Zhu Sheng Niang Niang (注生娘娘)


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Can anyone share with me, How to pray to zhu sheng niang niang?
what are the steps like?
Anything to take note?
Can you also share with me where you pray Zhu Sheng Niang Niang?

THanks in advance

Hi jhw,

I went to the temple in Tembeling Road.. you can just tell the aunties there that you want to pray to Zhu Sheng Niang Niang and they will help you out..

For my first time there, I paid for one of the aunties to help say the prayers for me, she will ask for your name.. then after that burn the joss papers..

Subsequent visits I just tell them I want to buy joss papers for praying to ZSNN, then I say the prayers myself and burn the joss papers.. hope this helps!
Just sharing my experience.. hope it helps!

Nope, I didn't take any eggs to eat..
Hi Ladies,

1 yr ago, Hubby and I collected 2 eggs from Zhu Sheng Niang Niang at Toa Payoh Shuang Lin Shi Temple. We ate 1 each and few months later were blessed with a twin. This Sunday, 25th Nov,is my twin's full month. We have promised that we will return 200 eggs so that others can take them and be blessed with babies as well. We will be dropping the eggs at around 11.30am. Feel free to collect and may all be blessed with babies soon. Baby Dust to all!
Hi Mrs Liow: it's only when there's people "returning" the eggs to the goddess on the day of their baby shower then we'll be able to "borrow" their eggs.. I went twice but no eggs being offered during my 2 times there..
hi all,

i went yesterday and there wasnt any eggs. hope someone will be returning the eggs so so i can collect

btw if any of you are returning, would you able to drop me a PM?

Thank you very much!!
Hi ladies, if any of u r "returning" the red eggs as return of favor, pls keep mi included too. Thank you in advance...
Hi ladies, anyone know what type of flowers to pray to Zhu Heng niang niang? eg. If boy bring white lilies also can?
Hmmm i been trying since feb. maybe i should go for some praying this weekend. so i just tell them i wanna pray zhu sheng niang niang... need to say what prayer?
apple, i am not sure about the flowers.

Melony, Apple,

you can just go to the temple, ask the counter staff how to go about praying to Zhu Sheng Niang Niang.
They will teach you the correct process.

In Summary,
They will usually tell you to buy two packages.
Not expensive, i think total only $5 if I remember correctly.

first package is to pray to all deities first before praying to Zhu Sheng Niang Niang.

Second Package is to pray to Zhu Sheng Niang Niang.

You can engage the Auntie there to help you say Prayers to Zhu Sheng Niang Niang if you don't know what to say.
Otherwise, you can just pray to Zhu Sheng Niang Niang on your own and tell her your name, your hb's name, age, purpose, and your wish.

Oh ya, if you wish to return eggs after your baby full month, you may also indicate this in your prayers... like some other mummies did.

AFter praying, you can take 2 eggs that other mothers returned. 1 for you to eat, 1 for your hubby to eat. (if there are any eggs on the day you go)

Then you will go out to the pagoda to burn joss papers (which is included in the two packages that you bought)

Hope it helps.

All the best to all TTC-ing mummies !!!!
Hi, I wanna ask if zhu sheng niang niang is for woman who wants to get preggy only? is it the same as the guanyin who carries the baby statue?
cos my friend wanna have "yuan" for getting a bf and someone told her to pray to guanyin carrying baby.
thanks alot!
hihi, does anyone knows if this month is the birthday celebration event for Zhu Sheng Niang Niang in Shuanglin Temple?
To bubbleblue (bubbleblue1),

注生娘娘诞:农历三月二十(29 April 2013, Monday)

There are few places to seek for blessing. I am sharing two.

Venue No.: 1(‘大'尊注生娘娘神像)

Venue No.: 2(‘小'尊注生娘娘神像)
进入城隍庙第一道大门(铁门不算),左侧有供奉一些专署的神明位置 - 包公神台、清水祖师神台、注生娘娘神台。窍门就是得要拜主神城隍爷先,然后再拜注生娘娘。

Specialty about Tanjong Pagar 城隍庙:
It is one of the oldest and the most highest ranking 城隍爷 among all 城隍庙 in the entire Singapore. It is the one and only public temple in Singapore conducts 冥婚 (marriage between human-&-ghost or ghost-&-ghost) 。
To Jasline (jaslinegal) ,

注生娘娘 is not the "same as the guanyin who carries the baby statue" .

