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January 2014

Top 10 SingaporeMotherhood articles in 2013

The 12 days of Christmas are officially over and yes, 2014 has definitely arrived. Here’s a countdown of the top 10 articles that made SingaporeMotherhood necessary reading for parents and parents-to-be in 2013. Did you miss any? Get reading!

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10. Large Singaporean Families (Part 1)

“Too expensive lah” is the oft-heard answer when couples are asked why they do not have more children. But we found families who bucked the norm. They shared big-family management secrets, proved that homeschooling could succeed in Singapore, and taught that the more is indeed the merrier – literally!


9. 10 Activities for Children This March School Holidays

Small island, big fun. Even though it was only seven days long (five if you don’t count the weekend) we found so many amazing things for kids to participate in during the March school holidays. We couldn’t have listed them all, so we narrowed the activity smorgasbord down to 10 that ignited our sense of wonder… from gardening to flight camp to walking the wilds of Singapore.


8. Raising a Larger Family in Singapore

When our writer Anita Daubaras bared her soul about raising a large family – she has four children – in Singapore, her frank sharing touched our hearts. Even with one or two children, we’ve pondered our ability to provide, not just material things, but smiles, hugs, and positivity. How did she do it with four?

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7. 10 Places in Asia to Visit with Your Kids

Proof that wanderlust never leaves us, even when we have children. It’s just directed differently for a while, to places closer to our shores for their accessibility, affordability and “aww” quotient for kids.

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6. Coughing in Children: Home Remedies

2013 was a year of extreme weather in Singapore. We had ponding, flooding, hail, and yes, the Haze with a capital ‘H’. Aunties and grandmas clucked and fussed telling us to wrap up the kids. All these sudden changes in the weather will make the little ones sick, they said. They were right, as it seemed that every parent in Singapore was searching for a miracle to ease the chorus of sniffing, hacking, coughing and sneezing.

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5. Family-friendly Staycations this June

Any excuse to get away from it all for a while, even if it’s a getaway at home in Singapore, right? Those of us with the littlies found that going away by staying on home ground gave us the best of both worlds. And with local hotels wising up to the kiddie dollar and coming up with some really cool Kid-friendly amenities (think show tickets, Kids’ Club packages, complimentary meals for the under-12s, a dedicated kids rooms with entertainment and toys), staycations are turning out to be some of the best holidays we could ever take!


4. Motivate your Child to Succeed

Success is a matter of opinion but one thing’s for sure: every parent wants his/her child to succeed. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the academic field, the sporting arena, or the artistic landscape, we just want our kids to succeed and be happy. More than that, we want to teach them how to succeed on their own merit, and we want to learn how to teach them that. We do, we really really do.


3. 15 Fun Nature Activities for Children in Singapore

Don’t let yours be the Last Child In The Woods. As journalist and nature advocate Richard Louv shares in his groundbreaking book, today’s wired children suffer from a “nature-deficit”, leading to rising trends in childhood problems such as attention disorders and behavioral problems. Knowing this, you searched out places in Singapore where you could loose your child to the welcoming arms of Mother Nature, for regeneration, rejuvenation, and to recharge. Keep doing it!

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2. Words! Words! Words!

“Talk softly but carry a big stick,” said Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Our contributor adapted his words to advise us on how to get our children to do what they are supposed to do – without our having to yell, threaten, or conjure our inner Medusa. This method of level-headed discipline appealed to many of us. Did it work for you?

Fairy:  Pouting

1. 7 Toddler-Taming Tricks

The Terrific Twos are indeed terrific – except when they’re not. And sometimes, they’re not. Not because you are a bad parent, or your darling a bad child. Sometimes, when kids are too little to express the big things in their heads, they explode. They can’t help it. All we can do is to shower them with loving attention, keep a list of these secrets to managing that mini-monster taped to the refrigerator, and breathe, breathe, breathe.

And that’s it. The top 10 articles from SingaporeMotherhood that got you clicking, reading, and sharing in 2013. Do let us know what you liked, and what you’d want to see more of this year. We’d love to hear from you!

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Top 10 SingaporeMotherhood articles in 2013