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March 2020

#MothersOfSingapore – A Lookback at 18 Amazing Women We Love

Four years ago, we published the very first story in our #MothersOfSingapore series. If you hadn’t guessed, the series was inspired by Humans of New York, a collection of #reallife peeks into the lives of NY city residents that took the Insta-world by storm. Here at SingaporeMotherhood, we are blessed to meet amazing mums in our course of work. So we decided to similarly share their stories of struggle, pain, joy, and triumph — in a nutshell, motherhood!

Here’s a round-up of our #MothersOfSingapore stories to date (and a handful that pre-dated the series). We hope you’ve been as touched and empowered by these inspirational women as we have.

Yvonne Lian – Unstoppable

She had just turned 21 when she was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors also told her that she’d never conceive, and if she did, she’d miscarry. Indeed, Yvonne was to endure several miscarriages in the years to come. But the unstoppable lady went on to birth a miracle child and become a successful mumpreneur. Read her story here

Angeline Phang – Mummy-roo

Like kangaroos who carry their joeys wherever they go, so does this mum. Studio manager at her husband’s photography company, Angeline would pop her baby into a carrier and away they’d go on overseas photoshoots. Lucky baby, you say? But it’s not all fun and games for mum. Read her story here

Zalina Zakariah-Ismael – From Dyslexia to DSA

It was painful for Zalina to watch her daughter struggle, even at kindergarten. Her heart just about broke one day when the little girl asked why she was so stupid. Years of struggles later, that little girl has a newfound confidence, even gaining successful DSA into SOTA. All thanks to a mother who refused to give up. Read her story here

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Li Ruifang – Hawker Mama

prawn noodles - tunnel

Being a young mother isn’t easy. And being a young hawker building a family, even harder. Ruifang developed gestational diabetes during her second trimester. Then excruciating pregnancy pains due to long hours at her prawn noodle stall in the third. Her dogged determination and supportive family saw her through. Read her story here

Adeline Koh – Three’s a Charm

Already the happy mother of two beautiful children, Adeline was pleasantly surprised to discover she was expecting again. What she didn’t expect, however, was that her third child was to be born with Down syndrome. Shock turned into grief and fear for the future, and a year of tears ensued. Read her story here

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Sandy Nah – Growing Globetrotters

It’s one thing to take kids on vacations. It’s a whole other thing for a mum — and dad — to quit their jobs and take their two young daughters across nine countries over nine months. The kids may have missed out on school, and being on the go got tough at times. Yet Sandy has absolutely no regrets. Read her story here

Linda Locke – Tenacity Personified

#MothersOfSingapore Linda Locke

She was determined to have a baby. A successful advertising career was set aside. But going through five IVF attempts over 18 months took its toll, especially when there was only a two per cent chance of success. But she refused to give up. Linda was 43 when she finally gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Read her story here

Meghna Kulkarni – Pillar of Strength

bone marrow donor - chemotherapy

She was still basking in the glow of being a first-time mum. And then her world fell apart when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Meghna spent the next few years alternating between hope and devastation while being caregiver to both father and son. She had to stay strong for both their sakes. Read her story here

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Hazleen Panayiotou – Go-getter

#MothersOfSingapore Hazleen Panayiotou

She had always been active, even as a child. As an adult, she thrived on highly demanding careers. She survived a freak illness and surgery to come back from the brink of death. A mother of three, Hazleen is also the founder of the Amazing Trekkers Club for women, and has summited 50 peak worldwide. Read her story here

Dr Wong Boh Boi – The Baby Whisperer

breastfeeding in a coma - mum with kids

She’s helped countless new mums with breastfeeding strsuggles and has a reputation for being able to calm even the most irate baby. But her own pregnancy journeys had been fraught with difficulties, and she almost lost her life both times. It was the miracle of breastfeeding — while in a coma — that brought her back. Read her story here

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Lee May – Blood Ties

Jue Ming's Harry Potter party

Her baby boy was born with severe Haemophilia B, a rare condition that causes him to bleed spontaneously. He also has GDD which affects his development. She lives in constant fear of internal bleeding and struggles with massive treatment costs. Jue Ming is a simple, happy child, but for Lee May, the mum guilt is real. Read her story here

Deanne Chong-Duffield – Labour of Love

#MothersOfSingapore Deanne Chong-Duffield

Poised, eloquent and positively glowing, this fifty-something mum recounts her growing up years and how she became obsessed with early childhood and gifted education. Becoming a single mum also gave her extra impetus to give her child the kind of learning experiences she knew he deserved. Read her story here

Dr Suzanne Goh – From Defeat to Discovery

#MothersOfSingapore Dr Suzanne Goh

A paediatrician who spent her days helping other children, she felt utterly defeated when it came to her own. Hours spent on intensive autism therapy only resulted in debt and a child who continued slipping away. It all seemed hopeless until Suzanne discovered the Son-Rise Program, which opened a path into his world. Read her story here

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Candice Chiew – Battling Cancer with Food

#MothersOfSingapore Candice and family

Her life revolved around her career in social work and raising her two little girls. Until February last year, when she was diagnosed with cancer. To combat the side effects of chemotherapy, she looked for alternative ways to heal her body. This led to clean eating, a clean food business venture, and a new lease on life. Read her story here

Lily Kew – Mature Mama

#MothersOfSingapore Lily Kew

Our most recent #MothersOfSingapore story features one of Singapore’s most prolific women entrepreneurs. After giving birth to her second daughter in November last year, through IVF at the age of 48 years, the founder of Kew Organics shared her unlikely journey to motherhood. Read her story here

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Dewi Singgih – Twice Bitten

32 weeks into her first pregnancy, she was rushed to the hospital for an emergency C-section. It was touch-and-go for her baby in the NICU. At exactly the same gestational age during her second pregnancy, the nightmare repeated itself. Both times, it was due to a condition called pre-eclampsia. Read her story here

Joycelyn – Premie Mum

At just 24 weeks into her pregnancy, she went into labour. Her baby, much too young to enter this world. For two days after she delivered, she lay in a coma, while her baby boy clung valiantly to life in the NICU for months. Four years on, Joycelyn counts her blessings and shares their daily struggles and victories. Read her story here

Madam Ainiah – Party of Five

She’s gone through divorce, abuse, self-hurt and mutilation. She works day and night to put food on the table and raise her five children. And while they receive financial help, it isn’t always enough. But Madam Ainiah isn’t giving up, except on a toxic marriage. She is determined to make a better life for herself and her family. Read her story here

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Thank you for touching our hearts, #MothersOfSingapore!

These 18 amazing #MothersOfSingapore are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more remarkable real-life stories waiting to be shared. If you’re a mum with an inspirational story, or if you know of an extraordinary mum who should be featured in our #MothersOfSingapore series, please get in touch with us at [email protected]. #FathersOfSingapore are welcome too!

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#MothersOfSingapore lookback

#MothersOfSingapore – A Lookback at 18 Amazing Women We Love