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February 2019

11 Best Support Groups In Singapore For First-Time Parents

New parent in Singapore? Turn to one of these support groups for help with every question you may have about taking care of baby!

For many first-time parents, raising a child may be more challenging than expected and sometimes we just don’t know what to do or how to feel. When it comes to your baby, take no chances. Instead of Googling for misleading solutions, turn to support groups in Singapore for genuine advice!

Many like-minded first-time parents share their experiences in online support groups in Singapore to help others who may be going through similar issues. These online support groups might just be what you need to tide you through new parenting woes!


1. Mother & Child


Formed in 1994, Mother & Child is one of the most established support groups in Singapore. They aim to help first-time parents cope through prenatal and postnatal services and courses. This support group in Singapore also provides important classes on first aid and CPR, as well as wellness classes such as yoga and massage for pregnant or new mums!

2. New Mothers’ Support Group


The New Mothers’ Support Group (NMSG) was created to help first-time parents, specifically new mums in Singapore. Through numerous free and subsidised events, first-time parents and their babies can get to meet like-minded individuals and share with others their experiences in motherhood! Aside from widening your parenting circle, NMSG provides numerous perks for their members including talks and workshops conducted by professionals, bi-monthly newsletter and discounts with their partner businesses!

3. Sleeping Like A SGBaby

One of the greatest struggles first-time parents face is managing their newborn’s sleep patterns. Sleep is vital for your child’s growth and development, and every parent should make it a priority to ensure your little one is well-rested. If you’re struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night, you may be able to find solutions and useful advice on Sleeping Like A SGBaby. This support group in Singapore aims to help educate parents on babies’ sleep patterns and behaviours so as to promote better sleep quality and habits!

4. East Coast Mums’ Support Group


Daddies, we have to leave you out of this one! As its name suggests, East Coast Mums’ Support Group was created for mums living in the East! New mums no longer have to worry about travelling far out to the west to meet up with their support groups! With almost 12,000 members in this support group in Singapore, new mums can be assured that there will be loads to learn from one another!

5. Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group


Breastfeeding is a challenging process for many new mums, which is why the Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group (BMSG) strives to help breastfeeding mothers through counselling, education and advocating public support for breastfeeding. Having a vibrant history of about 30 years in Singapore, this support group is a great shoulder to lean on for first time parents who are grappling with breastfeeding problems. Help make a difference in our society by creating greater public awareness and understanding of breastfeeding in Singapore!

6. Working Moms Support Group


Hats off to our working mums who have it the hardest when it comes to juggling work, managing the family and dealing with little ones. You no longer have to shoulder all the responsibilities alone! Created by Stork’s Nest Singapore, working mums can seek support from other members and participate in ongoing discussions in the Working Moms Support Group in Singapore. This is a safe haven for all working mums!

7. BumpWise


Ever heard of the term ‘doula’? Doula refers to a birth companion who support couples through their delivery and post-delivery process. While the doctors and nurses take on important clinical roles, a doula serves as an emotional and physical support for couples during trying times. Organised by a group of doulas, BumpWise is the place for first-time parents to meet doulas and gain important pregnancy information and support that may contribute towards an intervention-free birth. This support group in Singapore organises several antenatal classes or workshops for parents-to-be and you can even engage birth doula services through this group!

8. Singapore Special Needs And Parents


Created for parents with special needs children, Singapore Special Needs And Parents allows members to seek solace and help from one another. This support group in Singapore provides a wealth of knowledge to help parents better the lives of their family. Parents can look forward to the monthly newsletter produced by Singapore Special Needs And Parents, which contains useful tips and advice for both parents and children.

9. Babywearing Singapore

Have burning questions to ask regarding babywearing? Babywearing Singapore is the perfect support group for you! First-time parents who aren’t familiar with babywearing will benefit greatly from the group, as many members share useful information and experiences with babywearing. This inclusive support group in Singapore welcomes both Singaporean and international parents to join in the fun!

10. Singapore Tula Love


It’s amazing how the love for Tula baby carriers can bring a massive group of almost 12,500 members together in this support group in Singapore! First-time parents, if you have no idea what a Tula baby carrier is, you’re missing out big time! Tula baby carriers boast ergonomic designs that are both convenient and comfortable for parents and babies. While Singapore Tula Love isn’t affiliated to Baby Tula — a popular brand of Tula carriers — families who have benefitted from a Tula carrier can come together and share tips and joys with other members!

11. Baby Led Weaning Singapore


Baby Led Weaning Singapore is another support group in Singapore that’s catered to a specific aspect of parenting! As its name suggests, Baby Led Weaning Singapore is a group for first-time parents who want their child to begin self-feeding from the start of weaning. Baby led weaning is known to develop good eating habits and oral motor control. Join the other 19,000 members in Baby Led Weaning Singapore and work towards better eating for your little one!

With numerous support groups in Singapore to walk you through your parenting journey, say goodbye to lost or helpless feelings as first-time parents! Get ready to welcome your newborn with some stylish baby clothes, and discover unexpected newborn baby products you’ll be needing for your little gem!

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11 Best Support Groups In Singapore For First-Time Parents