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WTB Winter or Ski Jacket and pants

Discussion in 'Want To Buy' started by skittles, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. skittles

    skittles Member

    For 3-4 yr old and 6-7 yr old boys.. Please send pics and price..

  2. eugenesella

    eugenesella Member

    I also need winter jacket. it is for my 7 year old girl. Will be going to the ski place in Korea. She is very thin and scared of cold (but want to see snow hahaha), so need a thick jacket. Thanks
  3. Jazchiang

    Jazchiang New Member

    Photos size too big so cannot send individual pic

    WTS $25
    For your 3-4Y.

    "Excellent condition just brought for dry clean in Dec 2016
    Worn it during 3-4Y+. 5 years if your kid small build

    Material as shown

    Removable hat. Hat can be tighten at both sides
    Bottom of the jacket can be tighten from inside

    Mail TBC. Self collect at IMM/ Tanjong Pagar plaza only"

    Attached Files:

  4. hugomum

    hugomum Active Member

    Size 120
    $20 mailed IMG_3092.JPG IMG_3095.JPG
  5. jcc

    jcc Member

    Last edited: Oct 24, 2017
  6. mychincilla

    mychincilla Member

    May I know how tall is your gal? I have one full set fm Osh Kosh. Pm me if you r keen. Cheers...
  7. komysu

    komysu Member

    I have jacket for boy, waterproof, my boy used it for skiing last year. Size 8, my son is 6-8 years old used it for 2 weeks, still good and clean from dryclean, 90%down, hood is attachable, wrist adjustable, has button to protect win go inside the jacket. Self colllection at bishan. IMG_3264.JPG
  8. komysu

    komysu Member

  9. rkmommy

    rkmommy Member

    selling winter jacket for 3year old boy and have winter items (fleece pants, sweaters, jackets) for age 2-4 girls. please pm for pics.
  10. sharene

    sharene Member

  11. Hibiscus

    Hibiscus Member

    I have some of these winter clothings for age 3-6 yrs old. Please email me at mslim03@yahoo.com.sg and will send you the pic of the items.

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