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November 2015

The Best Must-have Travel Essentials for Kids!

Gone are the days when you could succumb to wanderlust, pack for a trip for which you booked a flight just a day before, and set off carefree with your bunch of girlfriends. Travelling with kids in tow is a whole new ball game, isn’t it, especially if you’re holidaying with Baby? You would have probably found yourself scrutinising your significantly longer (as compared to pre-kids) packing list countless times for fear of having left out something of utmost importance to your child. What are some items which you should be getting your hands on prior to a holiday with your little ones?


There’s just about two weeks left till December, so here’s a non-extensive checklist (because there is no such thing as having packed everything, is there?) that will ensure a comfortable, and even stylish, journey for junior, whether you’re holidaying overseas, or on a staycation in Singapore! Happy travel shopping!

1. Trunki Ride-on Suitcase


Why we love it: What’s not to love about this carry-on luggage that combines both functionality and fun? We cannot possibly imagine it not working out for any travelling family with young ones! You don’t have to dump it in your check-in luggage, and yet it fits just about everything your kid could need on a trip! The attached “lead” strap on it is adjustable and this feature makes it easy for kids of any size to pull it along with them!

Have we mentioned that this is actually a RIDE-ON luggage? Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like! Kids can sit on it and push themselves around with their feet while using the “horns” on the luggage to steer! That makes us want to own one already! The Trunki also doubles as a wonderful seat for children while they are made to wait in long airport queues. It’s truly a godsend! Choose from thirteen fabulous animal inspired designs!

Where to buy it: Pupsik Studio

Price: SGD $76.40

2. Benbat Travel Friends Neck Pillow


Why we love it: Are you travelling with a little one aged between 1 to 4 years old? A Benbat Travel Friends Neck Pillow is just what you need then! It’s a wonderful travel companion designed specifically to support your precious little bundle’s head while providing gentle support for the neck. It boasts an ergonomic shape and comes with reversible fabrics – winter or summer – to suit the climate you are travelling to!

The velcro pacifier strap will also ensures that baby’s pacifier is always within reach. This neck pillow is made out of amazingly soft, plush fabric that is super comfortable and allows it to double up as a cuddly toy! Double thumbs up for this awesome baby-friendly invention!

Where to buy it:

Price: SGD $28.90

3. ErgoBaby Travel Baby Carrier


Why we love it: This compact, convenient and portable baby carrier promises comfort for both parents and baby. You are probably going to be strapped for space when you’re travelling, but don’t worry – this amazing carrier will have everything under control. Its shell is made from 100% recycled materials which fold into its own front pouch for easy storage! You can stow it away in your stroller or you can even wear it on your wrist, thanks to its handy strap! It’s just about the size of a clutch bag when it’s folded. Neat, huh?

The padded waist belt allows your baby’s weight to be evenly distributed between your hips and shoulders. The adjustable padded shoulder straps also ensure maximum comfort for you while on the go. Travel everywhere in style with this wonderful baby carrier!

Where to buy it:

Price: SGD $179

4. Seed Heritage Straw Fedora


Why we love it: When travelling to tropical destinations, a straw fedora will protect your little ones from the harsh elements. It is the ultimate holiday essential to help your mini fashionista to stay chic for one unforgettable holiday! This lovely straw fedora is suitable for both little boys and girls. One size fits all!

Where to buy it: Seed Heritage, Parkway Parade, #02-K3

Price: SGD $29.95

5. Kikkerland Zip & Flip Bear Headrest


Why we love it: This headrest is shaped like an adorable little brown bear. As if that isn’t enough to make it irresistible, it’s also filled with micro-beads that make it a pleasure to cuddle with! It’s a stuffed animal and a travel pillow all rolled into one. Transforming it from a bear to a pillow takes just ten seconds! It’s the perfect companion for your little one whilst on a long haul flight!

Where to buy it:

Price: SGD $56

6. SnooziHedz Travel Pillow & Blanket


Why we love it: Is your kiddo always in need of a blanket, a stuffed animal and a pillow while travelling on long distance flights? Look no further! SnooziHedz by Trunki is your solution! The cute animal character unzips to reveal a comfortable inflatable pillow and an extremely cosy fleece blanket that connect together with the unique and commendable Trunki grip. This prevents the blanket from sliding off your child so that he stays all warm and snug!

This fabulous 3-in-1 solution comes in several cute critter inspired designs. Take your pick from Koko the Koala, Dudley the Dino, Leeroy the Lion, Ollie the Owl and many more!

Where to buy it:

Price: SGD $49.90

7. Bugaboo Cameleon3 Blend Stroller


Why we love it: Heading somewhere exotic and cold during the upcoming year-end holidays with baby in tow? You’ll need a compact travel stroller then. Not just any stroller, but the Bugaboo Cameleon Blend Stroller! The Dutch brand has rolled out their newest special edition all-in-one stroller that features a quilted jersey mattress and complementary cotton knit blanket that are sure to keep baby snug as a bug in a rug!

The stroller breathes a sense of softness, offering maximum comfort for both parents and baby. The integrated seat pocket provides convenient storage and quick access to your daily essentials. An added bonus is that it’s uber stylish too!

Where to buy it: MotherCare outlets

Price: SGD $2,159

8. Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station


Why we love it: This portable changing station is an awesome accessory for travelling with your baby! Since not every public toilet worldwide offers changing stations, this comes in handy as you can change baby just about anywhere. It’s also compact enough to fit into most bags and can also be clipped onto your stroller or to the side of your diaper bag. It comes fitted with a cushion at the head area so that baby is comfortable while lying on the changing mat.

The see-through case, mesh pocket and zip pocket let you store your disposable diapers, toiletries for baby and any other accessories you might bring along with you on a holiday. The SkipHop Pronto Changing Station comes in a number of fun designs too!

Where to buy it: Toys R Us outlets

Price: SGD $53.90

9. Griffin Technology Crayola MyPhones


Why we love it: Your tweens are most probably going to be needing some form of in-flight entertainment to kill time. Whether they are intending to watch a movie on their iPad or just listen to some music, they are going to need a pair of quality headphones. And this is where the Crayola MyPhones come in! These durable headphones are volume-limiting for safe listening for young ears since exposure to excessive levels of sound is an health issue for children.

You know what’s even better? The Crayola MyPhones become uniquely yours when you decorate and colour them with over thirty included stickers and three Crayola Fine Line Markers! How’s that for innovation?

Where to buy it: Griffin online store

Price: SGD $42

10. Skip Hop Zoo Tablet Cover


Why we love it: Here’s one more item to add to in-flight or long drive entertainment. At some point of time, you are probably going to have to keep the little one occupied by making him watch his favourite cartoons on his iPad. That iPad will need some protection while on the go. The Skip Hop Zoo Tablet cover is perfect for young children as it is padded for protection and comes with a strap which you can use to hang your iPad from the front seat of a car during long road trips. An easel is also included so that the iPad can be propped up on a firm surface for comfortable viewing.

Your iPad can be charged, listened to with headphones, or have its camera used even with this cute cover in place. Choose from two adorable designs – Owl and Monkey!

Where to buy it:

Price: SGD $39.95


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The Best Must-have Travel Essentials for Kids!