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August 2016

27 Ultimate Pokémon GO Power Tips to Impress your Kids With

Pokémon GO fever has hit Singapore. If you’re playing it with your kids, up your parental cred with these power tips that’ll have them hailing you as their Poké-Guru!

Pokémon GO is currently the hottest game in town. It was officially released on the morning of 6 August. You have probably seen kids standing in corners staring at their phones and walking around like zombies when you sent your child to their weekend tuition or enrichment classes. Very likely, your child has already downloaded the game. If you’ve not already done so, install it on your phone. This is one game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The idea of the game is very simple. Basically, just walk around an area until a Pokémon appears on your screen. Tap on the Pokémon you want to capture and then fling a Poké Ball to capture it.
Watch this Get Up and Go trailer below to for a simple introduction to the game.

Pokémon GO Get Up and Go trailer
The game can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Playstore.

Pokémon Go Install
Screenshot of Pokémon GO on Apple App Store

Pokémon Hotspot To Level Up Quickly

Look at the number of PokéStops with lure modules along Orchard Road. How can you not be there? I levelled up from ten to 12 in 60 minutes. Bring your kid on your walk and level up together as a family!

Pokémon GO Ion Orchard Pokéstops
PokéStops along Orchard Road
Remember to activate your Incense when you are catching Pokémons along Orchard Road, especially when there are many lure modules installed. Pokémons will start appearing around you like bees to honey!

Learn How to Throw a Curveball to Earn Extra 10 XP

Pokemon GO Curveball Video Tutorial Guide
Learn to throw Pokémon curve balls to earn extra 10 experience points (XP) for every successful capture. These 10 extra XP will add up to be very significant in the long run to the maximum level of 40.

Earn more XP when capturing Pokémon (Additional tips provided by our reader Lai Jinyuan):

  1. Nice throw: Earn extra 10 XP by getting the Poké Ball to hit within the white circle.
  2. Great throw: Earn extra 50 XP if the Poké Ball lands within the green circle.
  3. Excellent throw: Earn extra 100 XP when your Poké Ball hits the exact centre of the green circle.

13 Tips For Playing Pokémon GO

13 Tips For Playing Pokémon GO
There are 13 tips in the video above. We’ve highlighted three main ones for you.

  1. When you are going to throw your Poké Ball at the Pokémon, a target ring will appear on the Pokémon. There are three different ring colours. These signify the difficulty level in catching them. Green is the easiest and red is the most difficult. Fling your Poké Ball at the Pokémon when the ring is small.
  2. Feed the Pokémon a Razz Berry (available only after you’ve attained level eight and up) if you have difficulty in getting them to stay inside the Poké Ball. This is usually done for Pokémon with yellow or red rings, especially those with high CP (Combat Power).
  3. Catching too many of the same Pokémon? Transfer them to Professor Willow to get candies that are required to evolve the Pokémon.

How to get the Eevee Evolution You Want

Eevee Easter egg in Pokémon GO
You have obtained 25 Eevee candies, great! Before you evolve Eevee, change its name to Rainer, Sparky or Pyro. If you want Vaporeon, change Eevee’s name to Rainer. If you want Jolteon, change Eevee’s name to Sparky. If you want Flareon, change Eevee’s name to Pyro.

6 Pokémon GO Power User Tips

6 Pokémon GO Power User Tips

We highlighted three tips for you.

  1. Walk 200 metres or more in a minute when you have activated your Incense item. This will encourage the Pokémon to appear every 60 seconds.
  2. Catching too many Caterpie, Pidgey, Rattata and Weedle? Caterpie, Pidgey and Weedle need only 12 candies each, while Rattata requires 25 candies to evolve. With enough candies, you can evolve them to their next state to earn 500 experience points.
  3. Activate your lucky egg (available from level nine and up) to earn double the experience points within 30 minutes. Evolve your Pokémon during this 30 minutes. You’ll earn 1000 XP for each evolution!

Gain Over 60,000 XP in 30 Minutes

Fastest Way to Level Up in Pokémon GO

As you learnt from the tip above, when you activate a Lucky Egg, the XP you earned during these 30 minutes will be doubled. Follow the steps below to maximise the Lucky Egg’s XP earning potential. Each Pokémon evolution will net you 1000 XP!

  1. Keep up to 70 or more of your Pokémon that are ready for evolution.
  2. Favourite them for easy access.
  3. Activate your Lucky Egg.
  4. Start evolving as many of your Pokémon within these 30 minutes.

Dominate Pokémon GO Gyms and Win Every Battle Even If the Opponents Look Stronger

Win every Pokémon GO battle

  1. Observe the opposing Pokémon that form the team defending the Gym. Note their Pokémon type and select your strongest Pokémon to battle against them (refer to the table below).
  2. Swipe left or right when the battle starts. Your Pokémon opponent is controlled by the game programme; it will always attack when the battle starts.
  3. Watch when the screen flashes yellow — that’s when you must swipe left or right to dodge the attack. Tap your Pokémon once or twice to counter-attack. Then watch for the screen flash and dodge again. Repeat this process until your opponent’s Pokémon has been defeated.

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Hatch Your Pokémon Eggs Without Walking

Hatch Pokémon GO Eggs Without Walking
Before and after image of the incubated eggs after 33 minutes without walking

Leave the Pokémon GO app enabled on your phone even after you’re done catching Pokémon for the day. Even when you are not moving, the phone continuously searches for the GPS signal, which’ll create an impression that your phone has ‘walked’. Look at the images above − despite leaving the phone at rest for 33 minutes, the incubators showed that the phone had travelled about 100 metres.

3 Tips to Maximise Your Phone’s Battery Usage

Pokémon GO Battery Saver Mode
Left image: Turn on Battery Saver Mode, Right image: Phone dims when turned upside-down

  1. Get the latest update (version 0.33.0 on Android and 1.3.0 on iOS) and enable the battery saver mode of Pokémon GO. Your phone screen will dim significantly when you turn it upside-down.
  2. Turn off AR (Augmented Reality) mode. This will turn your camera off when you are catching Pokémon, and will reduce the power drain.
  3. Reduce your phone’s screen brightness to extend your battery power for a longer Pokémon GO game time.

The Two Most Sought After Pokémon

Pokémon GO - Dragonite and Snorlax
Snorlax is highly desired because it is best used for defending a gym. It has a high HP (health points) of 320 and with an attack and defend strength of 180 each, it’s a tank in holding itself against any other Pokémon. A very well-rounded Pokémon, indeed.

Dragonite has a high attack of 250, defense at 212 and high stamina of 182, making it good for both attacking and defending a gym. It is also hard to obtain − that just adds to its desirability. Enough said.

Hong Kong Crowds throng to catch Dragonite

Finally, remind your children to watch where they are walking, be aware of their surroundings, and not walk out onto roads without checking for vehicles first!

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27 Ultimate Pokémon GO Power Tips to Impress your Kids With