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April 2020

Popular Hawker Deliveries for Singapore’s Circuit Breaker

Why get into hot soup for something like dining on bak kut teh, when you can have your favourite comfort food delivered to your doorstep? These popular hawker deliveries can tide you and your family over the Circuit Breaker period. Now you can satisfy those cravings and keep your family’s bellies full! And #supportsgfnb and #savefnbsg too!

Hong Ji Claypot Bak Kut Teh

Hong Ji Claypot Bak Kut Teh

Speaking of bak kut teh… perfect on rainy days which call for a steaming, nourishing bowl of bak kut teh. This popular stall, which started out in Marsiling, ladles up an aromatic broth brewed with more than 10 herbs for about six hours. The result? A wonderfully nuanced soup unlike the peppery versions you usually find in Singapore, with fall-off-the-bone tender pork ribs. For something with more bite, order their pig trotters in a dark soy sauce gravy, braised with intestines.

How much From $3.70
Takeaway & delivery hours 12noon – 2pm | 6pm – 8pm
Delivery fee $5-$15; minimum $20 order
Web | Call 97992614

Hong Sheng Restaurant

hawker deliveries - Hong Sheng Restaurant

This Toa Payoh North mainstay has been serving zichar dishes for more than four decades. Their piece de resistance is silky hor fun (we highly recommend the beef version), perfectly infused with the charred aroma of wok hei, and generously topped with freshly deep-fried lard. It’s a dish that many journalists at nearby Singapore Press Holdings turn to when they work the late shift. You also can’t go wrong with their prawn rolls, claypot fish head and prawn paste chicken.

How much From $5
Takeaway & delivery hours 4.45pm – 9pm
Delivery fee $10 islandwide; no minimum order
Call 9099 4367

Tree Coconut Nasi Lemak

Tree Coconut Nasi Lemak

Owned and run by a biomedical science graduate and former insurance professional, this Berseh Food Centre stall gets all the elements of a fine nasi lemak right. The rice is fragrant and fluffy without being weighed down by the heaviness of coconut cream, the ikan bilis is freshly fried, while the crispy chicken is tender, moist and flavoured with five-spice powder. Homemade otak-otak and sambal give the dish a mildly spicy kick, while scoring plenty of flavour points. Plus, kids will love their chicken cutlet and fish fillet options. Definitely give these millennial hawkers, who clearly put lots of effort into their craft, a chance.

How much From $3.20
Takeaway & delivery hours 12noon – 2pm | 6pm – 7pm
Delivery fee $6 islandwide; no minimum order | Free for orders above $50
Web | Call 9622 1799

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Tian Nan Xing Minced Pork Noodle

hawker deliveries - Tian Nan Xing Minced Pork Noodle

Like many bak chor mee stalls in the Bedok area, Tian Nan Xing is known for their soup version of the dish, which features a cloudy broth that’s flecked with minced pork. The 80-year-old stall is well-known among those living in the east, who swear by their pork balls and homemade dumplings. There’s no shame in slurping up this comforting dish with a side of Netflix.

How much From $4
Takeaway & delivery hours 5.30pm – 12.30am (Mon – Sat)
Delivery fee $3-$5 | Free for orders above $40
Call 9766 7717

A Noodle Story

A Noodle Story

A Bib Gourmand eatery featured in the 2019 Michelin Guide Singapore, this Amoy Street Food Centre favourite is usually fronted by long queues. Their beautifully rendered bowls of Singapore-style ramen belie the fact that this is hawker fare. Think of their dish as a modern spin on wonton mee that works: springy mee kia tossed in chilli oil, dried shrimp and kelp, and generously topped with tender braised char siew, boiled wonton, a crispy potato wrapped prawn, an onsen egg and spring onion.

How much From $10
Takeaway & delivery hours 11am – 1.30pm
Delivery fee $6 for distances under 6km | $12 for distances over 6km
Web | Call 9027 6289

Sembawang Traditional Claypot Rice

hawker deliveries - Sembawang Traditional Claypot Rice

Feed your hungry brood with a hearty meal of claypot rice from this popular eatery, which cooks each portion of its signature dish in individual claypots, over a charcoal fire. This imparts a wonderful nutty smokiness to the rice, which is cooked with pungent salted fish, chicken and lup cheong. Charred crispy bits – the part every family fights over – complete the dish. The eatery is offering a set meal for three, which includes zichar dishes such as qing long cai (royale chives), crusty san lao bee hoon and garlic fried chicken, if you’re after a sumptuous feast.

