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July 2016

Jamie Yeo tells us her Favourite Things about Motherhood!

Given her youthful looks and svelte figure, it’s hard to believe that Jamie Yeo is a mother of a five-year-old. The 38-year-old (yes, believe it or not!) television and radio presenter has been in the media industry for nearly two decades now. Did you know that she’s also an entrepreneur?


Jamie runs an online marketplace which caters to busy mummies like herself. If you’ve been following her on Instagram (@iamjamieyeo), you’d know that she shares some highly adorable pictures of herself and her daughter, Aly. So what’s Jamie Yeo like as a doting mother?

How has becoming a parent changed you? 

I go out less on weeknights and shop less for myself, but I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I love coming home after work and putting Aly to bed. She waits for me on the couch with a book and the moment I step in, she comes and hugs me and is so happy that I am home. That really makes my day. I also love phone conversations with her throughout the day especially when I am  busy. Just hearing her chatter on about something in her little girly voice is enough to keep me working hard.


What’s a typical family day or weekend like? 

A typical family day or weekend sees us having breakfast together, then maybe chilling out in front of the television for about an hour. We have lunch outside, and follow that with an activity like hanging out at the park or going to the zoo. We then head back home for a swim and dinner.

What have you learnt about yourself as a parent? 

I have learnt that I can multi-task very well. Multi-task as in, take a nap while lying on the couch as Aly sits next to me watching TV. Haha. I kid. Well, multi-task as in listen to her talk while typing out an email or doing my radio show while mentally making out grocery lists or buying groceries online.

In terms of character, I have learnt to be more patient. Not everything needs to be “chop chop”. If Aly decides that she wants to put on her shoes by herself, and takes five minutes doing so, then so be it.


Was there something you were hoping to achieve by becoming an entrepreneur? 

Yes. Being an entrepreneur is something I could still do should I decide to stay at home more often.

I think the time spent with my daughter in her formative years when she really wants to be with me is precious. It is the foundation of our relationship and friendship in the future when she gets older and doesn’t need me around that much anymore.

How do you juggle your career in media, entrepreneurship, and motherhood?

To be honest, there are times I don’t think I’m doing it effectively. I just know that I have to do it and I have to do it fairly well. I get a lot of help from my mother and I am very grateful for that.


Tell us a little more about your current media commitments.

I do the evening show from 5 to 8pm on Gold 90.5FM, and I am currently shooting an eight-episode series called Power Recipes for Mediacorp. I also host about three to four events per month, and host a show called Inside Singapore (which is televised in about 20,000 hotel rooms in Singapore and online).

Do you ever feel “mum guilt” for not spending enough time with Aly? 

I think every mother feels guilty at some point for one thing or another. For working mums, it’s about spending time with our children. I make it a point to count my blessings. I remind myself that I am lucky that my work doesn’t take me away from her all day and I at least get pockets of time during the day to spend with her if I manage my time well.


How would you describe your parenting style? 

I am generally quite relaxed. I am pretty cool when it comes to academics. I strongly believe in letting Aly play. I don’t make her do her homework because she’s only in kindergarten this year and she doesn’t have any tuition right now. The only classes she goes for are activities she loves doing for fun, like swimming and ballet.

I am quite fussy when it comes to what she eats, and with her speech. I ensure she eats right by making sure her meals are mostly eaten at home on weekdays and consist of mostly organic vegetables (two servings per meal) and fresh meat from Australia or a reputable butcher.

Judging by your Instagram feed, you pay a lot of attention to fitness. Why is this important to you? 

Keeping fit not only keeps you looking youthful and good (which is important because unfortunately, looks matter for my job), but it also ensures that you are energetic and healthy. I intend to live a very long life so that I can be around for my daughter for a long time.


Do you count your calories?

To be honest, (please don’t hate me) I am naturally quite lean so I don’t really have to  watch what I eat so closely. I still eat carbs and sweets, but always in moderation (especially sweets). Instead of eating a full plate of white rice or noodles, I will have two-thirds of it. I fill up more on meat and vegetables. I don’t believe in going hungry. I work out twice a week, and sometimes when I am watching TV, I do some planks.

Complete the sentence: “The best thing about being a parent is…” 

“…watching this little human being grow up and learn all sorts of things with wonder and innocence.”


Images courtesy of Jamie Yeo.

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Jamie Yeo tells us her Favourite Things about Motherhood!