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March 2017

12 i Light Marina Bay 2017 Installations That Will Make Your Kids Go “WOW!”

As part of i Light Marina Bay 2017, 20 captivating light art installations will illuminate the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade starting tomorrow. We’ve picked out 12 which will be a hit with kids.


Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival is back for its fifth edition! From 3 – 26 March 2017, you can head down to the Marina Bay precinct – kids in tow – to enjoy 20 light artworks designed by Singaporean and international artists. This year’s theme? Light & Nature. All 20 installations on display have been made with energy-saving lighting or environmentally-friendly materials to remind visitors young and old of the need for sustainable habits in our world today.

Visiting i Light Marina Bay 2017 is a great way to start educating your little ones on the importance of earth-friendly practices, we think! Needless to say, the stunning works of art do a great job of holding the attention of kiddos. Oh, and entry to the festival is free – yay! Don’t forget your cameras when you head down to the Waterfront Promenade. Here are 12 light art installations at i Light Marina Bay 2017 that will make your children go “WOW!”

1. Moonflower

This luminescent display of flowers that glow in the dark invite you to take a walk through the garden! Each individual flower thrives on a solar-powered LED and the wireless nature of this artwork allows you to bring a flower home for just $5 after the festival ends! Proceeds will go to charity.

Designed by: Lee Yun Qin (Singapore)
Find it at: The Promontory

2. Kaleidoscopic Monolith

From a distance, you’ll see it as a single convex form with a subtly morphing profile. But upon closer inspection, its rippling surface contains a pattern of concavities which distort, repeat, and reorient the context. The colourful patterns created by the artwork invite you to discover your own meanings through interactive play!

Designed by: Kenneth Tracy, Christine Yogiaman, Suranga Nanayakkara (Singapore)
Find it at: The Promontory

3. Home

What’s a home? A place that provides safety and a shelter, illuminating the dark and attracting stray wanderers like a lighthouse amidst chaos, perhaps? Here in our concrete jungle stands an illusory image of a familiar home, using just lights. Reminds you of a child’s sketch, doesn’t it?

Designed by: Anna Galas (Poland)
Find it at: Waterfront Promenade

4. Horizontal Interference

This one here is formed with just a colourful cord construction that connects the tree trunks in a simple manner. The architecture of wires, which are already beautiful in daytime, turn into a dazzling spectacle when night falls. Coupled with the presence of wind, this elementary yet ingenious work of art creates a rather poetic and powerful image.

Designed by: Katarzyna Malejka & Joachim Slugocki (Poland)
Find it at: Mist Walk

5. Hybycozo

This stunning light art installation sits at the intersection of science, technology, geometry, materials, and the artists’ favourite book, The Hitchhikers’ Guide to The Galaxy. The pair of artists have borrowed everything from ancient Islamic tiles to the patterns created by particle physicists to translate the appearance of beauty within naturally occurring harmonic relationships. Stunning, isn’t it?

Designed by: Yelena Filipchuk & Serge Beaulieu (USA and Canada)
Find it at: Esplanade Waterfront, beside Gluttons’ Bay

6. i Light You So Much

Light is energy, and energy gives life. Light, therefore, gives life! Beyond light as utilitarian and functional, this quirky installation aims to share a life experience of an object via the use of light. A kinetic installation consisting of lines and light, i Light You So Much is made out of bamboo – believe to store positive energy – and moves in response to the wind!

Designed by: Eko Agus Prawoto (Indonesia)
Find it at: The Promontory

7. Northern Lights

Here’s a light art piece inspired by the enthralling experience of the aurora borealis, the spectacular and poetic natural light phenomenon that occurs in the sky of the northern hemisphere. Using a meticulously programmed light story performed through 100 vertically positioned light lines equipped with LED sources, movement marries light to create a poetic sensation!

Designed by: Aleksandra Stratimirovic (Sweden)
Find it at: Waterfront Promenade

8. Social Sparkles

Be prepared for a swarm of fireflies to follow you through the forest – a hundred individual lights hang overhead, lighting up and sparkling as you walk underneath them, following you. And as soon as they appear, they disappear, and the sky is dark again. A fascinating use of kinetics that is sure to thrill your children!

Designed by: By Toer (Netherlands)
Find it at: Mist Walk

9. The Body of The Sea

As night approaches, it appears that the Merlion is breathing in the water of Marina Bay, creating a flowing and extraordinary dress made out of matter from the sea. The successive waves of the waterfront give the iconic creature a coral dress, a surreal skin of fish, shells and other marine creatures. Colours, visuals and sound unite to give shape to The Body of The Sea – a visual spectacle, indeed!

Designed by: Danny Rose Collective (France)
Find it at: Merlion Park

10. The Colourful Garden of Light

Celebrate the onset of spring with the curious host of plants that adorn Clifford Square! Observe the delightful courtship between gorgeous peonies and beautiful multicoloured butterflies that takes place in this dazzling chromatic display. The changing colours bring about an unusual and rather surprising relationship between nature and the cityscape.

Designed by: TILT (France)
Find it at: Clifford Square

11. Urchin

What’s this light art installation inspired by? As its name suggests, sea urchins of course! The textured and permeable surfaces interact with light, while the geometric repetition of patterns in the lacework bring about visual rhythm and harmony. Taking in Urchin’s delicate and jaw dropping form set against the skyline of the city is truly a visual spectacle for the young and old!

Designed by: Choi + Shine Architects (USA)
Find it at: Lower Boardwalk

12. You Lookin’ At Me?

Giant glowing eyeballs with colourful irises stare into the distance, and snap to attention when a visitor approaches! In a primal response, the eyeballs start to look more skittish, and attempt to “scare” intruders away. They morph into a series of different eye colours to dissuade curious onlookers (that’s you, by the way) from hanging around for too long!

Designed by: Tropism Art & Science Collective (Netherlands)
Find it at: Waterfront Promenade

Check Out GastroBeats for Mouthwatering Carnival Eats!

GastroBeats is one of three festival hubs at i Light Marina Bay 2017. From 3 – 26 March 2017, drop by GastroBeats to Eat, Sing, Play and Repeat! Treat your tastebuds to gastronomical delights from culinary artisans such as Skewer Bar, Poke Theory, Alter Ego and Starker. As part of last evening’s media preview, we got to sink our teeth into a yummy Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl (above) from Poke Theory and oh so sinful (but to-die-for) Pizza Fries (below) courtesy of Alter Ego.

I also got to try some bite-sized flavoured ice balls from Dragon’s Breath for a super cool (quite literally) and Instagram-worthy experience – check out the video below and you’ll get why it’s called Dragon’s Breath!

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Download The Blippar App For a Unique Interactive Experience

This year, you’ll be able to enjoy i Light Marina Bay better with the aid of Blippar! It’s an image recognition app that uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to overlay digital content on physical objects when they are scanned or “blipped”. Download the Blippar app for free from the Apple store or Google Play store when you reach the festival precinct. Open the app, and simply blipp any of the directional or art installation signages for more information!

There are also several other family-friendly activities for you to check out at i Light Marina Bay 2017. From a Silent Disco for kids to the giant inflatable playground that is Art-Zoo, there’s more than enough entertainment options for the little ones at this year’s festival – we’re chuffed to bits!

i Light Marina Bay 2017

When: 3 – 26 March 2017
Time: Sunday to Thursday – 7.30pm to 11pm, Friday to Saturday – 7.30pm to 12am
Where: Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade
Nearest MRT Station: Bayfront

Admission is free!

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12 i Light Marina Bay 2017 Installations That Will Make Your Kids Go “WOW!”