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February 2021

Best 30-minute Workouts for Busy Mums in Singapore

The baby’s finally sleeping more than 15 minutes at a stretch. The toddler is in preschool. You can finally pee in peace, take a full shower, and have a meal without interruption. Congratulations! Now how about fitting in a workout as well? No time? That’s no excuse. All you need is one of these 30 minute workouts to build a fitter, better, stronger you. If you are a time-stretched mum whose days are organised to the minute in order to juggle work-home-kids while squeezing the marrow out of life and living it to the fullest, this is for you.

If you like kickboxing

With circuit training and a hefty dose of kickboxing, you could call 9Round’s 30-minute workouts part fitness, part stress busters. After all, there’s nothing like punching and kicking life’s stresses away, is there? Members here go through nine stations, performing one exercise at each station for two and a half minutes, then resting for 30 seconds, before starting another exercise at the next station. Trainers are always present to guide you through the proper technique for each round so everyone knows what to do.

9Round’s training concept, which focuses on strengthening the body without building bulky muscles, has proven popular with women, who make up 75% of the gym’s members. According to Michael Rajasingam, 9Round’s Director of Operations and Franchise Development, majority of them are mothers who appreciate the gym’s flexible schedule. “We open early at 6am, and close late at 9pm. With no class times, you can just show up and get started immediately,” he says.

For mum of three Eelyn Hoe, the environment also plays a part. “I’ve always liked boxing, but some gyms are a little intimidating. 9Round is a friendly, non-threatening environment, and the outlet I frequent is close to my kids’ school so it’s a bonus,” the 40-year-old part-time real estate agent says. Even better? “I’m more toned and feel more energetic. And I’ve lost 6kg so far without dieting!”

Where 9Round has eight outlets in Singapore, from the East Coast to Serangoon Gardens to Raffles Place
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If you like HIIT
Ritual Gym

Ritual Gym’s High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts are just 20 minutes long. Thanks to what’s called the ‘Afterburn Effect’, though, you can continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours after the workout. The workouts use free weights and bodyweight movements to build strength with movement. What’s reassuring is that you do your workout in your own ‘pod’ so there is no sharing of equipment with any other person in the gym. There’s no need to bring anything too, as the gym provides clothes, towels and toiletries, and encourages you to train barefoot.

Where Raffles Place, Holland Village, and Orchard Road

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If you want a women-only gym
Contours Express

Image: Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

We get it. Taking your first step into a gym can be scary intimidating if you are a newbie, especially if it is full of sculpted bodies grunting, pumping, and knowing that they’re doing. What if there was a place where you could feel comfortable letting as it all hang out as you learn to work out? That’s what women-only gym Contours Express offers, with a 29-minute circuit training workout at 16 different stations designed to condition your body, build strength, burn calories and improve flexibility. There’s also a 15-minute Vibration training programme for those who find it tough to perform conventional exercises because of joint pain or injuries.

Where Nine locations islandwide, including Yishun, Pasir Ris, and Bedok

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If you want to monitor your progress

Combining Muay Thai and HIIT, Fightzone sessions are a combintion of active cardio and resistance training. You go through nine zones in 30 minutes, burning at least 500 calories. There’s a personal trainer with you at every stage, and you can monitor your own performance through your personal heart rate monitors.

Where AMK Hub, Suntec City, Velocity

If you prefer wheels
SPRINT™ – Outdoor

Basically, it’s HIIT on a bike. Short, intense, and great if you’re looking for fast results and willing to sweat hard for them. You don’t need to be a cyclist, but you do need to be a member at Virgin Active Paya Lebar, where these classes are held.

Where Virgin Active Paya Lebar

Image: Derick McKinney on Unsplash

Which of these 30-minute Workouts will you try first?

If it seems that the days are getting too short to pack in everything you need to do, no offence, but you probably need to sit down and get your schedule organised. What helps? Things that can give you maximum value with the least time spent, like these 30-minute workouts.

For mums who are already juggling everything, a workout would give you much-needed time out from the hurly-burly of daily life, while helping you keep fit and stay strong — essential if you have to run after the kids at the playground, or carry little ones.

Best of all, with these 30-minute workouts, you won’t even have to be away from the kids for long. And they can be easily squeezed in between school runs, work, and mum life. Which will you try out first?

Note: we aim to be as accurate as possible with our articles. However, these are uncertain times so please remember to check with the outlets, and make appointments before heading out.

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Best 30-minute Workouts for Busy Mums in Singapore