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April 2021

Checklist to Choosing the Right Confinement Caterer

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have family members with the time and knowhow to cook confinement food for us. And even if you hire a confinement nanny, her services may not include preparing confinement meals. In that case, your best bet is to engage a caterer that specialises in confinement cuisine. Not sure if you’re getting the real deal? Just make sure the confinement caterer you choose ticks all the following boxes:

✔ Trial Meals are Available

As the adage goes, you’ve got to try it to believe it. During your pregnancy, research confinement caterers who offer trial meals. Sample the dishes to see if they live up to their claims. Shop around to find the one that suits your requirements before making a booking.

✔ High Nutritional Value

Traditional confinement dishes should utilise ingredients such as pig trotter, liver, and kidney, alongside black vinegar, old ginger, sesame oil, and certain Chinese herbs. They help to nourish the body, replenish blood, promote circulation, eliminate ‘wind’, regulate ‘qi’, and prevent future health problems.

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traditional confinement meal

✔ Breastfeeding-friendly

A well-balanced confinement diet is also crucial for a successful breastfeeding journey. The confinement caterer should also include lactogenic ingredients which help to boost breastmilk production. Examples range from ginger to unripe papaya.

✔ Pass the Taste Test

If you don’t find the food yummy, it doesn’t matter how nutritious or good for you a dish might be. Enjoyment is key, especially if you’re going to eating it daily for a month. Is it too salty or oily? Also check that the caterer does not use MSG or other artificial flavours.

✔ The Spice of Life

Variety is the spice of life, and also of food! Ask to see a menu of what you can expect daily. That way, you can better decide if there’s enough variety in their repertoire. Some creative confinement caterers even toss in some modern fusion dishes for good measure.

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fusion confinement meal

✔ Customisable Packages

If you have any special requirements, check if the confinement caterer can customise your package to your preferences. Maybe you don’t take pig innards, are allergic to certain ingredients, or simply hate broccoli. Some confinement caterers also offer vegetarian options. Perhaps you require add-on meals for the new dad as well?

✔ Suitable Packaging and Prompt Delivery

The last thing you want is food that arrives late, cold, or with soup and gravy dripping everywhere. The right confinement caterer should be reliable and deliver your meals on time. Liquids such as herbal soups and red date tea should come in containers that are sealed well.

✔ Bang for Your Buck

A good confinement caterer using quality ingredients and cooking methods shouldn’t come cheap. After all, regaining your health postpartum is priceless. Instead, focus on the quality of the food, portion sizes, and your peace of mind to decide if it’s worth the cost.

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The Confinement Caterer of Choice

confinement caterer Tian Wei Signature

Guaranteeing to fulfil all the points above is popular confinement caterer Tian Wei Signature. They offer a confinement menu that boasts over 90 unique dishes, 28 nourishing herbal soups, and daily red date tea. From the third week, creative confinement cuisine that fuses traditional ingredients into Japanese, Taiwanese, and Mediterranean-inspired dishes will add even more variety that modern mums will appreciate.

Curated by an in-house dietician, every meal is delicious, well-balanced, and designed to aid postpartum recovery and boost lactation. Tian Wei Signature believes in using 100% healthy food-based flavours, with 0% MSG added. Thermal bags delivered to your doorstep keep the meals fresh and warm, while herbal soups and red date tea come in thermal flasks.

confinement caterer Tian Wei Signature

There are many customs to note when it comes to observing a traditional confinement. Of course, today’s new mums might ignore the more archaic practices — no washing hair for a whole month? No way! However, there’s definitely no reason to argue against centuries’ worth of wisdom when it comes to having delicious and nourishing confinement foods.

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Find out more about Tian Wei Signature’s confinement meal delivery service or sign up for trial meals at

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Checklist to Choosing the Right Confinement Caterer