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Zhu Sheng Niang Niang (注生娘娘)

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by faithmummy1706, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. summerlove2017

    summerlove2017 New Member

    Hi Tia,

    The best would be asking the helpers at the temple regarding whether can take the eggs again (heard must be in pairs) and also in relation to the chao du. They should know better. Sorrie can't help.

  2. towkayneo

    towkayneo Well-Known Member

    Hello, sure, the red eggs are free for all. Of course when you got pregnant under the blessings of ZSNN, you need to pay it forward; as in thank her in the form of red eggs. Whenever I was there praying for kids, I take the red eggs :) so it doesn't matter how many times you take. Anyway, if nobody takes the eggs, they would be either thrown away or given to the foreign workers there.

    Regarding the chao du, you can perform the rites if you feel the need to. There is no hard & fast rule that you must do the rites. Like most women did the chao du to have a closure; close the chapter and move on to a new one.
  3. towkayneo

    towkayneo Well-Known Member

    You can go with hubby or go alone; most importantly is your sincerity. Cheers
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  4. meowmeow83

    meowmeow83 New Member

    Thanks Towkayneo!
  5. There are still many eggs. I went at 1pm today
  6. minoyo

    minoyo Member

    anyone went to the temple at sk before ?
  7. twittymon

    twittymon Member

    Hi all is the eggs at toa payoh shuang lin si? Thanks.
  8. niece

    niece Active Member

    There's still eggs at the temple as of now..
  9. gitata

    gitata New Member

    Thank you summer love!:)
  10. gitata

    gitata New Member

    Thank you very much towkayneo!:)

  11. magictape

    magictape Member

    First time visiting the temple at sk.
    collected a pair of red eggs! :)
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2017
  12. magictape

    magictape Member

    first time visiting to the temple. just a distance from the lrt stn.( like 3mins )
    u can drop by if u stay nearby .
    baby dust!
  13. elmoboy09

    elmoboy09 New Member

    Hi, may I know where is the temple located at? TIA.
  14. magictape

    magictape Member

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  15. elmoboy09

    elmoboy09 New Member

  16. qqduckie

    qqduckie New Member

    Just a question.. I was at the Toa Payoh Shuang Lin Shi Temple last week. I can't identify who is the Zhu Sheng Niang Niang.

    Can anyone guide me? Anything in particular I must do for the prayer?

  17. hamburger

    hamburger Member

    i strongly believe in zsnn ever since i was pregnant and sucessfully delivered my dd.. :) so wanna ask if it's still praying to zsnn after baby is born? for normal praying of baby's good health and development.. thank you all :)
  18. towkayneo

    towkayneo Well-Known Member

    Hello, opps, Zhe Sheng Niang Niang's figurine is quite prominent. Facing the main entrance of the temple, she's located on your left hand side. Her figurine is in gold colour.
  19. towkayneo

    towkayneo Well-Known Member

    Hello! I still do :) She's the guardian of all babies, so I believe in praying for her blessings for my kids' good health & development :)
  20. gitata

    gitata New Member

    Zsnn carries a baby in her right arm.

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  21. elmoboy09

    elmoboy09 New Member

    U can see the name on the board.
  22. jezlian

    jezlian New Member

    Hi all... can I check when should we return the red eggs to zsnn? Must be full mth exact day? Earlier or after?

    Also, can we bring baby to go baibai at zsnn?
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  23. towkayneo

    towkayneo Well-Known Member

    Good if it can be exact day, but I don't think it can be earlier as the mother will still in confinement? Think so long as you fulfill your promise, slightly later should be ok.

    I did bring my kid to pray at ZSNN for good health.
  24. magictape

    magictape Member

    the eggs which we collected need to eat on the day itself ?
  25. towkayneo

    towkayneo Well-Known Member

    Preferably else overnight eggs may not be beneficial to your health
  26. magictape

    magictape Member

  27. jezlian

    jezlian New Member

    Noted! Thank you.
  28. jezlian

    jezlian New Member

    Btw we will be returning 88 red eggs to TPY ZSNN on this coming Saturday, in case anyone need
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  29. selsel

    selsel New Member

    Hi jezlian

    May i know what time you will be going?

