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ACM Adventures: It’s a Wonderful World

Go on a journey with us to discover objects that are traded across the world. Enjoy a drama and...
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Fukushima Food Fair

JAPAN RAIL CAFE is thrilled to present a month-long ‘Fukushima Food Fair’ starting from 1 November 2022, which includes a free tasting...
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ACM Adventures: Creepy Crawlies

Are they cute or creepy? Get up close with the bejewelled insects and arachnids in the Jewellery Gallery, and you can decide! Enjoy a...
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Dempsey Hill Motoring Heritage Day 2022

Motoring Heritage Day, Singapore’s largest display of vintage cars, will be held at Dempsey Hill...
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Flower Moon over Singapore River《花月夜》

Flower Moon over Singapore River《花月夜》— a Moonstruck Series by ARTS FISSION, is to be presented at the historic Cavenagh...
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