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August 2011

Breastfeeding Help in Singapore

My baby, who I thought looked like an angel, was a demon when it came to the breast. As a nursing newbie in the early days of first-time motherhood, I was constantly stressed, worried, and in pain. He wanted to latch on constantly. He fell asleep on the breast and screamed when I tried to get him off so that I could empty my aching bladder.

My nipples felt like they were participating in an S&M showdown and losing every bout. My little one wanted to be attached to the breast all the time and developed superglue gums that would clamp down hard if he suspected that my body was about to achieve lift off. I calculated once that he was koala-ed for twenty out of 24 hours in a day (yes, he slept on me day and night, mouth closed over one nipple).

He loved breastfeeding, but I was starting to hate it. Thank goodness for all these breastfeeding hotlines and lactation consultants. I called them at least once a day — often more — to whinge, but their advice, and knowing that there was someone out there who actually understood what I was going through helped. Really helped.

My darling ended up breastfeeding exclusively for two and a half years, self-weaning when I was five months pregnant with number two. So if you’re feeling stuck in a nursing rut, don’t give up. Get help from one of the lovely people listed below, keep calm, and keep latching.

Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group (Singapore)

Counselling Hotline: 6339 3558
Talks’ Line: 6337 0508
Email: [email protected]

KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital

Ask-A-Nurse: 1900-556 8773 (8am–12 midnight)
Lactation Clinic: 6293 4044 (office hours)

Joyful Parenting and Breastfeeding (by the Family Life Society)

Helpline: 6488 0286 (Mon to Sat, 10am–5pm)

Hospital Lactation Consultant Services

(By appointment only. Charges may apply)

National University Hospital: 9722 0376

Singapore General Hospital: 6321 4530/31

Mt Elizabeth Hospital: 6731 2180/82

Mt Alvernia Hospital: 6347 6641/9839 9477

Gleneagles Hospital: 6470 5852

Thomson Medical Centre: 6251 4090/4043 or 9159 3264

Raffles Hospital: 6311 1516

Private Lactation Consultants in Singapore

(By appointment only. Charges may apply)

Doris Fok
Tel 9638 7660 (8.30am–5.30pm, Mon to Sat)

Betty Lee
Tel 9833 0170

Christina Kwek
9367 9293

KW Chew
9815 8283


Breastfeeding Inc. The World’s Breastfeeding Resource
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Kellymom Breastfeeding and Parenting
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Breastfeeding Help in Singapore