    And may i know if I'm having my menses can i still go and pray and take the red eggs?

  30. mandynsh

    mandynsh New Member

    Hi... I wanted to return some eggs too. Recently had a baby girl and I wanted to thank zsnn for the safe and smooth delivery. For the red eggs, did anyone buy them? And if yes, can advice where you order from? Abit short-handed now so I don't think I can do the red eggs myself...
  31. sherberries28

    sherberries28 Member

    You tell the auntie or uncle u want to pay respects to zsnn. She will guide you also, friendly people.
  32. meowmeow83

    meowmeow83 New Member

    $1 per red egg.

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  33. Hopeful16

    Hopeful16 Member

    Hi Jezlian,
    Congrats! May I know what time will you be going? I hope to pray and collect a pair of red eggs too :)
  34. elmoboy09

    elmoboy09 New Member

    Any return of egg this Saturday or Sunday?
  35. Babyrooster

    Babyrooster New Member

    Will be returning 100 eggs on this thurs afternoon at TPY Shuang Ling temple.
    Baby dust to all!
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  36. beivied

    beivied Member

    went to TPY Shuang Lin Temple yesterday after my KK appt but didnt see any eggs. Thursday is difficult to go due to work. Hopefully someone is returning eggs on Sat or Sun :)
  37. Hopeful16

    Hopeful16 Member

    I just went to TPY temple, there isn't any red egg for now. Shall try next time.
  38. mandynsh

    mandynsh New Member

    My hubby is on the way to the temple now... think will reach at 3.30pm? we are returning 50 eggs tdy. Good luck to all!
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  39. mandynsh

    mandynsh New Member

    Thank you!!
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  40. Rainbowcradle

    Rainbowcradle New Member

    Hi! will anyone be returning eggs tomorrow (sunday)? TIA!
  41. Daledale

    Daledale Active Member

    I just went today. Tiger god that row. Only got 1 female god carry a baby that is Zhu Sheng Niang Niang
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  42. beivied

    beivied Member


    this website talks about exactly what offerings to bring to pray to zsnn but the lady in shuang lin temple say people usually just bring normal stuff. even flowers she say three colours rather than white or red.

    no harm to be a bit more specific i guess? :)
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  43. babyhelp

    babyhelp Member

    Hi, I am Punjabi and keen in trying my luck to pray so I can conceive. Can anyone please guide me how to pray? Location, which deity, what to offer?
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  44. We are together for 13 years and only got married like 1 year plus ago. Really wanna to have a child but it is so difficult . May I know what to buy when we go and pray to zsnn ?? Anyone returning eggs soon ???
  45. towkayneo

    towkayneo Well-Known Member

    Hello ladies, just my personal opinion. Apart from praying to the Goddess, I suggest it may also be a good idea to seek medical help if you have fertility issues.

    Basic items to pray: Buy the S$3 set which consists of joss sticks, candles and incense paper and with all sincerity, pray to ZSNN for her help and blessings for healthy children. You can bring along a few stalks of white and red flowers and place it beside her altar.

    "Advance" items to pray: Other than the S$3 set and flowers, you can buy a bottle of butterfly perfume, face powder and a reel of red thread and place them on her altar.

    Pictures for easy reference - you can buy those from neighborhood beauty shops.

    Good luck!


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  46. Beeb33

    Beeb33 Member

    @towkayneo may I knw why we need to buy red thread ? thks!
  47. Beeb33

    Beeb33 Member

    anyone returning red eggs tomorrow ( Monday) ?
  48. towkayneo

    towkayneo Well-Known Member

    I got the info from an uncle taking care of the Cheng Huang temple - red thread is to "qian hong xian", to establish "yuan" with the unborn child, maybe?
  49. Toh SH

    Toh SH Active Member

    The red threat is for Yue Lao, the Uncle must have made a mistake coz I have been there to pray so many times and the counter there never mentioned any red threat, even I prayed to zsnn in taipei, the Uncle n Aunty there never mentioned red threat.
  50. towkayneo

    towkayneo Well-Known Member

    hehehe, how come you know which Cheng Huang Temple I've been to, since there are quite a few in Singapore? :p

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