaway from 9 January 2023 at Racines, Sofitel Singapore City Centre (takeaway pre-orders open 23 December; 15% off till 15 January 2023)

22. Prosperity Salmon and Ice Plant Yusheng

yusheng CNY 2023 - Red House Seafood

Singaporean heritage restaurant Red House Seafood presents an array of seasonal delights to welcome the festivities. This luxe ice plant yusheng features salmon slices, as well as turnip, pomegranate seeds, and deep-fried yam strips. Toss it in the tangy house-made sauce that uses fresh dragonfruit, passionfruit, and plum paste. An abalone version is also available in various set menus and for takeaway.

From $58; for dine-in & takeaway from 9 January 2023 at Red House Seafood (early bird discount applies)

23. Hu Say with Hamachi by Chef Damian

yusheng CNY 2023 - Rempapa

Hu Say, the Teochew name for yusheng, is an auspicious dish inspired by the recipe from Chef Damian’s Peranakan grandmother. This refreshing rendition features fresh hamachi slices with kumquat and fresh cili kerinting on a bed of shredded local lettuce, radish, Chinese celery, coriander, deep-fried preserved radish, and cucumber. It headlines the selection of celebratory fare led by heartfelt narratives from Chef Damian and his team.

$18; for dine-in from 9 January 2023 at Rempapa

24. Restaurant JAG’s Yusheng with Cured Salmon, Smoked Scallops, and Marinated Prawns

yusheng CNY 2023 - Restaurant JAG

Michelin-star Restaurant JAG’s yusheng sees vegetables take pride of place alongside cured Scottish salmon, smoked Hokkaido scallops, and marinated Japanese shrimps. This ultra-luxe version also features raw and house-pickled vegetables such as orange and black carrots, yellow and red beetroots, green and red radishes, daikon, and cabbage. A dressing of blood orange is enlivened with sea buckthorn, while watercress crackers, peanuts, sesame, and gold leaf complete the dish.

From $128; for dine-in only from 5 January 2023 at Restaurant JAG

25. Eight Happiness Gold Rush Yusheng with Fruits and Sashimi

Hop into the Year of the Rabbit with SENS Dining’s very colourful yusheng. Bucking the trend of showcasing mostly vegetables, the fruity version features up to 12 different varieties of fruits. Each offers a refreshing bite to balance thick slices of salmon, swordfish, and hamachi sashimi. SENS uses a sweet house-made plum sauce and olive oil for a healthier spin.

$68; for dine-in only from 6 January 2023 at SENS Dining

26. Black Truffle Yusheng with Sashimi

Welcome a prosperous Lunar New Year with SENSHI’s Black Truffle Yusheng. It’s available in three sizes for dine-in, while the largest size is available for takeaway and delivery. The classic yusheng dish is elevated by a luxurious black truffle sauce. You can also spruce up your yusheng game with sashimi add-ons, including amaebi, hotate, otoro, salmon, salmon belly, and abalone.

From $38; for dine-in & takeaway from 6 January 2023 at SENSHI Sushi & Grill (30% off for dine-in till 13 January 2023)

27. Auspicious Rabbit Yusheng with South African Abalone, Hokkaido Scallop, and Scottish Smoked Salmon

yusheng CNY 2023 - Shang Palace

Beckon a prosperous new start at Michelin-star Shang Palace with this showstopping limited-edition Auspicious Rabbit Yusheng. Bunny aside, this dine-in exclusive features South African abalone, Hokkaido scallop, and Scottish smoked salmon. Less extravagant versions are also available for dine-in and takeaway. These feature combinations of Norwegian smoked salmon, poached local lobster, and crispy fish skin.

$388; for dine-in & takeaway from 9 January 2023 at Shang Palace, Shangri-La Singapore (15% off takeaway pre-orders till 8 January 2023)

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28. Fuji Soba Yusheng with Soba, Abalone, Salmon, Amberjack, and Ikura

yusheng CNY 2023 - Shimbashi Soba

At Shimbashi Soba, even yusheng takes on a soba twist. Both freshly cooked and fried versions of the buckwheat noodle add contrasting textures to the dish. They jostle for attention with abalone, fresh salmon and amberjack sashimi, ikura, shredded vegetables, and house-made yuzu sauce. It’s available in two sizes, Fuji (large) and Yuki (small).