How much From $53.80 for 3 pax
Takeaway & delivery hours 11am – 10pm
Delivery fee Free for the set meal
Web | Call 8111 7266 / 9777 3313

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Green Sky Fried Kway Teow

Green Sky Fried Kway Teow

Enjoy halal treats such as char kway teow, fried carrot cake and oyster omelette from this eatery at Bedok Corner Food Centre. The slippery char kway teow is infused with a robust wok hei, cooked with fresh cockles and served with a fiery chilli sauce on the side — a welcome sight for those who relish the additional heat. We recommend their oyster omelette, which features plump, juicy oysters and a crisp batter, as well as their savoury white carrot cake, which is amply folded in egg.

How much From $3
Takeaway & delivery hours 12noon – 9pm
Delivery fee $6-$15 | Free in Bedok area, with minimum order of $20
Web | Call 8468 5652

Lao Chuan Tong – Traditional Ice Cream *currently closed*

hawker deliveries - Lao Chuan Tong

For young and old alike, there’s nothing that says, “Everything’s going to be alright,” quite like old-school Magnolia ice cream, cut into blocks and sandwiched between cottony soda bread slices or wafers. Order slabs of your favourite treat — there’s a comprehensive range of flavours including yam, sweet corn, mint chocolate and durian — from this supplier. It may not be scooped out of the back of a bike, but surely it’s enough to put a smile on everyone’s faces. While it’s currently not operating due to the enhanced Circuit Breaker measures, all of us kids look forward to their return!

How much From $8 per slab
Takeaway & delivery hours 2pm – 9pm
Delivery fee Free for order of at least three slabs
Web | Call 8877 9902

Anson Town

hawker deliveries - Anson Town

Treat your family to a local breakfast of champions with Anson Town’s signature spotted chee cheong fun, which are unmistakably studded with chye poh and dried shrimp. The silky, savoury rice rolls are packed with umami notes, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Or try their dry curry pig skin chee cheong fun, which is drenched in a rich curry cooked with homemade rempah, along with other popular dishes such as their Ipoh-style dry mee with char siew and savoury steamed pumpkin or yam cake.

How much From $3; minimum order of $20
Takeaway & delivery hours 8am – 8pm
Delivery fee $6-$15
Web www.ansontown.sgCall 6345 9689 (Changi Road) or 6253 5538 (Gambas Crescent)

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Zai Xing Vegetarian

Zai Xing Vegetarian

They may not serve the prettiest plates of food, but this vegetarian stall at Seng Poh Road is well-known for its bee hoon, which is lightly flavoured and perfectly complemented by your choice of sambal belacan or green chilli. Have this with their deep-fried mushroom rolls, which are wrapped in beancurd skin, mock char siew and yam ngoh hiang — a greasy, hearty local breakfast at its best.

How much From $50
Takeaway & delivery hours 6am – 1.30pm
Delivery fee Free at selected locations for orders above $50
Web | Call 9755 5272

To-Ricos Kway Chap

To-Ricos Kway Chap

This popular stall in Old Airport Road Food Centre steeps its array of pig parts (intestines, stomach, skin and such) in a savoury, aromatic braising sauce flavoured with fried shallots. Its owner torches the pig’s trotters the day before and leaves them overnight, before braising them for just an hour and a half. Fans of this stall love how the innards here are thoroughly cleaned to remove any gamey pong, while the wide rice noodle sheets are thin and silky.

How much From $12
Takeaway & delivery hour: 11am – 1.30pm
Delivery fee $2-$8

Zhen Jie Seafood

hawker deliveries - Zhen Jie Seafood

For prawn noodles that are jazzed up a notch, try this Bedok coffeeshop stall’s iteration of the dish, which feature two crayfish tails. You can even choose to add sliced abalone to your noodles. The star here is the orange-hued broth, which is simmered for hours with prawn heads and pork bones for rich, umami notes. Cockles are also added to give the soup extra depth.

How much From $4.20; minimum order of $15
Takeaway & delivery hours 8am – 8pm
Delivery fee Free in Bedok | $5 in the east
Call 9834 4880

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Popular Hawker Deliveries for Singapore’s Circuit Breaker