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October 2017

5 Fun Teachable Moments for Kids at Chicken Little by SRT’s The Little Company

Watching a live theatre performance can give children multiple learning benefits, even when it’s a simple story like Chicken Little! Here’s why we think you should bring your child to watch it.

Presented by SRT’s The Little Company, Chicken Little is an original new musical adventure featuring toe-tapping songs from the writers of The Little Company’s Red Riding Hood and Treasure Island. It’s recommended for kids aged three and above and promises to be a wonderfully enjoyable and educational adventure for everyone in the family! Here’s how:


#1: Chicken Little is a great platform to talk about overcoming fears, gaining courage, and using logical reasoning

The story of Chicken Little is not just about a little chicken and her friends on an adventure. It’s about how you can overcome fear and discover the courage in your to make a difference when it matters. Apart from being an inspirational tale that teaches kids to believe in themselves, the show also demonstrates how logic and reasoning can pave the way for answers. Yes, Chicken Little panics. However she does not let panic overcome her. Instead, she thinks about who she can get help from, then creates a plan to find that person. That’s cool, calm reasoning and planning that the kids (and some parents too we’re sure!) can definitely learn from.

#2: It’s an opportunity to lead the kids away from devices and screens!

In this time and age, keeping a child away from devices and screen time is unrealistic, if not impossible. However there are so many things that kids can do instead of looking at a tablet and it’s up to you, parents, to introduce them them these. One of our favourites? Theatre. Children, with their fertile imaginations and innate inclination to role-play, gravitate naturally to all forms of drama. Shows like Chicken Little, which are created specially for young audiences, engage kids wholly – hearts and minds – while entertaining and educating them about scenarios that they may face in real life, and teaching them how to respond to these in a positive manner. Can an app or a game on a device do that?

#3: Use it to further your child’s creativity and love for language

Don’t let the magic end after the curtain falls. After watching the musical, why not get a copy of the book Chicken Little (we hear that you can buy it at Kinokuniya!) and read it to your child? In doing so, you can bring your child ‘back’ to the performance, discuss what you saw onstage – and maybe even reenact your favourite parts! This is also a wonderful opportunity to explain to your child how a story can be told in different ways, not just through a book, but also though a stage performance. Moving on, you can talk about how each method differs, what you like about each, and how they complement each other. Suggest other ways of telling a story (through poetry, dance, art and so on); your child may be inspired to create their own version of the tale!

#4: It’s a great bonding activity for parents and kids

There are so many ways to connect with your child. Being hands-on with them during playtime is one. Having long conversations about anything and everything is another. Watching a show together is one too. Just going to the theatre is an experience in itself. So don’t just go straight to the performance, then go home. Make it a memorable experience by organising pre- or post-show activities so that you can continue the day out together. It’ll also give you an opportunity to discuss any ‘serious’ topics that your child may be inspired to talk about after watching the performance. Real life lessons, anyone?

#5: Even the adults (that’s you, mum and dad) can enjoy Chicken Little!

Watch the kids’ eyes light up when they see the colourful set. See them gasp in wonder as they watch the beloved characters come to life on stage. Join them when they sing along with Chicken Little and her friends. Don’t worry mums and dads, you’ll enjoy it too! Listen out for some adult-friendly jokes * wink * and laugh and sing along with the kids. At only 50 minutes long, this fast-paced musical is bound to be a hit with everyone in the family!

What It’s All About

You know the story. Poor Chicken Little isn’t having a good time living on the farm. Her brother and sister mercilessly tease her about her everyday fearfulness because Chicken Little is afraid of, well, absolutely everything. Even the rain scares her! One day, when something falls on her head, Chicken Little thinks that the sky is falling! Of course, no one in her family believes her when she tells them so she goes on a journey to share her fear with the one person that she knows will listen to her – The King.

Will Chicken Little be able to save her fellow farmyard animals from this ‘tragedy’? Find out as she goes on an exciting journey with a her quirky and vibrant friends such as Cocky Locky, Ducky Daddles and Turkey Lurkey. But oh! That fearsome Foxy Loxy is on the loose! How will they outwit him and succeed in their quest to see The King?

Join Chicken Little and her friends on this rollicking adventure! Get your tickets now!

Chicken Little by SRT’s The Little Company

When 25 Oct – 8 Dec 2017
Where KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT, 20 Merbau Road, Singapore 239035
Tickets $25, $28 from SISTIC

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5 Fun Teachable Moments for Kids at Chicken Little by SRT’s The Little Company