临水夫人 = 注生娘娘 = 送子娘娘. However, difference is, 诞辰不一样
For those seeking 注生娘娘 blessing, typical those "dying" to have child, and/or wishing for child, there are three pointers below:

1. 抛杯。
2. 换花。
3. 不只是去一次就能了事。

Very often, I see couples doing wrong things. However, 拜对神,it should works.

Nonetheless, there are two common reasons for childless couples (either miscarriage or hard to conceive and etc).

Reason No.1:
命中注无子女 - I have seen countless of married couple (some of them in this forum) 命中无子女 in their 八字(http://bit.ly/newparenthood)。It is always hard for me to break the truth and I usually brush it through in an indirect way so as not to hurt these poor couples (both husband and wife) feelings.

Reason No.2:
冤债 - 夫妇身体健康,命中注定享子孙福, but difficulties in getting pregnant, then something must be wrong. The cause for unsuccessful pregnancy could be either 堕胎(abortion) or 杀业(killing).

I have encountered few abortion cases which were so serious and obvious that the unrest spirit (aborted child) followed the woman everywhere. Unfortunately, ordinary human naked eyes unable to see.

曾经堕胎或者祖上犯杀业的妇女 were lucky to get pregnant but may born with physically disabled child (down syndrome, autistic, handicapped and etc).
Hi Jolyn, thanks for your tips. I happen to work nearby Raffles Place. Can I ask if 2. 换花。can be done twice? Or just once only?
To bubbleblue (bubbleblue1),

换花作一次即可。若不放心,可以再多一次。不过,得向注生娘娘禀报你曾经在哪里换花。Not all deities are mighty and knew everything.

If you were go to Tanjong Pagar 城隍庙,and somebody advising you to pray to 虎爷, no harm to reject if you don't like. Unless, 今年要祭虎爷的话,可以选择拜。


However, Loyang Toa-Peh-Kong Temple is totally different. There is really a huge tiger inside. Seriously, I am no kidding! 而且那只大老虎是黑色的!It was very scary. I have been there many times, and I only saw once. 我怀疑那只黑大老虎就是大伯公。洛阳大伯公 - 限于求财跟求子最灵。There is a method to pray for having a child. Different from 注生娘娘。

Loyang Tua Pek Kong Temple:
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崇义庙(Chong Ghee Temple)- ‘半港天后宫’有安奉注生娘娘,而主神为天后,右边便是注生娘娘。
See pictures:http://bit.ly/ChongYi

都城隍庙(Seng Wong Beo Temple)- 没进入主殿之前,左手边有三张神台。中间神台供奉注生娘娘。
See picture:http://bit.ly/ChengHuangTP

No.2. 可以向注生娘娘许愿。有许愿得子之后,非得要还愿。有发愿又愿望达成的话,死都要去做。No excuse or what so ever reason given. E.g. promise to stage a opera, or donate a sum of money to poor or do charity work, it is best to keep your words. 神不会骗人,只有人在骗神。说话不算话言而无信,改次出了什么事,要求神明不要怪其他神明见死不救。
No.3. 要求子的苦衷,可以跟注生娘娘诉苦。神明不会嫌你啰嗦,只怕你什么都不说。It is not shameful to sob infront of 注生娘娘. Tell her your name, who are you, where you stay, your age, who is your husband and etc. After that, include all about your problems about conceiving (e.g. tried unsuccessful IVF, sought Chinese TCM, family pressure, what happened after that and etc). 拜神的人知道来求子,不会笑你。庙祝更加不会笑你。Take your own sweet time to talk, no need to rush. 磕头拜到你甘愿了之后,再回家也可以。 :) Still not satisfied, can always come back other time.
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To Jasline (jaslinegal),
I have never heard of "wanna have "yuan" for getting a bf and someone told her to pray to guanyin carrying baby." :)


都城隍庙(Seng Wong Beo Temple)@ Tanjong Pagar - 在没进入主殿之前,左手边有三张神台。中间神太供奉注生娘娘。在注生娘娘前面第一尊神像,便是金花夫人。
For location of temple, view map:http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_7778/travel_site_3857/

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Hello jolyn, I believe in guan yin & zhu sheng niang niang but after much praying to them and telling them about my desire to have kids,my wish is not yet fulfilled..starting to lose hope
Dear Madam summer (towkayneo),