From $56.80; for dine-in & takeaway from 27 December at Shimbashi Soba

29. Abundance Treasures Yusheng with La Zi Ji

Abundance Treasures Yusheng with La Zi Ji - Si Chuan Dou Hua

Si Chuan Dou Hua at PARKROYAL on Beach Road premieres its first-ever Abundance Treasures Yusheng. Along with abalone and smoked salmon, it features its Signature La Zi Ji! Otherwise known as Chong Qing Diced Chicken with Dried Chilli, the crispy and spicy addition will have mouths a-watering before the tossing even begins.

From $88; for dine-in & takeaway from 9 January 2023 at Si Chuan Dou Hua, PARKROYAL on Beach Road (up to 25% off pre-order self-collections or takeaways)

30. Grand Fortune Abalone Yusheng

yusheng CNY 2023 - White Restaurant

As its name suggests, White Restaurant’s Grand Fortune Abalone Yusheng features succulent 18-head abalones. It also comes with jellyfish, buckwheat, candied winter melon, dried persimmon, deep-fried yam strips, and a special yuzu dressing. After tossing, take home the auspicious rabbit ornament that accompanies each platter. It’s available a la carte, as well as part of the festive set menus.

From $49.90; for dine-in & takeaway from 6 January 2023 at White Restaurant

31. Japanese Unagi Yusheng with Roselle Sauce

Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Hop into the Year of the Rabbit with the star of Xin Cuisine’s Chinese New Year yusheng selection. The savoury flavour of grilled nutritious Japanese unagi slices pairs perfectly with the floral sweetness of the house-made roselle sauce. Four other varieties are available, including the bestselling Xin’s Signature Salmon Yusheng.

From $98; for dine-in & takeaway from 21 December at Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium (20% off takeaway pre-orders till 30 December)

32. Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yusheng with Bunny Puddings

Ya Ge, Orchid Hotel Singapore

Hop into the Lunar New Year with a bevy of adorable bunny puddings made of mango and milk. These star on Ya Ge’s Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yusheng, along with a choice of either abalone or crispy fish skin. The stellar cast also consists of wholesome ingredients such as strawberry, jackfruit, carrot, lotus root, radish, and edible flowers. An antioxidant-rich roselle and hawthorn dressing add a delicious tang to each mouthful.

From $68; for dine-in & takeaway from 12 December at Ya Ge, Orchid Hotel Singapore (10% off till 15 January 2023)

33. Kaleidoscope of Prosperity Yusheng in ‘Shun De’ Style with Yellowtail Slices

yusheng CNY 2023 - Yàn

The dine-in signature at Yàn presents a veritable mountain of fried vermicelli with shredded purple and yellow sweet potatoes, crispy shredded conpoy, and gold flakes. Surrounding it are vibrant vegetables, pickled ginger, youtiao, as well as slices of fresh yellowtail. In a nod to the zodiac, rabbits carved out of cherry tomatoes add a final endearing touch. The classic prosperity toss with salmon or yellowtail are also available for takeaway.

From $92; for dine-in & takeaway from 1 January 2023 at Yàn (15% off takeaway pre-orders till 21 December)

34. Japanese Style Prosperity Yusheng with Salmon Sashimi and Yuzu Sauce

YAYOI Singapore yusheng

Taking inspiration from Japanese culture, teishoku specialist YAYOI Singapore introduces its first take on yusheng locally. Besides the assorted vegetable centrepiece, it includes katsuobushi (bonito flakes), tobiko (flying fish roe), tenkasu (tempura bits), kizami nori (shredded seaweed), beni shoga (red pickled ginger), takuan (daikon), kinshi tamago (egg strips), kani kamaboko (shredded crabstick), homemade pickles, and salmon sashimi. Finally, toss it with fish crackers and house-made yuzu sauce.

$39.88; for dine-in only from 6 January 2023 at YAYOI Singapore

35. Prosperity Abalone Yusheng

yusheng CNY 2023 - YUN NANS

Admittedly, this yusheng platter from YUN NANS isn’t too unusual in terms of its ingredients. But we couldn’t leave it out of this list, for obvious reasons. How cute is this fluffy white bunny? Featuring plump whole abalones, it headlines an array of dine-in set menus, as well as the Special Take-home Festive Set. It is also available a la carte.

From $68.80; for dine-in & takeaway from 9 January 2023 at YUN NANS

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Featured image: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

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CNY 2023: 35 Unique Yusheng for Huat-warming Family Reunion Dinners