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13 Tingkat Caterers in Singapore to Satisfy Every Foodie

What to cook? Where to eat? Despite – or perhaps because we are surrounded by so much culinary wonder, these are possibly two of the most oft-asked questions in Singapore. What we do? Tingkat — especially if you’re a busy mum who has more to do outside of the kitchen. With so many cuisine options to choose from these days (including healthy and weight-loss ones) Tingkat is every mum’s best meal solution.

Before you order: Check the caterer’s delivery areas as some only deliver to certain parts of Singapore. Also, some deliver in tiffin carriers (which you have to wash and return the next day) while others use microwaveable containers. Finally, the more people you order for, the cheaper it will be for each individual.

1. Select Catering — for affordable variety


Select offers tingkat for dinner only, and is perfect for families who love variety without the extra expense. With over 200 dishes on the menu, there’s something different to enjoy every night — even local favourites like Hainanese Chicken Rice, Fried Hokkien Mee, Curry Chicken, and Hokkien Prawn Mee. Deliveries take place from Mondays to Fridays, except public holidays. 

Cost: From $160 for two for 20 days. Minimum order of two persons per package is required.

Web: www.selectcatering.com.sg/tingkat-delivery/ 


Lunch only, dinner only, or lunch and dinner options are available here. Meal sets typically consist of a meat, a vegetable and one or two side dishes or a soup, including dishes such as Sambal Fish, Traditional Old Cucumber Soup, Marmite Chicken and Homemade Dough Fritters. In addition, you can specify requirements such as no meat on Friday or no spicy food. Finally, we like the app which makes it really convenient to defer orders if necessary, and to view the daily menu. 

Cost: From $220 for two persons for four dishes, for 20 days.

Web: http://jessie.intranetapps.asia/default.html

3. Kim’s Kitchen – a Tingkat veteran

Serving Tingkat meals since 2000, Kim’s Kitchen is a family-run business that takes daily delivery of produce to its kitchen so as to ensure that only the freshest ingredients are used. Apart from the usual Tingkat menu, there’s also a ‘Healthy Tingkat’ menu featuring dishes like Steamed Fish with Tomatoes, Abalone Sauce Chicken, Steamed Pork Ball, Broccoli with Sea Cucumber and Lemongrass Chicken Soup. Choose from lunch or dinner delivery (weekdays only). 

Cost: From $228 for two persons for 20 days, and $516 for two persons for 20 days (Healthy Tingkat)

Web: www.kimskitchen.com.sg   

4. FattyDaddyFattyMummy – no processed food


Lunch and dinner tingkat packages are available here. There’s the usual Tingkat menu with dietary options such as ‘no spicy’, ‘no curry’, or ‘no seafood’. However If you prefer to eat ‘clean’, go for their ‘Love, Tingkat!’ range which uses no processed food, canned food or MSG. Items include food like like Oven Baked Salmon, Nonya Assam Prawn, Oven Roasted Chicken with Herbs — all cooked with less salt and less oil. Your order also comes with a ‘daily nourishing soup’ like Pumpkin Mushroom Soup.

Cost: From $235 based on two persons for 20 days (Tingkat dinner) | $443 for two persons for 20 days on a Love, Tingkat! package

Web: www.fattydaddyfattymummy.com 

5. House of Catering – for healthy meals 

These Tingkat meals have no MSG, and dishes served are low in salt and cholesterol. Dishes offered included Sweet & Sour Pork, Fried Shrimp Tofu, Beancurd with Crab Meat, Vegetarian Fried Bee Hoon, Stir Fried Macaroni, and Lotus Root Pork Rib Soup. Food is served in disposable microwaveable food containers. Choose from lunch or dinner, Monday to Friday.

Cost: $237 for two for 20 days (Family Deluxe Package), or $277 for two (Asian Delight package) for 20 days.

Web: www.houseofcatering.com/tingkat.html 

6. Savoury Catering – for gourmet goodness

The healthy home-cooked meals such as Steamed Chicken with Ginger Sauce, Mushroom Chicken Soup, Black Pepper Pork and Spring Onion Fish are all made from fresh local produce and prepared with less oil, less salt and using vegetable oil. Both lunch and dinner tingkat packages are available.

Cost: From $240 for two persons for 20 days. 

Web: www.savorykitchen.com.sg/tingkat/  

7. Kim Paradise – home-cooked meals 


Kim Paradise offers meals as ‘home cooked’ as possible, all prepared using less oil and salt and no MSG. Enjoy dishes such as Plum Sauce Chicken, Assam Fish, Imperial Chicken Soup, and Spinach with Mushroom. The hearty meals are cooked using only the freshest ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers and taste tests are conducted on every dish to ensure consistency in taste and quality prior to delivery.

Cost: From $240 for two persons for 20 days

Web: www.kimparadise.com.sg/tingkat-specialist 

8. Mom’s Cooking – for wholesome meals 


The primary focus here is “to provide a nutritious and wholesome, yet affordable alternative to your daily dining needs”. No MSG is added to food here and canola oil is used for all cooking. Also, meals are packed paper food containers, which are microwaveable and environmentally-friendly. Dishes include Curry Chicken with Potato, Homemade Roasted Char Xiu with Honey, Pumpkin Sliced Pork Soup, Marmite Pork Chop and Grilled Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce.

Cost: From $385.20 for two persons, for 16 meals, based on four times a week; from $428 for two persons, for 20 meals, based on five times a week. 