There are many unknown reasons for unsuccessful unconceivement, it could be...
1. 命中注定(夫妇没有子孙福)
2. 个人福报
3. 长辈/先辈犯杀业
4. 堕胎
5. 其他

有很多时候,神明很想帮,但是帮不上。就好像求财。很多人求中马票,也是没中。其中原因就是福报。八字/命中承受不了巨大财富,若得了<u>不义之财</u>,后果将出人命,或者,发生意外或者其他。We can often see in the news when people strike super big toto/4D, 一般上是跟他们今生前世有关。不见得全部去求财神爷。

谈到福报,跟妇女生产有关系。I did date selection for mummies going caesarean section (不收钱). 爸爸妈妈要求孩子大富大贵的命... 父母们有所不知,择出大富大贵的孩子出世,父母恐怕承受不起。因为父母没有那个福报,去养大富大贵的孩子。7 out of 10 caesarean section date given are unsuccessful to proceed. 不是我择日的功夫不到家,而是上天安排孩子出生。现在不太要作择日生产,除了,life threatening emergency, 羊水袋破,胎位不正要赶快抱出来等等。

要生孩子,神明继续拜,有吃中药就要喝,想要作IVF可以继续做。只是拜神,后天不努力也不行。Just like a case, an aunty brought his son to seek blessing from Confucius.
She grumbled: "每次拜孩子的成绩平平... ..."。最后发牢骚,倒怪起孔子圣人了。In my heart, I was thinking, "拜了孔子,你孩子有用功读书吗?你没来拜,孩子早就fail了"。

如果,每一个人拜注生娘娘/观音后得子,那么注生娘娘/观音岂不是忙吗?Then, what is the use of IVF specialist and Gynae?

Don't feel upset or given up hope 上天会有安排。常常做善事,公德慢慢积少成多。只要你肯做,上天绝对不会亏待你。一个人继续行善没有得到好报,不要抱怨神明不帮助,而是冤债还没还完。坏心肝/做缺德事,只是等报应到。做好事不求回报,上天肯定知道。

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Dear bubbleblue (bubbleblue1) ,

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Thanks Jolyn for your invaluable advice. In the event if the couple has 命中注定(夫妇没有子孙福), is there anything they can do or it's more or less confirmed that they will never have kids?
Hi Jolyn,

Saw yr valuable advice to all sisters here.

May i ask, if there anyone at shuang ling temple at toa payoh to help pray for zhu sheng niang niang?

Dear summer (towkayneo),

命中注定 - “无子孙福”。这句词的用意很广,英文解释不来。:-(

1. 可以是宝宝夭折
2. 或者,孩子得病/意外身亡
3. 或者,是流产后不再受孕
4. 或者,是孩子成人后逝世。


“无子孙福”- 因果环环相扣,没有办法颠覆。先辈曾经伤天害理(后代无辜也不知),或者,先辈犯杀业,多少会牵累后代。最明显的父母的罪业,会报应在孩子身上。

I vaguely remembered two cases (cos, too many) which I came across in Singapore.

This Mainlander Chinese couple in Singapore has a mentally disabled child (I think this year should be 5 years old). 后来才知道爸爸是商场界的奸商、妈妈是口舌恶毒妇. 孩子的阿公阿嫲在大陆开海鲜餐厅。:-(

There is a Singaporean couple, did three abortions. Finally, decided to have a child and keep it. 结果,生出来的孩子弱智又残废。I feel sad for the parents to carry a burden.

提到堕胎呢,abortion严重起来,灵婴会纠缠不清。只是一般人不晓得后果也不知道究竟发生什么事情。相信则好,若不信没有办法。Few years ago, I met an ang-moh za-bo queued next to my lane at East Coast McDonalds in an evening. 我只是瞄了她一眼,and my mind was thinking,“你这个ang-moh 倒大霉,大祸临头了。三的小朋友给你弄死了,跟着你进来讨喝的”。

Just before her turn to make order, I really can't stand it, 忍不住对她开口说了一句话...

Toblerone: I knew you are thirsty, you need 4 bottles of mineral water. Right?
Ang-moh: (2 secs later) how did you know I am going to get four?

