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October 2023

5 Awesome Airplane Beds and Seat Extenders that make Flights with Kids a Breeze

One great thing about travelling with young children is that family holidays are not hindered by school schedules, so you can jet set whenever, wherever. A not-so-great thing — and this can apply to kids of all ages, tbh — is keeping your little ones comfortable during a long haul flight. The good news? You don’t have to wing it anymore in that area. Thanks to airplane beds and seat extenders that create more usable room for them enroute, kids can sleep and play in the air, as easily and as comfortably as they do on land. Compact and portable, one of these even doubles-up as extra luggage space!


But before you fly…

Check that the airline you are taking allows the use of airplane beds and similar inflight seat extenders. Generally, airlines that do allow these have similar restrictions for their use. For example, the device can only be used in the window seat or the middle seat in the centre rows. It cannot be used during take off or landing, and the child’s seat belt must remain fastened at all times.

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In addition, airplane beds have to be packed and stowed in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front during taxi, take-off and landing. Furthermore, they cannot be used at the emergency exit rows. The inflight convertible bed may also be counted as part of your cabin baggage allowance.

If you are travelling with younger children, infants up to 18 months (depending on their weight and size) can fly in bassinets, subject to availability. Request for one when you purchase your flight tickets. Children under age three can sit in approved car seats as long as you have purchased a separate passenger seat for your child. Again, check ensure that your car seat is an airline-approved one.

Done all your checks? Prepare for take-off, and have a pleasant flight.


1. Air Cot Seat Extender

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Not quite a cot, more of a hammock, but the Air Cot can still help your little ones sleep comfortably on flights. Made of waterproof canvas, this seat extender/footrest loops over the base of the tray table, and can easily be unclipped if your child prefers to dangle their legs down. We love how compact it is — it rolls up to the size of a water bottle! — and its ease of use. In fact, older children could probably set it up on their own, leaving you free to handle their younger siblings. Do check of course, that they’ve done it right.

Size: 22.8 x 6.3 cm (when stored); 71 x 43 cm (when open)
Weight: 170 g
Ages: Not indicated, but generally suitable for children 110 cm and below in height
Shop: $84 at Rey’s Little Loft


2. Flyaway Kids Bed

“I’ve spent flights searching for toy cars and colouring pencils under seats with my iPhone torch, I’ve held off going to the bathroom for hours because I didn’t want to wake sleeping boys stretched out across my lap…” Sounds familiar? Designed by a mum and engineered in Switzerland, these airplane beds are accepted on over 40 airlines. Made from child-safe PVC with reinforced welded joints, they have inflatable side bumpers to keep little ones (and little toys) from falling. We like how they come packed in a handy carry bag with a pump included. They’re also easy to use, inflating in 90 seconds and deflating quickly thanks to three quick release air valves. Ships in five to 10 working days from the US (shipping fees are around SGD45).

Size: 25 x 25cm (deflated, in carry bag); 80 x 50 cm (inflated)
Weight: 1.3 kg
Ages: 2-7 years
Shop: USD159 (approx. SGD217) at Flyaway Designs

3. JetKids™ by Stokke® BedBox™

Image: Stokke

Approved by over 50 airlines, the BedBox™ is a ride-on suitcase for children that transforms into an in-flight bed or leg-rest. Pro-tip: pack the kids’ inflight must-haves such as toys, books, and/or plushie in it. Kids can pull it themselves, or ride on it. With swivel wheels in front, manoeuvring is easy, even for little ones. When not in use, it fits easily under the front seat, or in the overhead compartment. It also comes with a carry strap, as well as cute stickers for kids to decorate it with.

Size: 36 x 20 x 46 cm
Weight: 3 kg
Ages: 3-7 years (ride-on); over 2 years (bed feature)
Shop: $279 at Motherswork


4. PlanePal

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Just six breaths is all it takes to inflate the Plane Pal, a custom designed inflatable cushion that fills the gap between your child’s seat and the seat in front. Lightweight, compact, and incredibly portable, this cuboid-like structure is probably the easiest add-on to your ‘flying with kids’ arsenal. It’s approved for use on over 50 airlines including budget airlines like Scoot and AirAsia. We like how it’s not limited to planes, and can be used on trains and buses and for car travel as well.

Size: 36cm x 17cm x 8cm (deflated, in travel bag); 57 x 47 x 37 cm (inflated)
Weight: 1.1 kg (plane pal and travel bag)
Ages: 2–8 years
Shop: $99 at PramFox or rent it here from $15/week


5. Seat to Sleep® Travel Nest

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Inflate it, put on an aeroplane seat, and you have a cosy, supportive, cocoon for your child to rest in during the flight. Soft and malleable, this multi-award-winning lightweight inflatable cushion has a silky soft, yet wipe-clean finish, while still being non-PVC, and environmentally friendly. Because you don’t have to inflate it to its fullest to use, and it does not have to be fastened to or clipped on to any seat parts, this is quick and easy to set up. We love how it comes in a small travel pouch with a bag clip — children can clip it onto their own travel backpacks! The Seat to Sleep ships internationally (tracked) in eight to 10 working days for £9.99.

Size: 15 x 9 cm (approx., when deflated); 90 x 60 cm (approx., when inflated)
Weight: less than 200 g (when in pouch)
Ages: 3–10 years
Shop: £39 (approx SGD66) at Seat to Sleep

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5 Awesome Airplane Beds and Seat Extenders that make Flights with Kids a Breeze