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November 2018

10 Funniest Parents on Twitter

Social media provides us with reprieve from the daily grind. Work, kids, laundry? Here are 10 of the funniest parents on Twitter who’ll give you a good chuckle.

Even if we hate to admit it, most of us distract ourselves from the harsh realities of daily living by diving into our smart phones. Social media has become such an integral part of our daily lives. It’s where we read the latest news, catch up with pals, and you guessed it – have a good laugh. Even celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds occasionally tweet about their kids’ shenanigans!


And if you’re constantly looking for someone to commiserate with you on parenthood, Twitter’s the place to be. Filled with witty, snarky, and downright funny tweets; there’s someone who can relate to any parenting situation you’re in. Here are 10 of the funniest parents on Twitter to follow!

1. @paigekellerman


Author of books such as The Beer’s Folded and the Laundry’s Cold: Mostly-True Adventures in Housewifery and At Least My Belly Hides My Cankles you just know she’s going to be hilarious. Self-described as a writer, humourist, and mother, Paige will fill your timeline with loads of laughs! Follow her for tweets about parenting, being a wife, and her kids.

2. @moooooog35


Odd username aside, Rodney Lacroix is the author of a whopping eight books! With titles such as But Did You Die? Setting the Parenting Bar Low and The Bigger Book of Parenting Tweets, you’ve come to the right place. You might even like him enough to purchase his tweets in paperback! Follow this dad of four for hilarious tweets about parenting, relationships, and misadventures in romance.

3. @sarcasticmommy4


She’s a Mum of four. Nuff’ said. Sarcastic Mommy’s been tweeting since 2014, so you know she’s funny enough to have kept going for four years! Commiserate with her or laugh along at her daily misadventures, because which parent doesn’t relate? Follow her for sarcastic (duh!) and often funny tweets about her kid-ventures, husband, and pop culture.

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4. @housewifeofhell


Do you have days when you feel like the worst parent on the planet? We all do. When life gets too overwhelming and you’re falling behind on everything, head over to @housewifeofhell for a chuckle. Humour is the best way to remind yourself you aren’t alone. Join this Mum of teenage twins as she tweets about her parenting mishaps, feeling like a bad parent (you aren’t!), and life in general.

5. @xplodingunicorn


James Breakwell is probably the most popular parent on Twitter! This comedy writer is a Dad of four girls under eight years of age, and offers amazing tweets about his daily conversations with them. If you love reading sassy, snarky bite backs from kids – here’s your guy. He’s also the author of Bare Minimum Parenting: The Ultimate Guide to Not Quite Ruining Your Child. Follow James for loads of relatable jokes, and roll your eyes at his attempts to annoy his spouse.

6. @lhlodder


This Twitter Mum affectionately calls herself Mommy Owl, and is a social media manager at various online brands. If someone’s the social media manager at Buzzfeed, you know they’ve got to be funny! Apart from retweets from other parents, Mommy Owl has got great tweets of her own. We love the conversations with her kids, as well as her personal experience with motherhood. Follow her for tweets about family life, Mums’ hardships, and her two little ones.

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7. @saltymamas


Salty Mamas is a joint account run by two mum bloggers, focusing primarily on parenting. They also have a blog of the same name, with parenting hacks and helpful guides for parents! We also like how they put a positive spin on parenting, with a #30daysofthankfulness challenge on Twitter. Follow The Salty Mamas for hilarious tweets about their relationships, kids, and positive parenting.

8. @ohthatmomglow


Remember when you thought being a Mum would bring a glow? Oh, how reality differs. With a motto that reads “Real moms. Real honest. Real s***show.” you know you’re going to be having big laughs! This account is run by two mums as well, with kids aged 5, 1, and 6 months between them. So no matter the stage your little one is in – they can relate. Follow them for relatable tweets about the little but often difficult parts of parenthood.

9. @themomatlaw


Who says lawyers aren’t fun? This attorney slash freelance writer proves that mums can have their cake and eat it too! Despite her time consuming professions, she still makes time to come up with witty, snarky tweets about the ridiculous expectations of mums in society. Ever wondered why mums are made to live up to so many expectations? Follow her and turn that anger into guffaws instead.

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10. @copymama


Last but not least, it’s @copymama! Copy Mama is a freelance writer who is seriously funny. You’ve probably seen some of her jokes retweeted onto your timeline, considering how popular she is in the parenting sphere. She often retweets other hilarious parents, too – perfect if you’re looking to follow even more of them! Follow her for great tweets about having a spouse, dealing with the madness of kids, and life as a woman in 2018.

Parenting can be a real challenge sometimes. But that doesn’t mean you’ve to go through it straight-faced and alone! Turning to social media for a quick chuckle might be just what you need in the moment. Follow these 10 funniest parents on Twitter so you never miss out on a great joke! There’s solidarity in laughing at the madness of parenthood, we promise. By the way, we could not find any funny Singaporean parents on Twitter. Do you know of any? Or are we all just a jaded, humourless lot?

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10 Funniest Parents on Twitter