At that time, I think that ang-moh must be blur and puzzled. 然后,我没有回答她,一直保持沉默。当时想建议她去光明山,后来自己仔细想想不要那么kay-poh,ang-moh未必相信,搞不好自己惹来一身祸。最后,我买了东西匆忙付了钱就离开,也没有回头看。

真的很想生孩子的话,又不知道曾经有没有做过错事,可以向菩萨/佛祖磕头忏悔,恳求业障原谅。Chinese not good, never mind. 菩萨/佛祖听得懂英文,业障也会。


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Dear Madam Keyan (keyan),



No. 1
Go for exercise mah! 吃饱饭散散步、带孩子做运动、做yoga、作运动保持心情开朗。I am sure there are marathon mummies here, 结交一起去跑步运动。跟丈夫去tour, 然后把孩子寄放给家婆/妈妈带。

No. 2
Must eat healthy. I knew a few married young couples like this. 因老公工作忙,老婆和朋友每个星期去吃火锅buffet. Eating all kinds of junk food eat. :-(

I have also seen young ladies and men eating 油腻腻的三成肉 "sa-zam-bah", chicken chop, 猪肠guay-chap, bah-kut-teh, KFC and etc. My heart was thinking, "有生过孩子还好,想要生孩子又生不出就惨了".

However, don't get demoralised or depressed yet. I knew two true cases of 老来得子! 我不是在开玩笑的。

A local Chinese couple married for >25 years, out of the blue, wife (53 years old) got pregnant and his husband is 55! 医生说不会生,夫妇已经绝望了。When I first learnt about this news, it was unbelievable. Now, the son should be Primary 1 by now. Some people even joke sarcastically and suspicious whether the child belongs to the man or not.

A Malay couple living in Kuching, Sarawak and their children already married with kids. Suddenly, wife got pregnant at age of 53! And husband is 60 (if I am not wrong). Now, the boy is 4 years old. That is amazing and I totally believe it.

以上例子并非道听途说。No hearsay. :)
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Hi Jolyon,

can i know are you working in a temple? though i can't read Chinese v well but the advice u gave is coming from expert level

Yr sharing reali sound like some 高人。

Can you advise when is zhu Sheng Niang Niang 诞辰 and where are some temples in Spore tat we can pray ?

Jolyn, you are really an expert! i will heed your advice.

BBliss, Tanjong Pagar has one temple next to the MRT, has a zhu sheng niang niang.

Havelock road, next to the Holiday Inn hotel has a red temple, also have zhu sheng niang niang.

Toa Payoh Shuang Lin Temple also has zhu sheng niang niang.
Dear summer (towkayneo),



The temple you mentioned next to the Holiday Inn hotel (previously known as 'Glass Hotel') along Havelock Road 就是,‘玉皇殿’。庙前的斜对面是一座政府组屋,而庙后就是Bukit Ho Swee HDB estates。
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Dear Madam Bbliss (bbliss),

注生娘娘诞:农历三月二十(29 April 2013,Monday)。


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Venue No.: 1 - 崇义庙/半港天后宫 (@ Sengkang; Bakau LRT station)
View map: http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_41632/travel_site_90505/
Remark: 面向崇义堂,右侧就是天后宫(正神:妈祖/天后娘娘)。天后娘娘的右边即是“注生娘娘”。
Photo album:http://bit.ly/ChongYi

Venue No.: 2 - 都城隍庙 (@ Tanjong Pagar)
Map: http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_8910/travel_site_3693/
Remark: 进入城隍庙第一道大门(铁门不算),左侧有供奉一些专署的神明位置 - 包公神台、注生娘娘神台、清水祖师神台。得拜主神城隍爷先,然后再拜注生娘娘。
Photo album:http://bit.ly/TPChengHuang

Venue No.: 3 - 韭菜芭城隍庙 Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple (@ Paya Lebar/MacPherson)
Map: http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_7773/travel_site_53514/
Remark: 进入城隍大殿的最右边神台,供奉地母、注生娘娘、 观音、 天后。
后排左起:观音佛祖、注生娘娘、地母之尊。窍门得拜主神城隍爷先。求子愿望可跪在注生娘娘面前。尽管放心,没有人会朝笑。自己觉得不舒服拜阴神的话,无需勉强自己。其他众阴神不拜没有关系的。In the past, devotees are able to walk in right infront to altar. After renovation, 神台隔远多了。
Photo album:http://bit.ly/PLChengHuang