Web: www.momscooking.com.sg 

9. Yolo – for calorie counting 

This isn’t strictly a tingkat delivery service. Instead, there are 1, 5, 10 and 30-day meals plans available. It’s not for kids, but great for health-conscious or weight-watching mums and/or dads. With personalised meal plans, what you get depends on what your goal is: shape-up, wellness, or bulk. Each meal plan is devised by an in-house nutritionist and contains lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. You can get, for example, Chicken Rice with Asian Salad for lunch, two Hard Boiled Eggs with Spinach for a snack, and Tomato Soup + 50g chicken for dinner. Meals come with a calorie and macro count so you know exactly what you’re eating. It’s also halal-certified and there are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available as well. 

Cost: Prices depend on your chosen calorie target and the length of your subscription (eg. from $32.90 a day for a five-day plan to $25.90 a day for a longer plan). Once you sign up, you choose when you want to receive the food (once a week or three times a week). 

Web: www.yolofood.com.sg

10. Le Xin Catering Group — for local favourites

All food is cooked using 100% vegetable oil, are low in salt and cholesterol with no MSG, so you can rest assured that everyone in the family is eating healthily. Choose from two packages – Family Deluxe or Asian Delight. Dishes include Fu Zhou Fishball with Mixed Peas, Fried Mini Bun with Chili Crab Sauce, Fried Fish Fillet, and Shredded Chicken with Daikon & Carrot Soup. Asian Delight customers are served local favourites every Wednesday and Friday, and you’ll get delicious fare such as Hainanese Chicken Rice, Sambal Fried Rice, Mee Goreng, and Stir-fried Hor Fun. Quote “LXCG7OFF” for a $7 discount off any Tingkat order this July (for first time customers only).

Cost: From $237 (Family Deluxe) for two persons for a 20-day order (Family Deluxe), $277 (Asian Delight)

Web: https://lexincatering.com.sg/project/tingkat/

11. YeYeah – help needy children 

Serving wholesome family meals that are designed by a clinical dietician, YeYeah offers meal plans that will not just make your life more convenient, they’ll make you healthier too. The meals are high in fibre (lots of fruit and veg) and there’s an emphasis on lean protein. Meals are delivered freshly chilled daily or twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) and all you have to do is warm the meals up for 2.5 minutes, then enjoy. Each meal comes with a nutrition label so you’ll know your calorie intake. A family meal includes one main course (meat or seafood), one vegetable dish, one special side dish, steamed rice and nourishing soup. Dishes include Steam Rice with Cashew Chicken and Long Beans with Tofu and Thai Fishcake, Chicken Pilaf Rice paired with Aloo Gobi and Cherry Tomatoes, and Kung Bao Chicken Pasta with Tri-colour Bell Peppers. Best of all, for every meal plan purchased, YeYeah donates a meal to the beneficiaries of the Children’s Aid Society, which helps children whose family members are unable to care for them. 

Cost: From $342 for two persons for 20 days.

Web: www.yeyeahdelights.com 

12. Cucina Restaurant and Catering – for flexible options

This is the best one to try if you’re still unsure about using a Tingkat service, as the minimum commitment is just a three-day order. They also allow for one-day ad-hoc orders (provided you make your order the day before), and… they deliver on public holidays too! Have fussy eaters? Don’t worry, the menu is extremely varied. Choose from Malay, Chinese, Western, Japanese, and vegetarian cuisine. You can also mix and match your tingkat order to enjoy a new dining experience every day, eg. Western one day, Chinese the following day and Malay the next day. The company is also halal-certified. 

Cost: $28 for two persons, $38 for three persons and $45 for four persons, per meal per day.

Web: www.cucina.sg/tingkat/ 

13. Brinda’s – for Indian cuisine


Brinda’s Indian Tingkat service brings you delicious food to your home or workplace. Both North and South Indian food are available and you can get lunch or dinner delivered. Choose anything from their home delivery menu and email them your order before Friday for the following week’s order. Orders are on a weekly basis and a minimum five-day commitment is required. They deliver islandwide from Monday to Friday, except public holidays. Choose anything from their home delivery menu, which features dishes like tandoori chicken, thosai, prata, naan and a variety of briyanis. Note that no refunds or cancellations are allowed once you’ve made a booking. The restaurant is halal-certified. 

Cost: Price is based on what you order, with a minimum order of $7 per delivery and there’s a $3.50 service charge per delivery too. 

Web: www.brindas.com.sg/menu/tingattiffin/

:: NEW! :: Spoonful Meals

This is not a tingkat per se; however we were truly impressed by each serving size (good enough for two!) and the freshness of the meals — the food is prepared and cooked in a cloud kitchen centralised to the delivery area so it arrives at your doorstep warm and fragrant. Spoonful Meals currently features two brands NOSH (healthy California cuisine) and GA 家常 (Cantonese style comfort food). Two more brands, Sesami (Japanese bentos) and JOMO (vegan fast food), will launch in November. The kids loved the GA Chicken Leg ($4.20), which came with a generous serving of cabbage, and the Steamed White Fish with Ginger Soy Sauce & Rice ($8.90). I tried NOSH’s Hormone & GMO Free Chicken ($10.90), and Beetroot Quinoa Salad with Walnuts & Feta Cheese ($3.90), both of which were delicious and filling.

Cost Varies depending on your order.

Web Spoonful meals is currently available on Foodpanda, around the CBD and Woodlands area. It will be available islandwide from the first quarter of 2020.

Tingkat for Dinner?

With so many options for Tingkat delivery, you don’t have to be stuck when it comes to choosing your daily meal. Most companies offer five or 10 day trials so you can taste before you commit. And if and when you do get a little tired of one style, just try another!

Prices indicated are for dinner only, for two persons over 20 days. Prices do not include GST, and are accurate at time of publishing.

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