Venue No.: 4
- 莲山双林寺/双林城隍庙 (@ Toa Payoh/Kim Keat)
Map: http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_5069/travel_site_40334/
Remark: 双林城隍庙坐落于莲山双林寺范围之内。双林城隍庙内有两尊注生娘娘。祖神城隍爷的右边便是注生娘娘,而另一尊注生娘娘是有抱小孩。多数前去向注生娘娘求子的,是有抱小孩的那尊神像。另外提醒,莲山双林寺(观音殿、天王殿等属于‘阳庙’),城隍庙(则是‘阴庙’)。本人不建议去了‘阴庙’再去‘阳庙’或者,去了‘阳庙’再去‘阴庙’。外面也是一样。
Photo album:http://bit.ly/SLChengHuang

Venue No.: 5
- 玉皇殿 (@ Havelock)
Map: http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_3056/travel_site_12560/
Remark: 主神乃玉皇大帝,不拜不行。可向玉皇大帝表明你的来历以及此行的目的。玉皇大帝的左手边,有道门可以进入后殿。进入后殿便可看到注生娘娘了以及‘七娘嫲’(福建话)。可以买花献给注生娘娘,无须把花拿回。要买什么花都可以。若有供水果,拜完之后拿回去吃。
Photo album:http://bit.ly/YuHuang

Venue No.: 6 - 东岳庙 (@ Kg Bahru)
Map: http://www.streetdirectory.com/sg/tang-gan-beo/6-bukit-purmei-099866/8874_5747.html
Remark: 主神乃东岳大帝。主神左边即是注生娘娘。
Photo album:http://bit.ly/DongYueTemple
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Greatly appreciate, jolyn! Can see u put in a lot of effort in sharing &amp; organizing the details for us!! Thank you!!
appreciate yr advise to all couples out there. saw frm d forum on yr replies to them.

im quite hao qi on y couples either have 2 boys or 2 gals n sme hv 1 boy n gal. is there any indication on d deeds of d parents? or any other indication?

not sure if u cld advise? thanks
Dear Madam Lisa (sugarsweet)

To answer your first question "y couples either have 2 boys or 2 gals n sme hv 1 boy n gal",


打个比方,丈夫的命盘若有女星多,而没有男星,遇到妻子有男星微弱,不见女星的话,还是有机会怀男胎。或者,丈夫的命盘内女星无力,又不见男星,遇到妻子命盘不见男女星的话,夫妇99%会生女儿,而则要生儿子恐怕不容易。Particularly, those went for IVF treatment, and chose to have baby boy, 多半不会成功。要不就是IVF unsuccessful或者是IVF成功之后就miscarriage。以这类例子来看,通常夫妇命盘承受不住儿子的命。前世所做的,今世已成定局。


Answering your next question "is there any indication on d deeds of d parents? or any other indication?


I would like to share a story about what I experienced at a house warming party at Sengkang during Chinese New Year season. 连主人、女主人和孩子算在内,加上到访的一共十个人。由于方便宾客进出屋子,所以大门敞开着。As I was watching t.v., I noticed "chickens" finding its way into the house through the door. Out of nowhere, one by one entered. 起初是两、三只,后来是越来越多。黑、白、黄、褐色的鸡。I was thinking, the next arrival guest must be associated with these chickens,不然不可能无端端有这么多只鸡的。

等了about 10mins plus,这个人带着妻子、孩子一起进来。这次的鸡只跟着进来的更多。Practically countless! One look at him, 虽张得一幅有钱人的面样貌,但不知是否与鸡有什么关系。

I made a friendly remarks with some guests sitting in the living room, "do you guys feel stuffy here". Surprsingly,那些我没问的, 都点头。 Wife of the houseowner must have overheard us, and quickly turned on to the highest fan speed.

刚好,女主人(her name is Myn)经过我旁边,我趁机会随口问一问... ...
Toblerone: Eh...Myn. Do you know what is that man earns for a living?
Myn: Who? The one just came in? Uh... He is a chicken rice seller. He has two stalls and going to have another stall ready by end of next month. Why do you want to know?
Toblerone: No wonder, he looks like a“uu-luiwee-larng”.
Myn: You're right.

我在暗想,a successful businessman, 享尽荣华富贵之后,到时祸殃子孙后代不要怨天恨人了。

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Hi Jolyon,

For shuanglin temple at toa payoh, u dun recommend 去了‘阴庙’再去‘阳庙’或者,去了‘阳庙’再去‘阴庙’。(外面也是一样). Then can you kindly advise how shld we go abt praying the shuanglin temple ? In the past, i prayed every deities in that temple.

For praying at loyang tua pek kong, how do we pray for children ?

Btw, are you able to see/calculate how many kids a couple may have ?

Many thks for the kind advice.

Dear Madam Bbliss (bbliss),


For shuanglin temple at toa payoh, u dun recommend 去了‘阴庙’再去‘阳庙’或者,去了‘阳庙’再去‘阴庙’。(外面也是一样). Then can you kindly advise how shld we go abt praying the shuanglin temple ?
Reply: 去了双林城隍庙之后,就无需在过去参拜诸般仙佛、菩萨。或者,参拜了诸般仙佛、菩萨之后,就无需再去双林城隍庙。目的是向注生娘娘求孩子,那么就得去双林城隍庙。


I knew one NTU graduate, 每天去‘阳庙’傍晚再去 ‘阴庙’, and has been continously doing for few years. 居然被裁退、整个人呆呆又傻傻。Now, is still jobless, staying at home with his parents. 好好的一个人,居然拜神拜到头“gorng gorng”。
His parents knew he was visiting temples at one period, yet did not stop him.

For praying at loyang tua pek kong, how do we pray for children ?
Reply: See album: http://bit.ly/LYTuaPekKong

想要有孩子,是夫妇之间的事。最理想还是夫妇一同前去。求孩子不是一、 两次的事。求了三、五年没有怀孕,可不要怪神明。孩子要来找夫妇,得要看未来孩子与父母的缘。父母常做好事,孩子来报到的缘会更快。

Btw, are you able to see/calculate how many kids a couple may have ?
Reply: 私底下写来询问的mummies已有很多了。盘算夫妇拥有子女福分有多少是做个衡量。

Example 1. If a couple (八字中) has 3 boys 3 girls in total, it does not mean 肯定100%就会生六个。只是说明了,健康夫妇有机会得三男三女。
Example 2. If a couple (八字中) has 3 boys 3 girls in total, 其中三次流产/堕胎, 健康夫妇仍然有机会得三子女。以此类推。
Example 3. If a couple (八字中) has 3 boys 3 girls in total, 其中三次流产/堕胎, 又已经有三个小孩,而又要再生多几个孩子的话,恐怕难了。
Example 4. If a couple (八字中) has 2 boys 2 girls in total, 四次流产/堕胎, 若要再怀孕,机会恐怕等于零。
Example 5. If a couple (八字中) has 0 boys 3 girls in total, 生了三个女的,要怀男胎恐怕不容易。
Example 6. If a couple (八字中) has 0 boys 3 girls in total, 若生了两个女儿,希望怀男胎恐怕不容易。
Example 7. If a couple (八字中) has 0 boys 3 girls in total, 若生了两个女儿,通过IVF怀男胎的话,有几种可能会发生(失败、流产、夭折、出世后残缺)。
Example 8. If a couple (八字中) has 3 boys 0 girls in total, 妻子一直没有怀孕消息,有很多可能。一般上时间/机缘没有到。


A Taiwanese gentleman married with 3 kids (1 boy and 2 girls) and he has three adorable kids look like his beautiful wife. While they were planning for a fourth one, I took a good examine at both of their 子女星盘。先生有福份喜得一男一女,但太太的子女星完全没出现!My biggest confusion was, where did this extra girl come from? 花了整一天的时间重新整理排出来命盘,结论是怎么都不可能多了个女儿。

我心里有数,也不敢张扬。先弄清楚之后,再给对方答案。After some casual questionings about his family, I grew even more suspicious. 接着随口说了一句,“你们夫妇八字中应该有一对子女,说也奇怪,多出了位千金。至于,要生第四个可以暂时不要考虑”。We chatted many things and nothing seems amiss in our conversation. After I left Taiwan, few months later I came to know matter got worse. I supposed, it could be my words aroused father's suspicious on his children which he sent his three kids for DNA testing. True enough, 证实其中一位不是他的女儿。夫妇两人之间发生什么事,我就不说了。虽然已经过了好几年了,但我依然愧疚于心。
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